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Rabbit Food

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Nutrition based on cereals has become basic for many breeders. The economic availability of food and ease of use have made this method quite popular. With all the variety of cereals, not every culture is useful for rabbits. What kind of grain to feed the rabbits, and which species most fully meets all the necessary nutritional characteristics, read on.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

What grain to feed the rabbits

Features of the digestive system of eared

Before you make a diet feeding rabbits, you should study their digestive system.

With the help of incisors, they eat coarse ground food, and molars are involved in its grinding. Then, under the influence of saliva, the feed becomes soft and travels through the esophagus into the stomach, where it is broken down by various enzymes. The stomach of furry pets is single-cavity. Its walls are rather thin and are supplied with sluggish musculature, therefore they are not equipped with gag reflexes and are not able to pull out.

The structure of the digestive system of the rabbit

After 1 to 7 hours, the food reaches the 12 duodenal gut, which is 12 cm long. The intestine is also poorly developed: this suggests that the further advancement of food is entirely dependent on fresh, fresh food that has entered the stomach. It promotes pushing, not peristalsis, as is the case with the human body.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Rabbits should never lack food

Rabbit grain feed: rules for cooking and eating

Grain is perfectly compatible with the digestive system of fluffy pets, and is digested much better than bone meal, for example. In winter, feeding cereal animals is a vital necessity, since the hay-vegetable diet does not contribute to the rapid weight gain.

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The ranking of the best cereal crops is headed by:

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

The high nutritional value of grain has made it a popular product in the diet of fluffy pets.

In addition to the fact that rabbits always eat with a big appetite, it is not difficult to get them, and they are in an affordable price range. Along with the cultures listed, the rabbits are fed corn.

Rabbit leaders recommend mixing different cultures. This is due to their different range of effects on the body of rabbits. For example, oats are digested faster than barley, and when fed exclusively with barley in rabbits, excess interior fat accumulates.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Wheat is given only in small doses, in large volumes it provokes bloating

Use of cereals for animals

Grain belongs to the vital and important components of the fluffy pet food system. The set of valuable components varies depending on its variety.

This cereal is more nutritious than oats. The energy value of barley is higher than its peers by as much as 20%!

It is incredibly useful for the digestive system of animals, it is also recommended to feed it to nursing rabbits and young plants for quick weight gain. Contains essential amino acids for animals. The negative aspects of its use can be attributed to the shell in the form of a film, which is quite difficult to digest. It is recommended to grind grains well before use.

In the case of a grain-based nutritional system, it should be remembered that water should be in constant open access. It is recommended to change it 2 times a day: in the morning and before bedtime.

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Feeding rules

To properly feed the eared grain, it is necessary and properly filed, and figure out how much it is necessary. Many rabbit breeders recommend feeding their pets with dry cereals. But experts with years of experience believe that this method is not correct: barley, for example, should be crushed with the help of a grader in view of its solid structure.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

The easiest method of feeding grain – chop and steam hot water

Wheat and oats are fairly soft crops, so they are recommended to be given in pure form, without first crushing and insisting in water. Rabbits chew them quickly enough.

In order to understand how to feed crops, it is necessary to deal with the age categories of rabbits. The younger generation give a mixture, half consisting of wheat. The remaining amount is formed from equal shares of barley and corn. Females caring for their offspring are offered oats and barley in equal proportions, since these cereals are of great energy value. For breeding males make the composition of ¼ wheat and ¾ oats.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Males-producers are given feed consisting of са oats and ¾ wheat

Cooking methods

The recipe blank is quite simple. You can use several methods: steaming or yeast.

Before you start cooking, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the grain must not contain dirty seeds, small stones, green unripe seeds, small pests or fungus;
  • black dotted grains are not usable;
  • dry or raw grain is not allowed.

Seasoned farmers recommend using one-year grain. A product that has been stored for 2 years or more should not be purchased.

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What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Steaming is a popular way of harvesting germinated grain.


There is a fairly simple way to quickly and efficiently germinate cereals.

    Grain must be pre-rinsed with warm water. Pay attention to the grains that will emerge: they can not be used to prepare eared food, because they are already considered dead.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Pips that float on the water surface should be discarded

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Wash the seeds thoroughly to prevent fungus from getting into the feed.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

To saturate the grain with moisture, you need to change the water every day at least 3 times

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Tanks made of clay, ideal for soaking grain

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

After the seedlings have crossed the threshold of 2 mm, they become poisonous

Little tricks

There are a number of tricks to optimize the germination process:

  • in the case when germinated grain is not used for its intended purpose, it is better to place it in the refrigerator. The permissible shelf life is 1 day;

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Permissible storage period of germinated grain – 1 day

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Grain germinates better at night


This method is good in those situations when it is necessary to accelerate the growth of rabbits and achieve a rapid mass gain.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Yeast mash is very useful for rabbit organisms, especially for meat breeds.

Adhering to a few simple rules, to prepare such food is quite simple:

  • use wooden boxes;
  • the boxes should be filled with a layer of mash up to 35 cm;
  • in the process of cooking can not use boiling water or cold water, it must be warm;
  • stir the mixture constantly.

What Grain To Feed The Rabbits

Yeast mixers help rabbits gain weight

Yeast Feed Types

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