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Rabbit Food

What Is The Fold Rabbit Fed

Gone are the days when cats and dogs were favorite pets. In the modern world, the decorative rabbit is a serious competitor. Many breeds bred in the last time will not leave anyone indifferent. The recently developed breed of domestic rabbit, lop-eared teddy, is especially good.

Since this breed was bred quite recently, standards for it are still being developed. The work in this direction is carried out by experts from Australia and Canada. This breed was bred by two breeds of rabbits: miniature lop-eared rams and plush Rex rabbits. The weight of the plush lop-eared rabbits reaches 2.5 kg, depending on which rabbit the ram participated in the crossing.

Plush Rabbit Fold Little Ram

Lop-eared little bunny with erect ears is born. But by the first month of life, the ears gradually descend. At first, one ear begins to hang, and the second is defiantly hanging around. This makes the bunny even more cute. The length of the ears from the base of one ear to the other can reach up to 30 cm. The paws are strong, short. The body is also strong, well built. The neck is short, because of this the rabbit is a bit like a lump. Colors can be very different. And they appear more and more. Wool is plush, soft, short, thick, with bright luster, it seems as if it had been trimmed. Thanks to the hanging ears and plush skin, these rabbits win the hearts of others.

The plush rabbit or lop-eared little ram has a character not so much aggressive, but wayward. They love to play and are very independent. But in general, they are quite friendly. Of course, the temperament and character of each individual is individual, but usually he likes the owners. Also lop-eared rabbits. caring mothers, and not leave their offspring without attention. Rabbits are smart animals. They respond to their name, and will even rejoice when you come home. Studies have shown that rabbits are well aware that they are being outrageous. Moreover, the rabbits successfully adopt and then apply the habits of their parents, and also learn from them how to behave. This quality helps the offspring to learn the rules you set very quickly.

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The breed of foldable plush rabbits combines the most attractive external data of two wonderful breeds. Since both breeds have excellent temperament, their offspring from crossing can boast of an excellent disposition. All these factors only add attractiveness to this breed.

This breed of rabbits does not require special conditions. Everything is pretty standard. When purchasing a lop-eared plush rabbit, you should be familiar with the conditions of its maintenance and care.

Lop-eared plush rabbit will be the favorite of the whole family. Sweet, charming, resembling a toy, he will give you the pleasure of his stay in the house.

What Is The Fold Rabbit Fed

Lop rabbit dwarf ram

The most prominent feature of these rabbits is hanging ears, whose length can reach 30 cm. At the base, the ears are tightly pressed to the head and slightly thickened. It is noteworthy that the rabbits of this breed are born with erect ears, after 1 month the ears begin to fall, by 3 months they should already hang completely.

The build in lop-eared rabbits is more compact, the torso is almost square. Their paws are thick and short, almost no neck. The muzzle of the sheep is slightly flattened, the forehead is wide, and the cheeks are thick. All this makes lop-eared rabbits especially cute and funny-looking.

But it should be borne in mind that, despite the apparent strong build, lop-eared rabbits are quite fragile and require careful handling. For example, he can hurt his own foot or spine if he fails to jump from his master’s hands.

What is fed lop-eared rabbit

The main. The house should always have a stock of fresh hay. That is, the bunny should always have it, eat it or not. this is his problem. Fresh drinking water is obligatory, and the drinkers should be rinsed regularly with hot water so that algae and bacteria do not breed in them. For the summer, hay is usually replaced by a history of dried grass mixture. collected in an environmentally safe place, away from highways and walking dogs. The yarrow, hogweed, and starlet, which remains fresh until winter, are useful for the rabbits.

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For food, be creative. This does not mean that it is possible to give a hare to try everything that neither popodya nor in any case. But each animal has its own taste preferences. For example, our Kusaka very respects dried apples, dried apricots. Does not like, and in principle does not eat specials. Rabbit food, neither ours nor Vitakraft mentioned, but for both its cheeks a mixture of oats, buckwheat, lentils, millet, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, nuts, leaves and sprigs of red mountain ash, apple trees. Bunny herself knows how much and when to eat, so she always has a supply of food, grass and water. But there are also gluttons, i.e. then it is necessary to feed by the hour and give about 10 g of mixture per day per kilogram of animal weight per day. You can make white and black bread, stale or in the form of crackers.

Beware of giving fresh vegetables and fruits. that is, all this is possible, but in very moderate doses, a piece of an apple, 1 cm of carrots, a leaf of lettuce, 1 grape, etc. In general, moderation. This is the key to nutrition. If you see that the hare excitedly cracks something. restrict that. Let it be your personal delicacy-promotion.

The rabbit needs daily to give dry hay and change the water in the drinker every day. Most of the feed should be dry. corn. Do not give wet fruits and vegetables. By the way, sheep very much like apples, pears, carrots and cabbage, curled grass.

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Just like the rest of the breeds, the rams should be given at least 2 mandatory vaccinations against rabbit diseases. from VGBK and myxomatosis. They are not contagious to humans, but deadly to rabbits.

Rabbits-rams are very popular with children of any age. I think this is one of the best pets.

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