Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Rabbit Feeding With Parsley Or Dill

Can I give parsley to rabbits? This question interests many breeders. Rabbits are unpretentious in food, however, not all owners of these pets know which products should be introduced into the diet of pets, and which should be categorically excluded. Feeding rabbits is a very interesting topic, causing many discussions.

Rabbit Feeding With Parsley Or Dill

Of course, this product is very useful, but it is more suitable as a treat. An excess of essential oils contained in dill and parsley can lead to stomach problems. Parsley can be given separately, or mixed with dry food or other food, because the greens are very useful for the digestive system of rabbits of all breeds.


Parsley is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Luteolin and vitamin C, which are contained in this plant, have anti-inflammatory properties. A small amount of parsley in the rabbit’s diet will help prevent diseases. For high productivity and good digestion, rabbit requires fiber, and parsley is just rich in this substance.

What about dill

Having considered the question whether parsley can be rabbits, it is necessary to mention dill. This product is also useful for eared fish. It consists of fiber, iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and vitamins of groups B and C. This aromatic plant strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the bones, as it contains calcium. Essential oils in the composition of dill are struggling with microbes, mold, fungal infections. The plant will increase the resistance of the body of the rabbit to various diseases.

Effect on the body

Here are the main criteria by which dill and parsley should be included in the pet menu:

  • beneficial effect on the blood and heart;
  • prevent urination problems;
  • improve lactation in lactating rabbits;
  • they have a beneficial effect on general health and immunity;
  • help prevent constipation: greens contain fiber, which is good for the intestines;
  • help cope with allergies – the plant is very useful for swelling and skin irritation.
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Rabbits love the variety in the diet, so the new food will certainly appeal to them.

Rabbit Feeding With Parsley Or Dill


Dill and parsley can be excellent rabbit treats. Those, as a rule, are happy to eat these plants. Animals love their spicy flavor. Veterinarians do not recommend feeding freshly picked greens to pets. It is better to give the plant a little to lie in the refrigerator or on the garden. If the parsley dries a little, then do not worry, just moisten the grass with water. Such a trick is especially useful for owners of ornamental and dwarf rabbits, because they have a very sensitive digestive system. If the plant is a little lie down, then the amount of essential oils will decrease, which means that the load on the digestive organs will be less. Of course, parsley for rabbits should not be the main food. A few branches per day is enough for an animal to receive minerals and nutrients.

Care when collecting greens

Tearing parsley for your pet, you need to ensure that such herbs as Datura, black root, celandine, tobacco do not accidentally fall. These plants can cause serious poisoning and even death. Also, it is not necessary to collect grass for a pet near the road, as the plants can absorb harmful substances.

New product must be led into the diet carefully. When diarrhea occurs, you will have to eliminate the green until the symptom has completely disappeared. Many breeders wonder whether it is possible to give dill and parsley to baby rabbits and if the animal has problems with the digestive system. Greens are not recommended for pets under six months old. In case of occurrence of flatulence and colic, you should also stop feeding your pet dill and parsley.

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Rabbit Feeding With Parsley Or Dill

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