Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What To Feed Rabbits

Rabbits have a very gentle and sensitive digestive tract. Carefully consider the issue of feeding. The main food for rabbits is grass, hay and vegetables.

Rabbits love to eat and do not understand what and how much they eat. Therefore, it is very easy to harm these small rodents by putting harmful grass or vegetables in the feeder.

What To Feed Rabbits

What can feed the rabbits?

Answer the first question that interests us. What can you feed rabbits? It is more convenient to use specialized feed for rabbits. But many of them are intended for industrial commercial breeding, and therefore have a high caloric content. If you carelessly use them – you can easily achieve obesity in rabbits and disrupt the imbalance of the body as a whole.

For domestic rabbits, it is enough to have the right amount of hay and fresh vegetables in the diet. The feeder should be hay of good quality – without mold and bad smell. Even if it is summer outside and there is a lot of green grass in the yard, hay is a must. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins and other nutrients for rabbits. Very useful nettle and bean hay.

To rodents grind their teeth, they need to periodically throw branches in the trough. Rabbits will gnaw bark from acacia, linden, cherry and currant branches with pleasure.

In the spring juicy food, that is, a variety of greens, should appear in the diet of rabbits gradually and in small portions. It is desirable to first combine with hay – one grass can cause bloating of the intestines. You can feed the rabbits with leaves of dandelion, quinoa, young burdock and nettle.

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Vegetables and fruits should be given raw. It is better to feed rabbits with small potatoes, apples, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as pumpkin and carrots. All vegetables should be washed and nastrogany large chunks.

You also can not forget about mineral supplements and vitamins. A good food supplement is chalk, and salt is simply necessary for all herbivores without exception.

Do not feed rabbits with spoiled, rotten vegetables. It is dangerous to give green and sprouted potatoes. You should be very careful with white cabbage and cauliflower – they cause bloating of the stomach and diarrhea in rabbits. Therefore, it is better to refuse cabbage at all. And also it is necessary to watch closely that poisonous plants for rabbits do not fall into the hay. It can be lily of the valley, Datura, henbane, a large number of clover.

Food for domestic rabbits

Decorative home rabbit differs from its larger relatives even more problematic digestive system. But there are no big differences from the ration of ordinary rabbits. Therefore, home (decorative or dwarf) is better to feed with dry feed – this is grain, cereals, hay and root vegetables and greens. Leaves of spinach and lettuce. The main thing is to take into account the age of the rabbit. The rabbit feeds the rabbit up to the month of life, after which they are ready to take dry regular food.

How to feed the rabbits?

Rabbits should always have water. It is not advisable to drink boiled and mineral water due to the large amount of salts. Plain tap or separated water is the best option.

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That’s all the recommendations on the correct feeding of rabbits. We wish your pet bon appetit!

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