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Rabbit Food

Which Branches Can Be Given To Rabbits And Which Cannot Be Lists With Photos

An eared pet appeared in the house, the owners actively read about his feeding and they learn that in addition to hay, grass and vegetables, he can be given branches of trees. In this article we will answer the question which branches can be used for an ornamental rabbit, and also from which trees the branches cannot be given.

What branches can be given to rabbits

The main food for ornamental rabbits is hay and granulated food, and in the summer also grass. But as a supplement to the diet, you can give the rabbits of such trees almost daily:

Can rabbits pine branches? – Yes, like other conifers, but they should not be given very often. From time to time, it is also possible to give branches of trees to ornamental and ordinary eared birds:

Which Branches Can Be Given To Rabbits And Which Cannot Be Lists With Photos

What branches of trees can rabbits – photo answer.

Branches of apple, hazel, grapes can be given along with the fruits, and currants without berries. Rowan and chestnut, too, without fruit, with it only occasionally and in small portions. Walnut branches are given little by little for the prevention of parasites.

Birch branches are diuretic, willow and linden have a pain-relieving effect, oak and alder help with diarrhea, and coniferous branches are rich in vitamin C. Given these properties, these branches provide only occasionally for prevention.

Which Branches Can Be Given To Rabbits And Which Cannot Be Lists With Photos

Branches of trees that can be given to rabbits, but not often.

Tree branches contain vitamins, microelements, fiber and various substances that are not found in all grasses and grasses. Therefore, in the right diet for a rabbit, branches are a required component.

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What branches of trees can not rabbits

And so, what branches can be given to rabbits, you now know. The next step is to find out which tree branches can not feed domestic eared birds.

  • bird cherry
  • Elder
  • Wolf hair
  • Labrador tea
  • Lilac
  • Oleander (ornamental shrub)

These trees contain toxic and toxic substances, which means their branches are dangerous to the health of ornamental and ordinary rabbits.

However, the branches of the following trees are better not to give eared ears too often:

Although, on the forums, many rabbit breeders say that they feed their animals with branches of cherry, cherry plum, and sweet cherry. However, no negative consequences are observed.

Video: rabbits eat apple twig

In the video above you can see how willingly a decorative rabbit eats leaves from an apple tree branch. In other matters, the branches themselves, these domestic eagles, too, gnaw.

What herbs can rabbits

To find out the detailed answer to this question, we recommend reading the following articles on the topic of feeding:

That’s all, now you know which branches can be rabbits, and which can not be given. By the way, if you have experience in this matter – be sure to write about it in the comments below (for example, which tree branches your pet loves the most).

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