Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Why Rabbits Should Not Be Given Wet Grass

The grass must be present in the diet of rabbits, it is a source of vitamins and eared ears are very popular. However, these animals are too sensitive digestive system. Violation of the rules of feeding the rabbits sometimes leads to sad consequences. Experienced farmers know that it is impossible to give grass after rain to pets, as well as freshly mown grass. It turns out that such food is harmful to animals. What danger it poses, readers will learn from this article.

Rabbit for a walk

What grass should not be given to rabbits?

Eared pets with pleasure eat every green. They eat vegetable tops, greens and dandelion flowers, nettles, sow thistles, rape, plantain, shepherd’s purse and other herbs. Various plants contain many vitamins. By eating them, animals compensate for the lack of nutrients in the body and strengthen the immune system. However, not all grass can be given to rabbits. Some plants contain toxic substances and can cause severe poisoning in animals, for example:

  1. Hemlock.
  2. Milestone poisonous.
  3. Bog marsh.
  4. Datura.
  5. Cornflower horned.
  6. Spurge.
  7. Buttercup.
  8. Hellebore.
  9. Celandine.
  10. Digitalis.
  11. Avran.
  12. Kukol.

Most poisonous plants are particularly dangerous when fresh.. If they are pre-dried, the amount of toxic substances in them decreases dramatically. That is why it is undesirable to give raw grass to rabbits. Experienced farmers do not offer freshly cut grass to their pets, knowing that, along with useful plants, a poisonous plant may turn out to be in the blanks. First, the raw materials are always dried, and only then given to animals.

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Attention! In dried form, poisonous plants do not pose a danger to rabbits. But even useful herbs under certain conditions can cause damage to furry animals.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with grass after rain?

Beginner breeders ask whether it is possible to give grass to rabbits after rain. If you ask the veterinarian about this, he will answer that it is impossible, undesirable. Why?

  1. When eating fresh-cut wet grass, rabbits will certainly face digestive problems. Moisture contributes to the fermentation process, the pets may have a stomach swell.
  2. In a humid environment, pathogens multiply faster. After such a meal, animals often develop intestinal infections.
  3. When feeding the grass with dew or raindrops, farmers ignore the process of drying vegetable matter. This means that among the useful plants can come across and poisonous, and in their raw form they can poison rabbits.

Grass with dew drops

How to collect and harvest green feed for rabbits?

To keep pets healthy and food to their advantage, herbaceous plants for them are mowed and harvested at lunchtime or in the evening, when there is no moisture on them. It is right to give preference to grasses growing in forest belts or in your own yard, away from industrial enterprises and highways. In such places, cultures accumulate a lot of toxic substances. Before distribution of feed, raw materials must be slightly dried under a canopy in the open air. Some farmers dry it directly in the sun for 2-4 hours. According to them, this is the natural disinfection of food – under the influence of ultraviolet, most microbes die, and rabbits get a clean healthy product.

Why Rabbits Should Not Be Given Wet Grass

Attention! If the grass is mowed in the morning when there is dew on it, it must first be dried and then offered to pets.

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If up to this point readers did not know why rabbits should not be given grass with dew, now, having studied this material, everything fell into place. Wet plants can harm pets – disrupt digestion and even cause a number of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of feeding rabbits, because their digestive system is very sensitive.

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