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Rabbit Food

What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

Than to feed an ornamental rabbit at home, every farmer thinks. Animals have a weak intestine, therefore, the choice of diet should be taken responsibly. Throughout the day, pets must have food. If the rabbits are hungry, then it is dangerous for them, as fermentation and stagnation can occur. Feeding decorative rabbits in the first place should be varied.

What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

What to feed ornamental rabbits

In the diet should include solid food and healthy vegetables. Solid food is very important for pets, because their teeth grow constantly. If you do not feed the animals with solid feed, the teeth will stop grinding and may injure the gum. Excellent ground teeth shoots of trees and feed for rabbits. Cultivation and cultivation of decorative rabbits, the process is not complicated, but requires a responsible approach and time. If you understand that eating decorative rabbits and give it, then the pet will feel great.

Sample menu for decorative rabbit

For decorative rabbits, in the diet you can include the following components:

To properly feed pets, you should make a list of the feed they eat. You can feed an ornamental rabbit in the morning and evening with half the norm of dry feed, feed and hay. In the daytime it is better to give vegetables, greens, berries and fruits. To prevent animals from starving at night, it is recommended to give hay.

Solid feed

Rough feed for ornamental rabbits should form the basis of the diet. Feeding with hay and twigs should start at an early age. Like a little rabbit, teeth start to be cut, you need to give hay and branches in a large volume. Optimally feed young shoots. You can feed a decorative rabbit with sprigs of mountain ash, oak, aspen and birch. The better to feed the ornamental rabbit is decided by the farmer. You need to pay attention to the age, health and appetite of the pet.

In winter, it is recommended to treat the animal with juniper, spruce and pine. Feeding on conifers should be rare. Different types of trees act on animals differently. For example: oak is a fixative, and birch is a diuretic. A good piece of hay should have a fresh look, it should not be insects and dirt. The color of hay varies from light yellow to light green. The aroma of hay should be pleasant, meadow. The shoots of trees should be without cuts, strong, carefully treated from sharp ends.

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Teeth for grinding teeth

In decorative rabbits, teeth grow all their life. Pets that are kept in the home, in need of special food. How can you feed a decorative rabbit in this case? Requires solid feed that can be chewed for a long time. When you feed your pet with dry feed, when it gets into the mouth, it becomes liquid. This kind of food is not suitable for teeth grinding.

During the use of solid food, teeth grind down on food. Give the rabbit apple, pear and pine branches. The branches of the trees are fed along with the leaves. For the winter, you can prepare such branches for future use.

Before giving branches, they need to be washed and dried. Proper care and feeding keeps the rabbit bite under control. It is recommended to invite a veterinarian once every 2 months to examine the bite of the animal and the general condition.

Harmful herbs

When mowing the grass, you should pay attention to its composition. Often in the grass there are plants and herbs dangerous for animals, in which case it is recommended to change the lawn. Rabbits eat indiscriminately, so they alone will not be able to distinguish harmful grass from useful. Grass, in which there is Datura, celandine, spurge and wormwood can not be given. You can feed the ornamental rabbit a bit with potatoes, beetroot and cabbage, but in very limited quantities. After each meal, the feeder should be washed and put back into the cage. If food particles appear in the drinker, the water in it should be replaced.

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What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

Do not forget about the harm that can cause food

Please note that you can not feed the rabbit with dried fruits, nuts, caramel, chips and sausage, as it is dangerous for animals.

Succulent feed

Domestic rabbits should get juicy feed every month. Favorite delicacies for them are berries, fruits, vegetables and greens. Useful and easily digestible fruit include apples and pears. Vegetables can be given cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini and tomatoes. Any product should be given to pets in small portions. The first time you need to monitor the well-being of animals, as they carry any product. The main point is defecation of rabbits. If after a fruit or vegetable, the animal has diarrhea or constipation, then such a product should be removed from the diet.

Herbs and herbs: sorrel, dandelion, nettle, alfalfa and spinach are considered to be grass rich in vitamins. Sometimes you will notice that the herb acts on the intestines of animals as a laxative.

To the effect of the grass was not very pronounced, you should dry the grass a little and then feed. The number of all products depends on the needs of the animal. If the rabbit asks for supplements and is at the same time active and feeling well, then supplements can be given.


Pets, if desired, eat 20-25 times daily, as they have no sense of proportion. Your task is not to give a large amount of feed. Daily rate for an adult rabbit – 2 tbsp. l, young up to a year – 1.5 tbsp. l Feed the feed should be 2 times a day. If you have not eaten the previous meal, and the time has come to give the next one, then you need to wait until the rabbit eats the rest of the food.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for ornamental rabbits

Is it possible to feed ornamental rabbits with a balanced food and add separate vitamin supplements to it? If there are not enough vitamins, then you need to use special foods that contain high levels of calcium and sodium. Salt can be purchased in special blocks and left in the cell. With a deficit of salt, the pet’s appetite decreases, the appearance of fur deteriorates.

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Calcium strengthens the skeleton. Chalky stones should be fed to the young during active growth and females during pregnancy. In winter, calcium can be given to rabbits of any age. Vitamin A can be obtained in a carrot. Other vitamins are also important for the whole organism, they can be found in sufficient quantity in seasonal vegetables and fruits.

How to prepare feed for future use

Even in winter, animals should receive high-quality and healthy food. In the summer period it is correct to feed the pets, it is recommended with fresh grass and gradually harvest it for the winter season.

You need to collect the grass in a clean area, away from factories and trails. It is necessary to collect branches and fruits carefully so as not to capture poisonous and datura grass. Before harvesting, grass and fruits should be washed with running water and put to dry in a room where there are drafts. In the wind, the grass dries quickly and can be packaged in separate bags and jars. Fruits of berries and fruits can be frozen.

It is recommended to bundle dried grass and young shoots of trees in several pieces and hang them in a dark and cool place. For storage is also suitable basement in a private house. So that the blanks do not spoil in a few months and in the winter the pets often had vitamins, it is necessary to comply with the storage conditions, avoiding damp. At home, it is necessary to harvest raw materials so that all the pets have enough to get enough for the winter period. If next year is planned okrol, then the number of blanks should be increased.

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