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When And How To Give A Decorative Rabbit Conifer Branches

When And How To Give A Decorative Rabbit Conifer Branches

The New Year’s holidays of the year of the rabbit are in full swing, and for sure many of you have noticed that the dwarf and ornamental rabbits are trying to gnaw the twigs of the Christmas trees, eating the needles cleaned.

And I was very happy when Irina – one of the regular visitors of my site and a very caring hostess – sent a letter with the following content:

“A holiday is a holiday, but questions about the content, feeding and everything related to hares do not become less. Could you next time cover such a topic as: “Feeding ornamental rabbits with Christmas trees.”

So, it’s time to talk about New Year trees and rabbits 🙂

Can the needles be fed to the dwarf rabbit?

Softwood branches (from the permitted – spruce, cedar, juniper, fir and pine) very rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals. Pine needles also contain at least 10% perfectly digestible protein.

Therefore, pine needles are fed to rabbits as protein-vitamin and mineral supplements.

It is believed that the needles improve digestive activity and appetite, have a stimulating effect on sex hunting in adult animals and have a beneficial effect on the growth of rabbits.

In addition, according to research, needles also improve the condition of hair, that is, your pet’s fur will be shiny and bright. So I recommend that you diversify the nutrition of your favorite rabbit with needles.

When do they give needles?

It is best to give branches with needles after frost and before the first thaw. During this period, the needles have the least essential oils, tannins and resinous substances.

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I tend to prefer a pine or barely. Good juniper. Cedar is not so easy to find 🙂

Choose branches with bright needles from trees after the 2nd year of life. Cut off from trees that grow away from the main roads. You can, for example, go to the suburban area. Or go to the park.

House branches need to gently rinse (and you can not do this) and let dry.

Which rabbits can be given needles and in what quantity?

Decorative and dwarf rabbits with appetite eat needles, leaving only the twigs. You can feed without hesitation one branch per day adult rabbit.

Note that in the early days, your pet’s urine may become of red color. Do not be scared 🙂

As for the rabbits, after 2 months you can give a small branch every few days. Of course, watch the reaction of the body. But the needles are usually absorbed well.

How to deal with your New Year tree?

There is a problem here – you do not know where the trees were cut down and where they came from. Perhaps your Christmas tree is felled in a warm climate. This means that the needles are in excess saturated with resin and essential oils. For a home decorative rabbit, this can be dangerous.

That is why, if you are not sure that your Christmas tree has had time to grow in the cold, the rabbit is better not to allow such needles.

Remember – we cut the branches from the trees that survived the frost. Only in this case, you can be sure that the needles are safe.

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Freezing the branches in the freezer will not give the desired effect.

So wear warm boots and mittens and go to get the right Christmas tree 🙂 To the delight of your rabbit.

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