Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Oats – Food For Rabbits

Oats - Food For Rabbits
Oats - Food For Rabbits

Oats - Food For Rabbits
Oats - Food For Rabbits

Today, many people start breeding rabbits, considering this occupation to be quite profitable and not very expensive. However, when keeping these "plush pets", it is important to remember about regular feeding, which provides not only growth, but also health to each pet.

Before talking about the types of food, it is important to remind you that a rabbit of any breed eats little, but often; moreover, an increased appetite is observed at night, when these animals are especially active. On average, this rodent eats up to thirty times a day, which is why breeders often notice that the animal is constantly chewing on something.

The basis of the food should definitely be concentrated feed, which makes up to 70% of the total diet. Particular attention should be paid to the grain, in particular, oats, maize, barley and wheat. I would like to stop in more detail exactly on oats, which practically all rabbits eat with pleasure.

So why oats? The food contains all the elements required for normal animal life, in particular, carbohydrates (70% starch), protein (10-15% protein), fat (up to 8%), as well as up to 10% fiber and up to 4% minerals. It is also important not to forget about the healing properties of this culture.

Each rabbit breeder must ensure their pets a strict regime, which they will adhere to throughout their lives. For example, it is advisable to feed young animals at least four times a day, the rest of the livestock at least three times a day.

So, due to the presence of pantothenic acid, oats have a positive effect on the health of the rabbit, as well as on its ability to multiply. In addition, the grass provides a feeling of satiety and provides obesity, so this kind of food pleases both the rabbit and the breeder. It can be up to half the mass of concentrated feed.

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It is also important to clarify that such food is quite simple to use, since it can be hatched in dry form, while wheat, peas and barley need to be soaked a couple of hours before the planned meal.

One should not forget about the correct filling of the feeder, since a clogged food, which is not eaten for a long time, can lead to poisoning of the animal’s body and even death. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the feeding of animals, as well as to provide them with water in order to avoid extremely inappropriate degradation.

With regard to nutrition, it is important to keep in mind that two-thirds of the daily diet should consist of high-fiber dietary fiber. Since rabbits are not picky about food, they can be branches of all fruit trees, poplar, linden, birch, hazel, acacia, elm.

However, variety is very important for animals, besides, the branch feed ensures timely grinding of teeth, so do not forget to throw a pair into the cage. three fresh twigs.

And although cereal feeds are quite substantial, it is not advisable to feed the rabbits regularly with them, since extremely undesirable avitaminosis may occur. The fact is that in concentrated feed there are no certain trace elements essential for the rodent and amino acids, in particular, carotene, vitamins A, D and calcium. That is why it is so important to diversify the daily diet of the animal.

Despite the fact that oats contribute to obesity and improves the functioning of the reproductive system, it is best to mix it with other natural foods, providing the animal body with all the necessary elements. For example, bran provides large-scale intake of vitamin B and fiber, and also activates milk production; whereas barley significantly improves digestion and normalizes the work of the digestive tract. As for corn, it provides fast obesity, but wheat, on the contrary, when used for a long time, can cause extremely undesirable bloating.

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Breeding rabbits. This is a troublesome, but quite profitable occupation, but it is important to know how to properly care for these "plush animals", which always cause only a smile and emotion.

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