Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give The Rabbits The Leaves And Fruits Of Zucchini, In What Quantity

Rabbit breeders often use the leaves and fruits of crops to feed their animals. They necessarily enter the diet and make up most of the green and succulent feed of these animals. But not all of the livestock breeders know whether it is possible to give zucchini and their tops to rabbits and how to do it correctly.

What is useful zucchini for rabbits

Zucchini give rabbits, like many pets, you can. This is a juicy vitamin vegetable (in its chemical composition are ascorbic acid, retinol, B1, B2, B4, B5, B6 and B9, K, E, PP, H), it has a lot of water (93 g per 100 g of product), there is proteins (0.6 g), organic acids and fiber (1 g), carbohydrates (4.6 g) and even fats (0, 3 g), minerals (especially a lot of silicon).

Is It Possible To Give The Rabbits The Leaves And Fruits Of Zucchini, In What Quantity

Animals eat such juicy food with pleasure. It is given to representatives of any breed, both ordinary and ornamental, to males and females of the producing composition, pregnant and lactating (considered as milk-feeding), young animals, fattening animals. They make feeding rabbits more varied and complete.

Squash, included in the menu of these animals, normalizes the work of the heart and blood vessels, nervous and digestive systems, blood formation processes, has an antioxidant effect. You can feed the fruits of both normal and forage varieties. Feed courgettes are as nutritious as feed beets. They contain 0.7-1 g of protein, dry matter – 7-9%.

The nutritional value of zucchini is small, only 6.7-9.7 feed units per 100 kg of fruit, so they cannot be a staple food, cannot be used for fattening, rather it is a fresh vitamin supplement.

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How to feed rabbits with zucchini

Squashes begin to give rabbit from 1.5-2 months. They are cut into small pieces to make it easier for animals to bite or rub on a coarse grater and add mash to grains and vegetables. Mature fruits are also fed, as well as young ones, but first they are cleared of seeds and, if the skin is too coarse, they also remove it. Usually they are fed fresh, do not need to boil.

Is It Possible To Give The Rabbits The Leaves And Fruits Of Zucchini, In What Quantity

Harm from feeding zucchini can appear only if you feed the animals with them. In this case, rabbits have bloating and diarrhea. Therefore, it is important not to give a vegetable above the norm, which is 200 g per day per 1 head (adults), the young are even smaller. In addition, it is better to give it not separately, but together with other vegetables or root crops, adding mass to the grain or feed mixers. The total amount of green fodder in the animal menu should be 1/3.

Some zucchini rabbits do not feed, you need to include in the diet and other juicy food. The fruits are often part of the silage, which is harvested in the fall and fed to animals during the winter.

Is it possible to give zucchini leaves

These are herbivores, so they will not refuse from the leaves of zucchini. They can feed the rabbits the entire warm season. To do this, use the shoots and leaves remaining after the formation of bushes. They also give fresh, but pre-dried and cut into small pieces. They are mixed with tops of garden crops, grass, weeds, legumes, bran, feed, put in wet mash. They can also be ensiled.

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If earlier animals were not familiar with the culture, then the leaves are given to them gradually, in small portions and first mixed with other greens, tops of garden plants, so that they are used. In general, there are no problems from them, but one should not feed them with the leaves of this culture either.

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