Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Salt To Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

Salt To Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

In addition to vitamins and trace elements, rabbits should receive mineral supplements. Not every owner of a kroleferma has the opportunity to buy a complete feed, which contains all the necessary additives for the health of rabbits in the right proportion. Many farmers make their own pets ration. The owners ask whether they can give salt to rabbits, if so, what is their need for minerals. From this article, readers will find out whether salt is useful or harmful to rodents and how to enter it correctly in the pets menu.

Salt to rabbits – benefit and harm

Salt consists of ions of sodium and chlorine. Without these substances, the animal organism cannot function normally. For example, with a lack of minerals, the following pathologies are noted:

  • growth retardation;
  • deterioration of the digestive tract;
  • softening of the bone tissue;
  • females have miscarriages.

Getting the salt in the right amount, rabbits grow quickly, in addition, the structure of muscle fibers improves, because they accumulate moisture. This mineral is essential for normal heart function. However, this does not mean that rabbits can be given it in unlimited quantities.

Almost half of the daily requirement of sodium ions and chlorine animals get along with food. A small amount of salt is present in drinking water, potatoes, carrots, meal and bran, as well as in the composition of meadow grasses and hay. The rest of the daily allowance of minerals must be introduced into the diet.

Attention! If rabbits eat full-feed or receive meat and bone meal and fish meal, there is no need to give them salt.

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An excess of sodium and chlorine salts is also harmful, as is its deficiency. The consequences of uncontrolled rabbit eating salt are:

  • kidney diseases and their failure;
  • fluid retention;
  • cardiac abnormalities;
  • indigestion

Daily need

The rate of salt intake depends on the age of pets and their health. If we consider that partially mineral supplements enter the body of animals with food and water, every day adult pets are introduced into the diet no more than 1.5 grams of salt.

In lactating females, the need for minerals is 2-2.5 g per day.

In lactating females, the need for minerals is higher – 2-2.5 g. The daily rate for rabbits up to 4 months is 0.5 g.

Reference. Salt for rabbits is never added to water, but they are put into wet mashes.

Another way to introduce minerals in the diet of animals is to salt water while steaming the grain with boiling water. However, in most cases, farmers use salt lizard.

Mineral lizuntsy for rabbits

Some novice farmers do not know that rabbits cannot be given salt lick for pigs and cows. The composition of such additives is not suitable for animals, because in addition to sodium ions and chlorine they contain sodium sulphate and soda. For rabbits, these additives are dangerous.

To ensure the minerals need of pets, you can prepare your own salt-lizunets. To do this, you need the following components:

  • 5 tbsp. l salt;
  • 500 g of red clay powder;
  • 500 g of food chalk;
  • 300 g of crushed charcoal;
  • 3 tbsp. l food sulfur.

Mineral Lizun for Rabbit

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All bulk components are placed in a bowl and mixed. Then gradually add water until the mixture resembles steep dough. From this plastic mass mold blanks in the form of balls. While they are soft, small through holes are made in them, so that later you can thread a thread through them. Lizune balls after drying are suspended in a cage at a height convenient for pets.

Attention! Do not put billets with salt in the feeder or on the floor. If moisture or excrement gets on them, the limestones will be spoiled.

Rabbits do not need salt if they receive ready-made feed containing all the vitamins and minerals. If the animals feed on grass, hay, root crops and cereals, then this supplement is necessary. Having hung salt-lizunets in a cage, a farmer may not worry about an overdose of minerals, as pets will not eat more than they need.

Salt To Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

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