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Rabbit Food

What Quantities Can Be Fed Rabbits Apples

What Quantities Can Be Fed Rabbits Apples

The more varied the diet of rabbits, the better. It must include green grass, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is only important not to go to extremes and not to use an excessively large volume of certain products, since any surplus naturally leads to the upset ventricles of fluffy animals.

Dangers of ill-conceived feeding

Let’s start with the main thing: you can give apples as food to animals, you should only observe the necessary proportions. For example, inexperienced breeders with the beginning of the apple season tend to transfer their animals entirely to a fruit diet, which is unsafe, and here’s why:

  • even the most delicious and healthy apples will not replace a full feed;
  • do not mix different types of the same fruit (and berries too), so as not to poison the animals.

If the apple season has begun, rabbits should be added to the menu gradually. It is important to adhere to several rules.

  1. Unripe apples should not be given as food.
  2. Do not feed dried fruit.
  3. It is not recommended to feed the animals with apples all day long.
  4. Apples are used only as an addition to the main nutrient feed.

What Quantities Can Be Fed Rabbits Apples

Such precautions are based on the fact that in their natural habitat these cute animals eat fruits and berries extremely rarely. This means that the ventricles of rabbits are not adapted to the use of such food in large quantities. Of course, they should not be excluded from the rabbit diet, because apples and other fruits also contain a lot of useful substances, the same vitamins and minerals. But you need to introduce apples into the diet gradually.

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Harm of unripe fruit

Here, the opinion of experts is unequivocal – unripe apples can cause serious harm to your pets. The stomachs of animals simply can not process such food, however, it is unlikely that rabbits will agree to eat it at all. Eating green fruits is guaranteed to lead to indigestion, and serious disturbances will begin in the digestive system of the rabbits, which will have to be treated.

Decorative rabbits

If you live ornamental rabbits, then they are better not to feed the apples – neither green nor ripe, in general, no. The sensitivity of their digestive system is so high that even ripe apples and in small quantities cause disturbances in its work.

A selection of apples

There should be the same approach as when feeding young children with fruits. Apples, eaten by these tender animals, must meet the following requirements.

  1. It is desirable that they were grown in the garden and you were confident in their safety.
  2. When growing crops did not apply any chemistry.
  3. Apples taken from the trees in the second half of the season of their ripening, i.e., towards the end of summer or already autumn, are eaten.

What Quantities Can Be Fed Rabbits Apples

Feeding rules

Ripe fruit is better to cut into small pieces. To give them to feed the rabbits, as we have already written, you need to gradually:

  • first give each animal a small piece;
  • later, if the first “acquaintance” with the new product passes normally, the volume of apples in the diet can be increased;
  • It is not necessary to add apples to food every day, but every other day, alternating with the same green herbs and other foods;
  • when harvesting apple juice, soft apple cake usually remains – it can also be given to rabbits for food, especially since the animals like it very much;
  • No need to remove the bones from the apples, the rabbit stomachs will digest them without any problems.
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We have tried to clarify why not all apples, rich in vitamins, will be equally useful to your fluffy pets. Even if you are sure of the high quality of the fruit, you must still observe the measure – for the first time, give the fruit in small portions, be sure to cut them into pieces. And remember – apples are not the usual food for rabbits, because this product is the main compound feed, of course, can not replace.

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