Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Raw Bunches To Rabbits

Rabbit is a frequent guest on farms; this is one of the most relevant animals in the household. However, decorative rabbits are one of the most unbalanced pets. However, these shaggy beauties can eat quite a lot in a day, their diet consists of grain feed, hay, fresh vegetables and mineral supplements. But in order for animals to grow and be active, they must be fed properly and regularly, selecting only healthy foods. Including it is necessary to find out whether it is possible to give zucchini to rabbits.

Is It Possible To Give Raw Bunches To Rabbits

Is it possible to give zucchini to rabbits or pumpkin

Can I introduce zucchini in the diet?

For such animals, it is best if most of the food is vegetable (natural) food, just such a diet is similar to natural food. A rabbit is an animal, albeit unpretentious, but sometimes it can give up its usual diet. That is why the pet’s diet should always be different, so that the rabbit gets all possible vitamins and calcium. Feed the animal only hay or vegetables can not. A proper and balanced diet consists of solid food and succulent feeds, only in this case the rabbit’s digestive system will be in order, and it will receive all the necessary substances.

Farmers have derived an ideal proportion for proper nutrition: this is 80% dry food, the remaining 20% ​​are vegetables, fruits, greens, fresh grass and hay. The most favorite products of eared pets are:

Will zucchini be useful

Often, beginners face the problem of whether it is possible to give squashes and pumpkins to rabbits. Oddly enough, but on this account veterinarians opinions diverge. Some believe that these products should be an integral part of the diet of rabbits, while others, on the contrary, advise to beware of such vegetables and minimize their amount in the diet, find other vegetables that will give the same necessary supplements for rabbits.

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But still, most veterinarians are confident that zucchini and pumpkin can be rabbits, but a pumpkin for rabbits should be added carefully, as this product acts as a laxative. In addition, it is very useful to give tops, cucumbers, lettuce. You can also give dried pumpkin seeds: they contain a lot of useful vitamins, which positively affects the blood flow in the body. Squash and pumpkin have useful properties:

  • vitamins;
  • macronutrients;
  • microelements.

All of them are necessary for rapid development. Such products are recommended to be given both raw and boiled. But there are rules according to which pet feeding should occur:

  • rabbits can be given zucchini, pumpkin, but only to those who already have 4 months;
  • it is necessary to remove the skin from the products and remove all seeds;
  • the pulp of the products is best cut or grate, and then mix with corn silage.

Breeders should pay great attention to the seeds that need to be removed during the preparation of vegetables for serving. Seeds are considered an excellent anthelmintic agent of natural origin, so you can add a little to the diet of rabbits as a prophylactic against worms.

Pumpkin and its beneficial properties

Small animals can be given a squash, but in moderation. If you do it regularly, the appearance of the animal becomes brighter. Wool becomes more saturated color and softer, especially if the fluffy friend is orange – its color becomes fiery.

Rodents really like the taste of pumpkin, besides there are enough vitamins in it to support the animal’s immunity, but not enough protein additives and milk Thistle. Pumpkins can be stored throughout the winter, as long as the room is cool. You can leave the vegetable in the basement or in the cellar. But it can also be stored in a warm room at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.

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For nursing mothers, it will be an excellent feed additive, as the components contained in the pumpkin, affect the production of milk. Also, mommies’ wool becomes soft and tender, the coat of wool improves twice. In addition, rabbits through milk receive vitamins, thanks to which they become more active and strong.

For adults it can be given raw, just cut into cubes, and the young need to grind grated pre-cooked. It is best to give such dressing in the autumn, because it is then that the first pumpkin crop appears. Rabbits can not be fed pumpkin with mother’s milk. If the bunny is still breastfeeding mom, a product such as pumpkin, you can not add to his diet, it can cause frustration.

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