Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

The Diet Of Rabbits Whether Rabbits Can Be Rabbits

The Diet Of Rabbits Whether Rabbits Can Be Rabbits
The Diet Of Rabbits Whether Rabbits Can Be Rabbits

The Diet Of Rabbits Whether Rabbits Can Be Rabbits
The Diet Of Rabbits Whether Rabbits Can Be Rabbits

How often in childhood they were moved by looking at the cages with rabbits. These plump, tender lumps caused joy and delight. And, of course, at that time did not think about the true purpose of these animals for people. But this is a valuable agricultural exhibit.

Breed rabbits. quite a profitable business, because you do not need big expenses, and care for rabbits is simple. But the basic basics of growing them of course need to know. And this primarily refers to the feeding of rabbits.

It seems that rabbits can eat almost all plant food. But here lies the danger, as some varieties of herbs (buttercups, lumbago, celandine, milestones poisonous, Datura, hemlock, henbane and others) are poisonous for rabbits. Many questions also arise around wormwood, and is it possible to give wormwood to rabbits?

Beginner rabbit breeders, naturally, have numerous questions like: what kind of grass to give, which is preferable, is it possible to feed the rabbits with wormwood, and so on. In fact, not everything is so difficult. The main thing to understand a few simple rules when feeding. First of all, food should be varied and of high quality, and should be sufficient.

Alternating green fodder, hay, succulent fodder and animal feed is also necessary. So what do pets like? This is primarily dandelion and alfalfa (increase milkiness in nursing mothers), tansy, plantain and wormwood (warn stomach diseases), pepper, celery and parsley (increase appetite), as well as mint, parsnip, sweet clover, clover, mother and colony , wheatgrass, nettle, colza, chicory, horse sorrel, bindweed, juniper, dill and sage will improve the taste of meat.

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Important in the diet of rabbits and succulent feed. carrots, fodder and sugar beets, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetable waste. As an additional ration, wood fodder can be added to the main one, that is, fresh sprigs of willow, alder, aspen, acacia and linden.

By the way, it is important to remember that dry food (cereals, mixed fodders, crackers) must be given with clean water. It should be noted that among rough forage hay occupies a dominant place and from September to May serves as the main feed for rabbits. One female with offspring has to be harvested from 130 to 160 kg.

Wormwood with its specific smell and bitter taste, has pronounced medicinal properties. It helps rabbits with inflammation of the stomach, with the accumulation of gases, and is also used to remove worms from the body. Here is the answer to the question: is it possible for rabbits to wormwood?

Sure you may. Wormwood makes up almost 40% of the green part of the diet. But wormwood-vermouth and wormwood-chernobylnik should be avoided, as they are poisonous.

Today, rabbit breeding is not in vain considered to be one of the most profitable and quickly paid back branches of agriculture. After all, with a relatively small cost from a rabbit, you can get the most valuable dietary meat, fat, skins of various colors.

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