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Rabbit Food

What Role Does Rabbit Swan Play In Nutrition?

If you have rabbits, congratulations! You have become a rabbit breeder. How to feed the rabbits so that the food is not harmful, and they themselves are healthy and grow quickly? It is well known that rabbits are herbivores, so they should eat grass. How to choose the most useful herbs among the variety of plants growing in the country? In the review, we will briefly review the nutrition of small rabbits, young and adult animals and see if we need a quinoa for rabbits or we can replace it with another plant.

What Role Does Rabbit Swan Play In Nutrition?

Can I eat swan rabbits?

Familiar grass

Everyone who has ever dealt with medicinal or weed herbs is well acquainted with swan. Gardeners regularly fight with this weed, and traditional medicine willingly uses it to treat many diseases. Our ancestors quinoa was also used as food additives, because it is an excellent supplement for a balanced diet, and due to its peculiar taste, it was called wild spinach.

What is a quinoa, if you look at it from the point of view of botany and chemist? The most common plant in Russia and many European countries, represented by 250 species. The seeds of the quinoa in the ground are huge, almost half of all the seeds of the plants are the seeds of quinoa. It is the richest source of vegetable protein, mineral salts of calcium and iron, vitamins C and PP. The swan also found fats with carbohydrates.

Rabbit Weed

It is impossible to imagine a rabbit breeder without a garden and vegetable garden in which various wild weeds and medicinal plants will be found. Weed is excellent as a food supplement in the rabbit diet. However, it has been observed that the animal does not like some plants or feels bad after eating. Quinoa can be fed to rabbits correctly. As an independent food, it is not always happy to be eaten, and the excess in the diet can adversely affect the work of the digestive tract and the general well-being of the animal as a whole. What to do to save the weed from the garden and make the rabbit full? You can add grass in combination with other plants, among which the most useful and nutritious for pets are such well-known herbs as yarrow with burdock, wheatgrass, nettle, plantain, clover, wormwood and dandelion. At the same time, the number of quinoa in a green diet should not exceed 15% of the total number of plants.

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Food supplement: helpful and not so

Quinoa grows very quickly during the spring, summer and autumn, so you will not have problems finding young and succulent shoots. How can you eat swan rabbits so that there are no negative consequences? The main rules that should be observed not only when collecting quinoa, but also other fodder plants:

  • It is forbidden to collect young shoots along the roads and near industrial enterprises in order to avoid the ingress of toxic substances into the feed of rabbits;
  • The plant should not be flowering, because the flowers contain toxic substances for your eared pets.

Excessive amounts of quinoa in the food of rabbits can turn into bloating of the intestines and other problems with digestion, and even an allergic reaction, which is very dangerous for a sensitive rabbit stomach. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to remove harmful substances from the quinoa and leave only healthy rabbits into it.

How to give grass to rabbits

In order for the quinoa not to have a negative impact on rabbit stomachs, you need to know how to give it to animals. The main thing to know is that plants are forbidden to be given fresh, because they contain a certain amount of harmful substances that are removed during drying or short drying in the sun.

Fresh tender stems with a young topper quinoa, before being mixed into the food of the rabbits, must be cleaned of dirt and dust, and then dried up under the sunlight for 2-4 hours. Now you can give your pets some grass and watch the reaction. In hot dry weather, such dried grass can be sprinkled with water and offered to pets.

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If the chair in rabbits is all right, he is also cheerful, healthy and active, you can still slightly increase the amount of quinoa in the daily diet, but not more than 15% of the total number of herbs. Feed only with a swan is not recommended, because then the food of animals will not be diverse and will not contain the optimal amount of fiber and vitamins. Healthy rabbits can only be as a result of a well-thought-out and harmonious nutritional content of nutrients.


It should be noted that your pets may have their own taste preferences. That is why so many opinions about the benefits and dangers of quinoa. Some rabbits eat this weed with pleasure and feel good, others cause allergies, and some even refuse quinoa without visible signs of any health problems. Therefore, you can finally find out whether any grass is suitable for nutritional feeding of pets, or you have to find another herbal supplement for it. You will see for yourself how much your quinoa will be useful to your rabbit, or you will have to give it up altogether. Now you know what kind of grass for optimal nutrition your eared wards need, what to expect from it, what form to eat and what properties it has.

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