Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What To Feed Pregnant (Sukrolnyh) Rabbits

What to feed pregnant (sukrolnyh) rabbits. A lot depends on the correct feeding of pregnant rabbits: the health of the rabbits, the number of rabbits, the proper development, good immunity in the young, the amount of milk in the rabbit.

After mating males can be transferred back to the diet for rabbits at rest.

The rations of pregnant rabbits increase the total nutritional value to 220 g of feed units, while per 100 g of feed units should be 15-16 g of digestible protein.

What To Feed Pregnant (Sukrolnyh) Rabbits

In the diet of pregnant rabbits should include foods rich in high-grade protein, minerals and vitamins. In the first half of the suckling, the rabbit’s organism spends many nutrients on the formation of the membranes, the placenta, the embryo itself, which weighs about 3 g. The embryos reach maximum development in the second half of pregnancy. There is a further growth of the placenta, the mammary glands are enlarged. Proper feeding during this period favorably affects the fertility of the rabbits and the live weight of the rabbits at birth. It is important that the rations are not too voluminous. For 5-7 days before the roundabout, the amount of roughage and grass should be reduced, and the silage feed should be completely excluded from the diet, respectively, by increasing the number of concentrates.

Of these, rabbits are given: fodder, oats, legumes (80–100 g), from high-protein fodder — sunflower oil cake (30–50 g), soybean meal (20–30 g); juicy – carrots; from mineral – chalk, meat and bone and bone meal (1-2 g), table salt (1.5 g), egg shells in powder (1-2 g), from vitamin – fish oil (2 g). The rations of young sukrolnykh rabbits increase the total nutritional value by 15-20% compared with the rations of full-aged animals, since their bodies also continue to develop.

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In the second half of pregnancy can be fed rabbit with mixers of the following ratio: 45% of concentrated feed (wheat bran – 12%, barley or oats – 23%, corn – 10%), 43% of alfalfa hay, 10% of meadow and 2% of mineral additives. Per day give 140-150 g of the mixture. Additionally, a small amount of benign hay and branch feed are included. The inclusion in the diet of roughage gives an increase in the amount of crude fiber, which facilitates the normal functioning of the digestive system in order to avoid intestinal upset.

Rabbit obesity is not allowed during this period. , so they give birth to fewer rabbits and the offspring in general is often not viable. With a lack of mineral food during pregnancy, the rabbit eats when they ate their offspring. At this time, it is desirable to give and vitamins.

What To Feed Pregnant (Sukrolnyh) Rabbits

In the last two weeks before okolom the rabbit may significantly increase the appetite. Make sure that there is always enough fresh food in the cage, and do not forget that a pregnant rabbit needs plenty of water.

Rabbitters practicing compacted okrols (combining the pregnancy of rabbits with lactation) should increase the rations of suckling rabbits in terms of total nutritional value to about 330-360 g of feed units, and per 100 g of feed units the content of digestible protein should be 16-19 g.

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