Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What Can You Give The Rabbits To Eat

What Can You Give The Rabbits To Eat

Water for rabbits – whether to give the rabbits water. Many beginners, as well as experienced rabbit breeders, claim that rabbits almost do not need water. When rabbits feed on green and succulent feeds, the amount of water they consume is really small, but this does not mean at all that they don’t need to be given water at all. Lack of or lack of water leads to a decrease in appetite, increased thirst, weight loss, as a result of which rabbits get sick and die. Cannibalism in rabbit giving birth and high mortality of embryos are caused by a lack of water. The need for water in rabbits depends on their weight, productivity, physiological state, the type of food they consume, temperature and relative humidity of the air.

Water for rabbits – whether to give the rabbits water. Water is an integral part of the body of the animal. Almost all chemical and physiological processes occur in the body with the participation of water. Excessive body products are removed with water. It participates in the regulation of heat in the body. The lack of water rabbits tolerate much more difficult than fasting. Loss of water, or dehydration, by 10% can be fatal. The lack of water in the right amount leads to kidney damage, failure to raise litters.

Water for rabbits – whether to give the rabbits water. In the tissues and organs of young rabbits, there is more water than in the tissues and organs of full age, and with the age of the animals or the increase in their fatness, its content in the body decreases, and the content of dry substances increases. The rabbit consumes 1.5-2 times more water than dry matter of the feed. The protein intake in the diet also affects the water intake: the higher it is, the more water is needed for rabbits.

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Water for rabbits – whether to give the rabbits water. The need of rabbits for water is especially increased when they are fed with dry feed (pellets, hay, straw, grain feed). Young animals due to more intense metabolism and increased water content in the body requires more water than adult animals.

What Can You Give The Rabbits To Eat

Especially a lot of water is required sukrolnym and lactating rabbits. In summer, a rabbit with 8 rabbits at 20 days of age consumes 1.25–1.5 l, and with rabbits at 40 days of age, 2 l, for growing up rabbits, 0.1 l of water per 1 kg of body weight is needed , and when the air temperature rises to 30 ° C, the need for water rises to 1.13 liters per kilogram of body weight. The average consumption of water by rabbits, depending on the ambient temperature, ranges from 65 to 135 ml per kilogram of their live weight. Rabbit live weight of 5 kg can drink per day 250-350 ml of water.

Water for rabbits – whether to give the rabbits water. When feeding rabbits in bulk, they drink most of the water in the evening and at night, during the period when they consume the most feed. Rabbits are watered daily, morning and evening, but the water in the cages of the rabbits must be constant. In winter, with the outer content of water, rabbits can be replaced with snow, but it is most desirable to give heated water (up to 35–39 ° C). With a restriction of 25–40% of the norm of water consumption, the growth rate of rabbits and the increase in live weight (by 30–35%) decrease, the feed consumption per unit of increase increases (by 10–12%).

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