Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

How Often The Rabbit Feeds The Rabbits And How She Does It

A farmer-rabbit breeder, regardless of the length of livestock production and the number of roundabouts, is looking forward and with excitement to the addition to the rabbit family. After the babies were born, the main point is their feeding. This article contains tips and tricks to create optimal conditions for nursing females. And novice livestock breeders will learn a lot of useful things for themselves.

How Often The Rabbit Feeds The Rabbits And How She Does It

Start feeding

A sukrolnaya rabbit 2-3 days before the young are born, is preparing a cozy nest for them. She blows pieces of paper, hay into a secluded corner of a cage, tears out pieces of her own fluff and spreads a nest on them. Such precautions are not superfluous. Kids are born completely helpless, devoid of wool, so they need constant warmth.

Lactation in the rabbit begins immediately after the birth of the young, so she immediately feeds the babies. The number of feedings per day 1-2 times. Rabbit milk is very nutritious, so newborns get the whole set of necessary substances. However, the female can provide good nutrition to no more than eight calves and needs an enhanced balanced diet.

Most often, the rabbit chooses to feed the dark. It is important that silence be complete. The female will feed as many cubs as it is in the nest. If the baby accidentally crawled away, the mother will not search for him, and the crumb will simply die. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the rabbit kids are strictly where they should be. And the “traveler” urgently needs to be put back into the nest.

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How Often The Rabbit Feeds The Rabbits And How She Does It

At about the tenth day, the kids open their eyes, they become more active and crawl around the cage. Rough food is already present in the diet of two-three-week-old rabbits, and along with it remains the milk ration.

How many days do rabbits feed rabbits with milk? A month and a half babies can already be transplanted into a separate cell. Chickens-broilers are separated from mothers from two months of age.

It is necessary that the food was regular. If the rabbit can not feed the kids 3-4 days, lactation stops, and it can not be restored. Watch out for nutrition mothers, for the fact that she had access to clean water. Otherwise she can eat offspring.

How to determine the satiety of offspring

The rabbit has only eight nipples, so the strongest and most active rabbits can “capture” them. Weaker pups remain on the sidelines. If the female has enough milk, everyone eats: first, more agile, and behind them all the rest. If many babies were born (about 15), then you need to move some of the young to another female, with fewer young. So more likely to save livestock. It is necessary to carefully push the other mothers into the “foundlings”. Toddlers are pre-cleaned of mother fluff, and then lightly rubbed with down of the adoptive mother. It is necessary for the rabbit to absorb the smell of a new nest.

Kids, full of sleep, fall asleep. The fat animals are plump, with rounded tummies. This is a sign that they ate well and had plenty of milk. Dry, folded skin and sunken tummy are signs that the baby is undernourished. Sometimes they lie in a nest not all together, but separately. This suggests that hungry young looking for a female.

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To check the rabbit’s lactation, you need to do the following.

  • Remove the rabbit from the cage, lay it on the table on his back.
  • Inspect the nipples. If lactation is normal, then they look swollen.
  • Squeeze the nipple with your fingers. Under normal lactation, a drop of milk is secreted.

All these signs indicate that the amount of milk in a rabbit is within the normal range. If you have a small amount of milk, you should contact your veterinarian, who will advise measures to correct lactation.

Rabbit refuses to feed

It happens and this, and for no apparent reason. Sometimes the reason for refusal is clear: the rabbit knows how many babies she can feed. From the rest of the hard rid. Talking about some kind of "cruelty" is meaningless, because the animal acts instinctively. How to use a way to feed the young? Sometimes owners use artificial milk. But this method has more disadvantages than advantages. Toddlers can die in three to four days, and the survivors develop worse than rabbits with natural feeding.

How Often The Rabbit Feeds The Rabbits And How She Does It

Attempts to force feed are sometimes used. One person holds the female, and the other "feeding" encloses the young. It takes 15-20 minutes to saturate one pet. At the same time, the baby’s tummy is noticeably rounded. Sometimes the bunny moves from one nipple to another, but this does not mean at all that the rabbit’s lactation is broken.

It is necessary to feed baby rabbits in the evening and morning time. The interval between feedings is half a day. It may take 2-3 days for the rabbit to start feeding the young.

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How to feed orphaned babies

If the female died during childbirth, and there is no possibility of laying newborns to another rabbit, orphaned babies are fed with a milk replacer (for 3 parts of whole cow’s milk, 1 part of condensed milk). Powdered cat milk milk substitute is also used. Feed the baby needs in a natural position. You can not hold it with a "column" or tilt it backwards! The feeding regimen, as in the "natural" diet, twice a day. Of course, the "healthy" rabbit will not work, but the offspring you save.

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