Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What Can Feed The Rabbits

What Can Feed The Rabbits

In order for the rabbits to please their owners, you should take care of their balanced diet. What exactly can be given to animals, read on our website.

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Hay and grass are rabbit’s most favorite food. What kind of grass can be given to rabbits and how to prepare it correctly? Read about it right now!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Hay – an important component of the diet of rabbits. However, not every product is suitable. Why is it necessary and how to choose it? Read about it on our site!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Is it possible to feed rabbits with branches? Of course, even necessary! But it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances. How correctly and what to give to rabbits – read further!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Do you give your pets bread or crackers? Are you sure you can feed the rabbits with bread? How is it useful and what is harmful? More on this later in the article!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Many beginning breeders are wondering: is it possible to include sorrel in the diet of rabbits? Is it useful for eared? Learn about it from our article!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Thinking over the diet of your rabbits? Do you think wheat should be there? Read our article and find out the answer to this question!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Do you have rabbits and a vegetable garden where a quinoa grows in abundance? Is it possible to combine them together? After reading this article, you will know the answer to this question!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Ponder over whether to feed their rabbits with a wormwood? What will it bring to your household: benefit or harm? Our article has the answers to these questions!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Many rabbit bosses are thinking over whether it is possible to give potatoes to their pets? How can it be useful and what harm can it do? About it further!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Beetroot is a very tasty and healthy product not only for humans, but also for rabbits. What variety can be given eared and how is it useful? About it further!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Do you want your rabbits to have a full and healthy diet? Then they should add to their food compound feed. How is it useful and how to make it? Find out now!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

As it turns out to be a dream – quite a useful plant. It is not only possible, but must be included in the diet of rabbits. Read how to do this on our website!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

Some foods and herbs harm domestic rabbits. Which ones? On the taboo in the rabbit diet and foods dangerous for rabbits, read with us!

What Can Feed The Rabbits

For each rabbit breeder, it is important that his bunny responsibly feeds the offspring. Want to know more about this process? Then read our article!

Do you like rabbits very much and would like to get them? But remember, the first major mistake of almost all beginners is the wrong diet! To avoid such problems, you need to know in advance what to feed the rabbits.

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What can?

Rabbits to a greater extent feed on plant food, and all because of the structure of their digestive system. Therefore, inexperienced rabbit breeders have many problems with feeding animals. After all, they are trying to feed the rabbits with everything that comes to hand, even with food from the table. It is better not to give such feed at all, otherwise the animal will have solid health problems. If you look at rabbit breeding in general, then the fate of the rabbits depends on what they eat.

You should also take into account the fact that your wards are real gliders, so sometimes it is better to put the question not, what to feed, and how often to do it? Due to the specific structure of the digestive system, it will chew food during the day and even at night. In this case, that he quickly and correctly gaining weight you need to provide the eared with constant access to the feed. And he, for his part, should be diverse in nutrition. Also, in all seasons, the diet each time should be somewhat different.

In addition, at different periods of his life, he will need different amounts of certain nutrients. Therefore, here, too, it is better to pick up food individually. In more detail, what rabbits eat will be described in other articles. And now, summing up, in general, you can divide the feed into the following groups: juicy, coarse, animal origin, concentrates, mineral and vitamin.

Succulent feed

This is what rabbits love. This includes almost all greens and vegetables, as well as some root vegetables grown at home in their country house. They contain a lot of moisture, a little cellular matter and just a huge amount of vitamins. Therefore, they are considered the most valuable for the rabbit. The lion’s share of these feeds becomes green grass. Although your pet loves such food, he should not eat them in quantities.

Then it should be remembered that such a diet can cause severe problems for your pet with digestion. Therefore, he should eat juicy food only under your close supervision and control. Also, if you have a cottage, then feeding the rabbit will not be a problem. In the spring, after the appearance of greenery, he happily eats the green grass cut there, and in the fall and summer, tops and vegetables from your garden. In winter, after frosts, you will be able to please him with hay harvested at the dacha.

Almost forgot an important thing. In the spring, after the first greens appeared, young grass can greatly harm your pet. Therefore, it is better to wait until it grows at least more than 10 cm in height. Finally, we add that the grass that eared eats, it is better not to collect near the road.

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Must be the basis of your pet’s diet. Hay is considered the main feed of this kind, and different branches, both fresh and dried, are considered complementary. But remember that, as in the case of herbs and trees, there are useful and nutritious, and there are poisonous and harmful to the rabbit plants. Therefore, it is important to know what, when and how you can stock up, especially at home. But this topic will be devoted to a separate material on our site with detailed photos and videos of plants.

Additionally, we add that many consider hay to be merely dust and, they say, there is nothing useful in it. But this is far from the case, although hay contains little moisture, but it contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. Then it helps the digestion of the rabbit better, and in addition, with the help of roughage it successfully grinds its teeth. Misconception is the statement that states that hay should be given only in winter and early spring. In fact, it should be given in winter, in spring, in summer, and in autumn.

Cottage hay will help calm the constantly hungry crawl without the negative effects of overeating. It is especially important to have hay in abundance for meat breeds. The rest of the feed is better to give as additional, including green grass in autumn, summer and spring. But hay must be of good quality and cannot be harvested near dusty roads. It is quite easy to determine the quality, such a product will be green, it will also be dry and smell like herbs.

Animal feed

Most rabbit bosses unanimously claim that animal feed should not be given, as it is unable to digest them. But in practice, almost all large rabbit farms, although not in large quantities, still introduce such feed into the diet of the animal. The fact is that such food is necessary first of all for the rabbit before and after its birth. Then the rabbit’s milk will be quite nutritious and she, after he has gone to hell, will be able to feed up all the youngsters with such milk.

After, such feeds eared animals gain weight better, so they are needed for individuals who do not have enough protein in the diet for their rapid growth. These include meat and bone meal, fish oil and milk. Such feed is easy to prepare at home. They are given interspersed with the rest of the feed and in small quantities. Decide whether to add such feed in the diet of your pets.

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These are purchased feeds of much greater nutritional value and fast digestibility. You can feed them to a rabbit only in a small amount, which becomes no more than 30 g per day. Also, he should receive besides these feeds and others. Concentrates are excellent as a nutritious vitamin supplement, after the autumn, namely in the spring and winter. In addition, their cottage can begin as early as late autumn. It’s not worth giving in summer, because there are quite enough vitamins this season.

Concentrates are excellent for rabbit before and after caulking, as well as feeding for meat species. The giving of such food in the period before and after the rabbit feeding with milk will contribute to the rapid growth of babies. But it is important to remember that for a larger amount of milk, the rabbit need to increase the norm by a half to two times. It all depends on how many rabbits are fed by an awkward rabbit. There are also concentrates with various vitamin-drug preparations, they are used as an adjunct to the treatment or prevention of various diseases.


The rabbit, regardless of the season (winter, spring, summer or autumn) needs minerals. He especially needs calcium, phosphorus and sodium. You can give all separately, as supplements to the basic diet or after it, or you can use special combined mineral dressings for rabbits. One of these is salt licorice. It is similar to lizuntsy, which put in stalls to horses and cows, but much smaller and different composition.

Such lizuntsy hang in rabbit and if necessary, the rabbit nibbles or licks them. The first signal to the fact that the pet needs such feeding is licking its own urine. Also remember that sometimes a lick can stand up to one and a half years and the animal does not touch it, and then eats it in 1 day.


Needed by all animals without exception. So, rabbits always need vitamins E, D, A. They can be compensated with the help of natural sources, as well as with complex pharmacy vitamin preparations. The natural sources of vitamins include various berries, germinated grain, fir branches, etc. Moreover, it is desirable to collect fir branches in winter, because it is in winter that they contain the least tar.

Feed the vitamin complexes definitely need a rabbit. After all, it is precisely their shortage that manifests itself very acutely, up to the increased brittleness of bones. Also, the richer the bunny’s milk to vitamins, the faster the bunnies will gain weight.

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