Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

What Can Feed Rabbits In Winter

If you want to have a rabbit, you must take into account all the peculiarities of pet food. What to feed rabbits in winter is very important, because it is at this time of year that animals need energy and warm food.

Rabbits are animals that constantly eat something, and therefore their feeder must always be filled with something tasty.

What Can Feed Rabbits In Winter

What feed rabbits in winter

What is fed rabbits at home in the winter? For the decorative rabbit it is very important to give all the necessary vitamins that can be obtained both in supplements and in fruits. Be sure to in the winter should be given hay, as the animals are warming them.

Depending on the season, the problem of nutrition is solved quickly, if you make the right diet. It is worth paying special attention to the winter season. Feed pets in the winter can be products harvested from the summer.

Required Products

Rabbits are whimsical in terms of feeding. The main thing – to feed the rabbits in the winter was balanced and complete. Even in winter, they need to get enough vitamins, as well as in summer. Their diet should consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and the amount of food should not decrease with the change of season.

The products consumed by rabbits in the winter should include:

  • hay;
  • various branches of trees (spruce, juniper, aspen);
  • an Apple.

Proper nutrition of rabbits

Feed the rabbit in the winter you need to systematically. If you give food at different times, pets will not know exactly when to wait for food, and therefore will become engaged only in this.

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Experts recommend feeding the fluffs at least 2 times a day, because due to daily work often the owners can not feed the rabbits 5-6 times a day. Animals pay attention not only to food, but also to dampness and dirt. If sanitary standards are not followed, rabbits often get sick, and weakened immunity leads to death. All this must be considered.

One type of feeding is legumes. To abuse this is not necessary in any case. The transition from summer fruits and vegetables to heavy winter products should take place gradually. Animals should get used first of all to new types of food. It is impossible to start feeding sharply with hay from December 1, everything needs to be done gradually for healthy development. Since animals are whimsical, even the hay must be given special attention. It should always be fresh, and this directly depends on how to store it. It is necessary to dry the grass so that the wind passes through the grass. Such hay will always remain fresh.

If the hay turned out to be overdried, flour can be made from such material. To do this, it is necessary to evenly lay the grass in the bag and after the time of drying it is pounded into flour.

In the winter feeding rabbits should include carrots. Pets prefer sweet varieties. You can make a mix of carrots and cabbage, or carrots and beets. As for the twigs, then all this must be harvested from early summer. The feeding process will not take long for the farmers, as the female spends about 5 minutes a day feeding the rabbits.

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Norms and mode

Pets eat during the day quite often. So that the food does not spoil, you can not leave it for a long time in the feeders. It is better to put hay, which eared can nibble.

For home feeding, you should not replace hay with straw, as the number of useful trace elements and vitamins in them is different. Hay for baby rabbits is much more useful. At night, the rabbits eat their waste, because their digestive system is designed so that the rectum is able to remove the useful elements from the same hay from the body. When the animals eat it again, the assimilation process is facilitated. Also, rabbits are able to eat homemade food: porridge or soups. At the same time food should not be fat for them.

Eating rabbits on the street in the winter to be more high-calorie. Also in winter, in the conditions of home feeding, individuals are given food about 2-5 times a day, as they eat little. To keep food cold, they give a new one.

At home, bait rabbits should be made as often as required. During the period of molting, pregnancy and just winter maintenance, individuals are given vitamin and mineral supplements.

Diet during the mating period

This period in rabbits is one of the most important in life, so in winter conditions one should pay attention to their diet, which should contain fiber, essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. All this is contained in foods such as barley, vegetables, fruits, flour. The proportions are as follows: for 100 g of food of rabbits, 30 g of oilcake / bran, 15 g of protein and 4 g of mineral additives are needed. If they overfeed any of the products, they are unlikely to please healthy offspring.

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A month before mating, you can give 90 g of feed, not more. In the very period of mating need to pay attention to the so-called succulent feed. These include carrots, beets, cabbage, onions. It is necessary to take into account another feature of rabbits during this period: the time of their feeding. Since females are ready to mate, this process takes about 4 hours in the morning. You should not give food at this time.

Approximate diet of males: flour – 15 g; hay – 150 g; juicy food – 200 g; feed – 50 g. Females: flour – 8 g; hay – 200 g; juicy food – 225 g; feed – up to 60 g. The amount of food is calculated also by the weight and dimensions of the animal. It is not necessary to feed all individuals equally. Such a diet allows the animals to remain active and energetic during the cold season, as well as successfully complete the mating process, which is important for the future healthy generation.

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