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Rabbit Food

What Trees Can Be Given To Rabbits

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It is generally accepted that rabbits are very gentle animals and require increased attention to the care and feeding. In part, this is so, although their content usually does not cause trouble, but if you carefully examine the topic what can be given to rabbits, then your pets will always be active and healthy. First of all, the beginner breeder must learn how to feed the rabbit.

It so happens that most of the time they eat. Rabbit food must be varied and always fresh. Making up the diet, it is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of these animals. They consume up to 70% of food at night, so their feeders should always be filled by this time of day.

Abundant feed intake causes a need for water, and this is what need rabbits necessarily. If water is not supplied to animals automatically, drinkers with water should be poured to the top in the evening. In the morning, visiting your pets, you make sure that the troughs are empty. True, this occurs mainly in the warm season.

With the onset of cold weather, the need for water decreases, so they drink much less. Despite this, even in winter, water is obligatory for them. If the outside temperature is below zero, the cells are not insulated and there is no possibility of heating it directly in them, then it is necessary to dilute the frozen water with hot water. This procedure should be carried out at least twice a day. Water temperature should be slightly below room temperature. However, pregnant and lactating females must always have warm water regardless of the air temperature.

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Novice breeders often ask questions – can I give to rabbits grass, carrot, cabbage, watermelon, hay, tree branches. This list is endless. Consider in order.

The basis of feeding the rabbits are the following feed:
– juicy;
– concentrated;
– rude.

Succulent feed most favorite treat. However, there is one very important rule that gives an answer to the question of whether it is possible to feed rabbits with fresh grass. It is strictly prohibited to give freshly cut grass. The grass must necessarily be slightly raised. From fresh they have bloating and frustration, which may well be fatal. Moreover, even a well-known herb can accidentally catch a plant that they absolutely cannot be given.

What can be given to rabbits from herbs:
– alfalfa;
– dandelion;
– garden bindweed;
– young nettles;
– wheat grass;
– white and red clover;
– Esparcet;
– cereals and legumes.

TIP: Never give rabbits unfamiliar grass or plants that are in doubt. You need to know that even the most poisonous herbs in dried form does not pose a threat. Proceeding from this, when harvesting hay for the winter, one can avoid no unpleasant surprises.

Juicy feed for rabbits – it is also carrots, fodder beet, girasol. They are especially useful for lactating and pregnant females, working males and young animals. Many are interested can rabbits cabbage? The definite answer is NO. This is an erroneous stereotype that they adore her, which can cost the lives of your pets.

For individuals who go for fattening it is recommended to give concentrated feed in large volumes.

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Concentrated Rabbit Feed – Cereals or feed must make up a large part of the diet of animals. They are very nutritious, well absorbed. As a rule, they include oats, corn, wheat, barley, soy, and bran. Compound feeds in the form of granules in their composition, also have dried alfalfa and are enriched with vitamins and microelements. Is it possible to feed rabbits only with compound feed of such composition? The definite answer is YES. Such food may well completely replace other food.

What Trees Can Be Given To Rabbits

Hay, branch feed, straw – e that rough rabbit feed. They must be in the diet, as I improve the digestion and grind down the teeth. Favorite delicacy – branches of fruit trees, acacia, raspberries, lindens, willows, aspens. Eared with great pleasure gnaw bark from them and thereby grind down their teeth. By regularly giving branches, you can save yourself from finding the answer to the question "why do rabbits gnaw cages?"

From the fact that it is necessary and possible rabbits necessarily, it should be noted salt for animals (lizunets). It contains carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, improves all vital processes in the body of an animal, has a positive effect on metabolism, improves immunity.

No matter how you decide for yourself what to feed the rabbits, it is important to remember Golden Rule: A lean and safe diet consisting of mixed feed is better than the death of separate individuals for unknown reasons.

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