Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Nettle In The Diet Of Rabbits – We Study The Rules Of Feeding

Nettle is one of the most famous medicinal wild plants of our flora. Therefore, surely many farmers are concerned with the question of whether it is possible to give the rabbits nettle and how to do it correctly. This plant is known to be very useful for pets. However, you need to know the rules of his feeding, so as not to harm the animals. Read more about this in our article.

Is nettle useful for rabbits?

Nettle is very useful for rabbits – any breeder and even a biologist will tell you that. It can be given to the rabbit after childbirth, as well as to the young. Vegetable nettle protein is absorbed much better than various animal protein components, which are sometimes given to animals on farms.

Feeding nettle greens provides the rabbit with protein intake, which is necessary for the formation of muscle mass. Therefore, it is especially useful for rabbits, which are grown for meat.

Nettle In The Diet Of Rabbits - We Study The Rules Of Feeding

From the age of three weeks, it is possible to give the rabbits this plant in a specially prepared form. During pregnancy and nursing rabbits, this product stimulates lactation well. In addition to protein, useful greens also contain vitamins, has antibacterial properties. Additional convenience is that it can be prepared for the future from the summer. Then, in winter, your rabbits will have a nutritional supplement to regular hay and other feed.

How to give nettles to rabbits?

It is possible to give this useful plant to rabbits in a different form – both fresh and dried. It is considered the most nutritious before the flowering period, that is, the youngest shoots. In such greenery most of all there are vitamins and rabbits eat it well. Do not overdo it with healthy wild plants, because if you give too much of it, diarrhea can start in fluffy pets. Therefore, you can feed the rabbits nettle, if they have problems with bowel movement.

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Nettle In The Diet Of Rabbits - We Study The Rules Of Feeding

For the correct introduction to the rabbit diet, the plant is torn down in a clean area, preferably away from roads, factories and various industrial zones. You can tear forest nettles, as well as specially grow these greens in your yard or garden. The optimal number of feedings of animals with the addition of nettles or leaves – no more than three times a week. Best of all, the animals eat a mash of bran and a nettle leaf, sprinkled with salted water.

Important! Never give your wards wet or wet nettles torn and brought straight from the garden. This will lead to fermentation in the stomach, diarrhea, bloating in the crawl! Tear and mow this grass in the afternoon, when the dew has descended, and then leave to dry somewhere under a canopy.


It is possible to give a fresh plant to rabbits, however it is necessary to prepare it correctly. To feed them animals without harm, you must perform a small procedure. Fresh nettle always burns, no matter how young it is broken. After you have picked the stems with leaves, wash them well with running water, and then pour hot water (almost boiling water). Let the nettle dry, chop, mix with hay or other wild healthy herbs.

Nettle In The Diet Of Rabbits - We Study The Rules Of Feeding

In dried form

What if you want to leave part of the greens for the winter to arrange vitamin feeding in the cold season? You can dry the plant in the required quantity and give it already in a dry form all winter and spring, before the emergence of fresh shoots. Our greens are usually dried in wreaths or special bunches – brooms. It is better for rabbits to give crushed dry leaves and shoots that were collected from late June to early July.

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