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Rabbit Food

What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

It is troublesome to feed the rabbits healthy, but it is easy. It is very important to make the right diet. Feeding baby rabbits is a responsible exercise, and often improves mood.

What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

What to feed baby rabbits from birth to feeding

The little rabbit bears posterity for 1 month. During the entire period of pregnancy, in order to maintain strength, the female must consume a huge amount of concentrates. One litter consists of 4−8 rabbits. The more of them, the faster the childbirth (okrol).

Fluffies are born naked and blind, the rabbit is able to feed them up to two months. There is a risk of problems with the digestive system, if it is too early to tear the rabbits off the mother. This is often found on large farms with a tight fertility schedule. The bunny rabbit is able to become pregnant already on the second day after a bout. Babies are cleaned so that the mother can bear strong offspring.

How to feed the rabbits correctly:

  • Feeding baby rabbits up to a month the mother is engaged.
  • 3-4 week old babies also feed on milk in the same way, but with small portions of dry food and fresh hay.
  • 6−8 week feed on lactose with a weekly increase in hay and feed.

What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

Using this graph, you can grow strong offspring, which already in six months will lead an energetic sex life. Crawls have a high birth rate, which helped them to survive in the wild.

Sometimes the female refuses to feed the cubs. Most often this is observed in breeds and young rabbit breeds. The problem needs to be solved in a few days, otherwise all youngsters may die. Options:

  • keep the mother several times a day while fluffies are eaten;
  • distribute rabbits among other nursing females (you can apply to someone else’s farm).
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What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

  • The first 15 days, kids can not be emptied themselves. Their stomachs should be rubbed with a damp, soft swab until it is empty. A tampon should resemble the rabbit’s wet nose. After 2 weeks, the fluffy ventricles are getting stronger, so they start walking on their own. If this does not occur, the procedure must be continued.
  • The first week of the nest should be well lit. After 7-10 days in the corner you need to make a dark place so that all the kids can fit. Already in the second week, the eyes of the rabbits open, in order to sleep, they will look for darkness.

How to feed a rabbit without a rabbit at home

Sometimes babies are left without breast milk. Under what circumstances we will not say this, but how to proceed in detail in such a situation.

Up to 1 week

What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

Goat and cow’s milk, as well as special milk formulas are suitable for such rabbits. Cow milk diluted with unsweetened condensed milk in a ratio of 1: 1, milk mixture in a ratio of 2: 1, goat is most of all similar to rabbit, it is given in pure form. You can feed newborn rabbits from a syringe, but it is better to make a pacifier. The nipple is made of gum from a pipette.

To feed daily rabbit easy. The main rule – babies should eat at least 3 times a day and not more than 5:

  • 1 time in the morning (the sooner the better);
  • 1 time in the evening (no later than 20:00);
  • 1-3 times the rest of the time.

One feeding – 1 milliliter.

After 7 days

After a week, one feeding should be already 2 ml, and the number of meals should be no more than 3. On the 14th-15th day, the crawls eat 6-7 ml per day. Feed the little rabbits for the first time can be problematic. Take a small piece of cotton, soak it in milk and wipe the baby’s mouth. When he licked the procedure can be repeated. When the fluff gets used, you can go to the nipple.

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From 20 days

At week 3, the rabbit can be transferred to a bowl. Milk mixture to give up to a month, gradually replace with water (preferably boiled or at least filtered). On the 45th day, milk can be eliminated altogether. One serving of feed should be equal to 3% by weight.

How to feed the young after jigging

In most cases, rabbits are deposited in 1 month. In some cases, a month and a half. It depends directly on the weight of the rabbit. The first 10 days should be watched very carefully. If one or two rodents have died for some reason, it is urgent to change the diet.

Gastrointestinal tract let and can fully function, but still not strong enough. At this time, animals are most vulnerable to intestinal infections and viruses. Food should be high-calorie and easily digestible.

As vitamins, you can use legume-grass hay, young grass, boiled potatoes and bran. Products need to grind, if possible, add chalk, fish oil and bone meal. At first, these supplements are required.

After jigging from the mother, the rabbits are fed the same as the rabbit during lactation. Food needs to be diluted slowly, from week to week, otherwise there will be problems with intestines. At this time, it is also recommended to add vitamin B to a bowl of water.

Critical period in young lasts about 7 days. If during the entire period they will eat normally and lead an active life – gradually put adult food. At home, the total weight of the feed in the second month should be over 100 g. In the third for 150 g, in the fourth for 200.

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Every 100 g should contain about 20 g of protein. Active growth ends on average at 5 months of life. At this point, krols can be called adults.

  • Fresh grass – 40%.
  • Special feed – 60%.
  • Vitamins and other supplements in the specified daily intake.
  • Dry hay – 10%.
  • Succulent feed – 30%.
  • Ordinary feed – 60%.
  • Vitamins and other supplements in the specified daily intake.

What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

Healthy food should be present on a regular basis. Hay or grass should always be in the cage.

What should not give kids?

Artificial feeding baby rabbits should be as much as possible like what they had in the wild. It is necessary to exclude sweets, baking (especially flour), spicy and fried food, meat of cattle. These products can harm even adult crawls, to say nothing of weak organisms. Trimming from rotten fruits, vegetables, mushrooms is also contraindicated.

Due to weak microflora, it is not recommended to give the young grass the following herbs: yarrow, chamomile, and St. John’s wort. Even a small portion can completely spoil the intestines.


What Can Feed The Little Rabbits

The health of the little rabbits depends not only on the female, but also on the attentive owners. From the article you learned how to feed the little rabbits, and what should be avoided. Adhering to simple tips you can grow healthy offspring.

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