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Is It Possible To Give The Rabbits Salt

The diet of rabbits that are bred for further consumption of rabbit food should be balanced, without harmful impurities. Many livestock breeders are interested in: is it possible to give salt to rabbits?

Do salt need rabbits and why

Nutrition significantly affects the health and appearance of pets. Rabbits need good care and proper nutrition so that they grow quickly, gain weight, bring healthy offspring. In addition to calories, food must contain vitamins and various trace elements. But sometimes these components for a balanced diet is not enough in the usual feed, especially in the winter and spring periods. Some breeders buy special food additives labeled “For rabbits” to solve this problem. But these products are expensive, so many livestock breeders personally add various minerals to pet food. One of these is table salt.

Can I give salt to rabbits?

Important! Novice livestock breeders are often interested in whether it is possible to give the rabbits licorice, St. John’s wort, wormwood and other medicinal herbs. Choosing plants for feeding rabbits should be very careful, as many of them can cause significant harm to the health of the animal and even lead to death.

Table salt, or sodium chloride, is a natural mineral and one of the most popular food seasonings in the world.

Salt should be in the diet of rabbits, as it:

Is It Possible To Give The Rabbits Salt
  • makes any natural rabbit food more delicious;
  • retains fluid in the muscle tissue, which contributes to a more rapid weight gain;
  • takes part in the sodium-calcium interaction of biological fluids in the body;
  • contains ions of substances necessary for the normal functioning of body cells.

Interesting fact! Chlorine ions are important for the production of hydrochloric acid, which is part of the gastric juice, and sodium ions are needed for the rapid transmission of nerve impulses from receptors to the CNS of the animal. Rock salt is a source for the full saturation of the body with these chemical elements.

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The lack of sodium chloride in the body of the animal leads to:

  • deterioration of the state of wool;
  • violation of blood formation;
  • indigestion and metabolic processes.

Salt plays an important role in the body of rabbits. If the animals lick the netting of the enclosures, this is the first sign that pets need to add salt to their diet. And the hosts, who have been taught by experience, necessarily feed herbivores with salty food. Leading domestic veterinarians and livestock specialists advise giving similar supplements, but in limited quantities. Salt is necessary for any organism for normal life activity, but its overabundance can adversely affect the health of a mammal.

Cooking salt without any additives

The only condition that breeders must comply with is to purchase pure salt without any additives. You should pay attention to information on the composition and method of processing the product. For example, grades of salt extra and higher may contain iodine. This chemical element is added to the product during its processing. Despite the fact that its rare consumption in food is even useful, with regular feeding supplement will be harmful to animals.

Salt lick for rabbits

The use of crumbly salt product is not always convenient. Firstly, it is difficult to calculate the proportions and give the correct dosage of the substance. A pet’s consumption of an incorrectly calculated amount of mineral will lead to a deterioration in their health.

Important! Excess sodium chloride in the diet leads to diseases of the urinary-genital system and the deposition of salts in the joints of rabbits.

Secondly, quadrupeds can overturn the tank, sprinkle and crush the salt.

Thoughtful hosts, instead of a crumbly product, use a universal product – salt-lizunets, which is a specially pressed mineral. It consists of purified salt, macro and trace elements necessary for the prevention of many diseases of rabbits.

Lizunets are not added to water or food, but simply hung on a strong rope or placed in a feeder. Pets come to the treat when they want, and lick as much salt as their body requires. Both overdose and deficiency of an important component are excluded. In addition, the product will not be scattered and trampled.

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The use of briquettes of vitamin-mineral complex is more convenient and more profitable way to salt some natural food.

How do lizunets for rabbits

Salt-Lizun can not buy, and do it yourself. In this case, the product is not only tasty and healthy, but also cheap.

Manufacturing technology of vitamin-mineral complex is quite simple and even for beginner breeders. The main condition for obtaining quality lizntsa is the observance of one rule: to work in a dry room. And the algorithm of actions is:

  1. Take 0.5 kg of red clay, dry it well and sift through a sieve.
  2. Approximately 300 g of charcoal is finely ground, but not brought to a state of dust.
  3. Clay and coal are combined in a clean, dry container of the desired size. To them add 500 g of fodder chalk, 3 tablespoons of fodder sulfur and 5 tablespoons of table salt.
  4. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then water is added to the container in small portions, stirring the slurry constantly.
  5. The result should be a mixture resembling a lump of thick dough. If the consistency of the liquid, then add more chalk. It will help thicken the product.
  6. From the obtained product, small balls or cubes are formed, in the middle of which a thin rope is drawn, on which they fix a treat on the bars of the cage. If the salt-lizunets placed in the trough, then this item can be skipped.
  7. Lizuntsy leave for complete drying. If the drying is carried out on the street in sunny weather, then it will take about 3 days to remove excess moisture. Aging at room temperature will last approximately 2 weeks.
  8. The resulting product is stored in a dry place. In the aviary it is placed away from the trough.
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Important! Use table salt of the first category, stone or the second category is not suitable for feeding rabbits.

Self-made lizunets does not contain harmful impurities, it is safe for the health of animals. Licking the product, they will be able to fully meet the need for trace elements. The breeder no longer needs to give the rabbit supplements. The use of salty delicacies will provide a complete balanced nutrition for pets.

Rules for introducing salt into the diet and proportions

The daily intake of table salt in pets depends on their age, weight and physiological state. Since sodium chloride is so necessary for the good functioning of many organs, the white supplement should be included in the diet of the rabbit immediately after it stops sucking the mother’s milk. Up to the age of four months, the youngsters have 0.5 g of NaCl. After a portion, gradually increase to 1 g. Adults should receive a salty supplement equal to 1.5 g. An organism of a pregnant or lactating rabbit requires an increased dose of salty mineral — about 2 g.

The daily intake of table salt in pets depends on their age, weight and physiological state.

Experienced breeders claim that it is better to add white mineral to feed, and not to water. They also do not recommend giving table salt with regular feeding with mixed feed, because such food already contains enough for an adult individual chemical elements, including sodium and chlorine.

Animals, like people, need good nutrition. It is not always possible to purchase good feed from bona fide producers. Feeding with natural products is very important for a rabbit, but with such a diet the animal may not fully receive the necessary trace elements. Therefore, additives such as salt are necessary for pets.

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