Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

Decorative rabbits are very energetic and active animals that need careful care and proper nutrition. They love to run around the room and play games. Their favorite toys are cardboard boxes, rolls, baskets stuffed with hay or paper, which you can wade in, dig in, etc. These funny animals are the best to be trained. If you play with them often, they will be happy to jump over the stick and jump into the hoop for a piece of pear or strawberry. But only the game and fun will not be full. How to feed a decorative rabbit?

Feeding ornamental rabbits

The structure of the body of the rabbit is different from other animals in that food moves through the esophagus only due to the newly arriving food. Therefore, the animal constantly chews. Even a short period of fasting will immediately affect the health of the pet. Stopped food will begin to rot and roam. Rescues from these problems hay, which should be in the diet of rabbits constantly. It takes 80% of the total food. If there is no food in the feeder, the rabbit chews the litter, which saves him from harm. Hay helps the animal grind down its teeth. But for these purposes one should also add tree branches (willow, linden, aspen, acacia, pine). Not suitable branches of oak, elm, alder and walnut, where there are tannins.

It is necessary to give the rabbits fresh greens, which contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements. Greens can be very diverse: dandelion, plantain, clover, alfalfa, onion, dill, garlic, basil, etc. You can not give wild poisonous herbs (celandine, Datura, belina, hemlock and buttercups). Herbs with essential oils (mint, rosemary) are also undesirable. In winter, pharmaceutical preparations such as chamomile, sage, and birch leaves can be added to the food of ornamental rabbits.

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No less useful and loved in rabbits are vegetables. What do decorative rabbits eat? First of all, it is a carrot, which is given without restriction. And other vegetables should be given gradually: cucumbers without peel, peeled beets, cabbage of all varieties, except white cabbage, eggplants, salads, etc. Rabbits should not be given potatoes and tomatoes. The most favorite treat of rabbits is fruits and berries, which can be given in very limited quantities. In addition to fresh fruit, 2 times a month, you can give dried fruit. You should always remember that a rabbit is a herbivore. Therefore, milk, cheese, meat, bakery products, nuts, seeds, sweets and other sweets are strictly forbidden to give to your pet.

What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

Daily feeding of ornamental rabbits can be distributed as follows:

  • quality hay is constantly
  • fresh herbs (washed and dried) are given in the morning and in the evening
  • solid vegetable food (branches and bark) are constantly
  • juicy food (fruits, vegetables, berries) 1-2 teaspoons per day
  • special feed for decorative rabbits no more than 1 tbsp. spoons a day
  • fresh water in the drinker should be constantly

Decorative rabbit at home

The decorative rabbit needs to be brushed daily and once every 3 weeks it is necessary to cut its claws. Bathe rabbits is not desirable. These clean animals serve themselves. But if the need has already arisen, the rabbit should be gently washed with warm water, immediately wrapped in a towel and dried. Decorative rabbit at home must be vaccinated. But everything that is connected with vaccinations and pet diseases must be solved with a veterinarian. Diseases of ornamental rabbits can be very dangerous. And self-treatment of pets often leads to sad consequences. It is necessary to acquire dwarf rabbits not earlier than at the age of two months, when they feed themselves and do not need breast milk. And the first vaccination is done in 45 days. That is, you need to buy a vaccinated baby with a certificate of vaccination.

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Having made friends with such an interesting animal as a decorative rabbit, you will surely learn about it a lot of funny and unexpected facts. For example, how your friend’s eyes are arranged in a special way, so that he can see you from behind, without even turning his head. And it is better to walk with him, keeping him on a leash. Since your baby can jerk at speeds of cars up to 50-60 km / hour. If you have the opportunity, by all means, get this funny animal at home, and a fluffy lump of “valuable fur” will delight you for many years with its lively character and good temper.

What To Feed A Decorative Rabbit

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