Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Quinoa For Rabbits Than It Can Be Useful

Feeding rabbits is a matter of course, an important and exciting one for all rabbit breeders. Among the variety of herbs growing in the open spaces of our country, you need to choose the most useful for eared rodents. A lot of grass grows on our own private plots, in particular, there are plenty of quinoa there. The question arises: is it possible to give quinoa to rabbits? Let’s talk about it in our review!

Quinoa in the diet of rabbits

Quinoa grows everywhere with us. In the soil, the concentration of seeds is such that every second grain belongs to it. It is also represented by many species, there are about 250 of them. Our ancestors also consumed this herb and called it wild spinach. Green quinoa is rich in vegetable protein, mineral salts of iron and calcium, vitamin C and not so often found vitamin PP. And also there are carbohydrates and vegetable fats in it.

Quinoa For Rabbits Than It Can Be Useful

It is very convenient to feed the rabbits with a swan from our own vegetable garden: the pet is fed and the garden is free from weeds. However, it is often eaten by animals not very willingly. In addition, if the rabbit is fed, he is unlikely to choose it among all the other herbs proposed. You can give it to your eared pets in an amount of not more than 15% of the total green diet. It is better to offer it in combination with other herbs such as dandelion, nettle, wheat grass, wormwood, clover, plantain, burdock, yarrow.

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How to feed?

In feed for rabbits, you can choose young and juicy shoots. This does not cause problems, as the quinoa grows actively and during the whole spring and autumn period it is not difficult to find a young plant. Like any other grass, do not pick it near roads or near large industrial enterprises; such weed may be toxic. Another tip: give preference to a non-flowering plant.

Quinoa For Rabbits Than It Can Be Useful

And yet many rabbit breeders are wary of a swan, perhaps because they are accustomed to consider it an ordinary domestic weed. Needless to say, these concerns are not unfounded. A large amount of it in the diet can cause digestive problems and flatulence. And for a gentle rabbit stomach, it can end very badly. In addition, some rabbit breeders have reported cases of their pet’s quiver allergy.


Fresh grass can be given to rabbits in a clean and slightly dried form. If you tore the quinoa straight from your plot, wash it so that there is no dust and dirt on it, and then dry it a little in the sun for 2-4 hours. Let the weed be dosed and first observe the reaction of the animal, whether the quinoa will cause digestive disorders in it.

Remember that you can feed the rabbits with a swan, but it is not the main grass for him. It is better to give it occasionally and in combination with other plants, as for domestic rodents food diversity is very important.

Quinoa For Rabbits Than It Can Be Useful

Rabbits, like people, have different taste preferences. Therefore, your animal can, as well as completely abandon the quinoa, and it is her pleasure. Some breeders point out that they feed their pets with this grass without negative consequences for their bodies. Understand whether the quinoa eared little animal, you can watch his reaction to this plant. If it is to the animal’s liking, boldly feed in a limited amount the young tops and non-rough stems, they are very nutritious.

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You can give tender leaves of quinoa and home decorative rabbits. Here the main danger is that this plant grows everywhere and with it you can “treat” your pet with chemicals or herbicides. So watch where you tear it.

Quinoa For Rabbits Than It Can Be Useful

In dried form

Dry grass is usually harvested for the winter as part of raznotravya for rabbits. It often grows next to such weeds as dandelion and nettle, so you can safely dry them together. The main thing is not to overdry the plant, do not dry it in direct sunlight, it is better to do it in the shade. Since hay, an equally important element of a rabbit’s diet, like fresh grass, it must retain its color and flavor. Make sure that the dried quinoa does not warm up and does not become covered with mold.

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