Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Rabbit Cereal Menu Exploring All Aspects Of Feeding

A cereal diet is the foundation that many breeders keep to when keeping eared rodents. This feed can be obtained everywhere, and at a fairly reasonable price. But what kind of grain to feed the rabbits and what kind of it is better suited to create a nutritious diet? We will talk about this in our article.

Grain in the diet

Many rabbit breeders know that grain is very useful for rabbits if given correctly. Feed the rabbits with this feed is recommended because of its high nutritional value. It is absorbed better than powdered milk or bone meal, which are given as protein supplements. High-quality raw materials contain fats, carbohydrates and protein in the required standards. In the cold period of the year, feeding rabbits with cereal crops is simply necessary, since they can be underweight in hay and vegetables.

Barley, oats and wheat – the best grain that is suitable for feeding rabbits. Animals always eat them with appetite, moreover, these cultures are inexpensive and are sold in any market.

Rabbit Cereal Menu Exploring All Aspects Of Feeding

Along with barley and eared oats, they also feed corn. Oats are useful in that they are absorbed better than barley, without catching excess fat on animals. When feeding mainly with barley supplements of interior fat, rabbits appear a lot. Wheat in large quantities causes bloating, and corn will also add weight. That is why the breeders and practice mixing different cultures, and each has its own proportions.

Remember that if you decide to feed the rabbits grain, water must be present at all times. It is best to change it twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If it does not work, then at least once a day. Next, we invite you to watch a video about the manufacture of feed for rabbits on the basis of grain and feed. According to the farmer, this diet is most conducive to gaining weight in rabbits.

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How to give?

In order to properly feed rabbits with grain, it must be able to “cook”, that is, to figure out how to give and how much to give. For example, many people prefer to feed their pets with cereals in dry form, so to speak, raw. But seasoned rabbit breeders say that barley needs to be crushed, as it is too hard. For these purposes, such devices as grain crushers are used.

Corn, like barley, is best crushed, and then also steamed with hot water. Oats and wheat are recommended to be given in a pure form, without water and crushing, these are soft cultures, it is easy for chewing on rabbits. In addition, both wheat and barley can be germinated, but it is more a delicacy than an everyday product.

Rabbit Cereal Menu Exploring All Aspects Of Feeding

Do not give eared rodents such crops as rice, ready-made boiled cereals. You should also not give bread from white wheat flour, bread from dark flour, yeast bread. These products will increase the amount of mucus in the digestive tract, will lead to fermentation.


How to steal grain? A mixture of cultures or any one culture is poured into a bucket, leaving 10 cm to the edge. Fill with boiling water, given that the contents of the bucket will increase. After add a tablespoon of salt, mix. Steamed mixture is covered with a lid and left for 5-6 hours.

You can cook steamed cereals at the rate of half a bucket or even less. It all depends on the number of livestock rabbits in your household.

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Rabbit Cereal Menu Exploring All Aspects Of Feeding


Sometimes you can feed the rabbits with yeast mixture – this method is used to accelerate their growth and weight gain. It is best used for meat breeds. Any grain is ground, filled with warm water 1: 2 (1 kg of grain and 2 liters of water). In this water, you must first dissolve 35-36 grams of baker’s yeast. After pouring the mixture is stirred, left for 6-9 hours.

During the yeast stir the mass several times. It is recommended to put such a "leaven" at night, and feed the rabbits in the morning. Add about 2-3 tbsp. spoons of mash on one feeding to a dry cereal mass. So fed a few days, then remove the yeast mash and give other feed. Such food is often given to rabbits who have reached the age of 4 months.

How to feed?

For different categories of rabbits have their own categories of feeding. For example, teenage rabbits sprinkle mixture, half of which is wheat. The second half is combined from equal parts of corn and barley. Feeding females are given oats and barley (50 to 50), they are high in calories and nutritious. But males-producers are fed a fourth of wheat plus three parts of oats.

Rabbit Cereal Menu Exploring All Aspects Of Feeding

By the method of Zolotukhin

The distinguishing point in Zolotukhin’s method is feeding the rabbits with dry or soaked grain. Females alone are given dry whole oats, and crushed barley is injected before mating and caulking. Babies who can already eat themselves are given steamed oats, after a little barley, and it is better to introduce it in summer. Crushed corn is administered after 4 months. Well, adult males from 6 months and older can eat dry oat-barley mix, plus a little corn at each meal.

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