Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Tomatoes And Tomato Tops In Feeding Rabbits

When keeping the livestock of rabbits in a personal subsidiary farm, animals are fed with various plant wastes, including vegetable garden tops. Pets are capricious in terms of food, so inexperienced owners are tormented by the question, is it possible to give to rabbits tops from tomatoes, green or ripe fruit of a plant?

Tomatoes And Tomato Tops In Feeding Rabbits

Can rabbits tomatoes

Ripe tomato fruits contain vitamins and minerals, biologically active substances. They are rich in B, A, and C vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Ripe pink and bright red tomatoes are good for the heart, digestion and blood-forming organs. Tomatoes increase immunity, improve the work of the cardiovascular system.

But tomatoes have very few calories, so they cannot be called a good nutritious food for fattening animals and actively growing young. A small number of fruits can be fed to the breeding young for strengthening and fortification of the body, pregnant and lactating females.

Only mature soft fruits are suitable as food, they do not feed pets with green tomatoes. Unripe tomatoes contain solanine – a toxic substance that causes the death of a pet when used in large quantities.

How to give tomatoes

Despite its usefulness, the product should not be given to rabbits in unlimited quantities. The plant (like all solanaceous crops), along with vitamins and minerals, contains poison – solanine. The substance is more concentrated in the leaves, stems and immature fruits. In its red tomatoes it contains the minimum quantity which is not dangerous to animals on condition of moderate consumption.

Adult Rabbit

To adult animals with a live weight of about 5 kg, tomatoes give 100–150 g per day per individual. For dwarf ornamental animals, the daily dose of the product should not exceed 50 g.

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The first portion of the feed should be completely insignificant – the rabbit is offered a slice of tomato the size of a walnut. During the day after giving a new product, the pet’s reaction is monitored – whether there is diarrhea, lethargy. If the animal feels good, the ration will increase slightly, bringing it to the recommended amount in a few days.

The tomato fruits offered to animals should be clean, free from rot and other diseases.

Tomatoes And Tomato Tops In Feeding Rabbits

Little rabbit

Young animals are especially sensitive to any feeding failure. To begin to give them tomato fruit should be no earlier than 2 months of age. Small slices of tomato are included in the "salad" of other vegetables (carrots, zucchini) and offered to young. Rabbits themselves decide whether they have a new product or not.

Unripe tomatoes do not give to rabbits because of their excessive acid and high concentration of solanine.

Do rabbits eat tops from tomatoes

Tomato tops are not taken to feed eared pets because of the high concentration of poisonous substances in it. The animals themselves will reluctantly eat stems and leaves covered with fibers and having a sharp taste. Just being hungry, the animal will eat unappetizing food.

For ornamental rabbits, because of their small size, the stems and leaves of the solanaceous plant are strictly contraindicated. In order for the animal to be poisoned, a few leaves will suffice.

If, due to inexperience, the rabbit breeder feeds pets with tomato tops, you should let the rabbits gnaw wood or activated charcoal. Absorbent eliminates the effects of toxins, and the digestion of animals will cope with inappropriate feed.

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Experienced breeders agree that feeding eared pets with green tops and tomatoes is impractical. The harm from this type of food is much more than good.

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