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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Rabbits Fresh Meadow Grass Or Is It Better To Sow It Yourself

In the technology of breeding rabbits, it is extremely important to pay attention to proper nutrition. It depends on this that the rabbits will be healthy, which ultimately greatly affects their reproduction, which means that profit depends on it. Novice rabbit breeders often wonder what grass can be given to rabbits? The fact is that the grass for rabbits is the main food, so the question is very relevant.

Such animals are herbivores, so it is very important to know that the basis of their food is plant food. Ushastikam is very useful to eat fresh grass, which appears in the first days of spring, it should be used as a basis for fattening. Moreover, such herbs should be used before the first autumn frosts strike.

Is It Possible To Give Rabbits Fresh Meadow Grass Or Is It Better To Sow It Yourself

The fact is that there are a lot of nutrients, vitamins, proteins in it, and as for young animals, there are a lot of minerals in it that are very necessary for intensive growth. There are many varieties of herbs that also have a healing effect, that is, they promote the growth of milk in lactating females, and also effectively fight off various kinds of inflammations. What grass to feed rabbits so that they grow faster? One with more protein and less fiber.

By the way, if there are no fields and meadows, then the grass can be sown, rabbits love it when the food is fresh, so it’s better to sow it all once with suitable grass and no longer worry about it. But, of course, it is better to first consult with experienced rabbit breeders. Sown plants can be given to favorite animals, and then there will be no health problems. It should be borne in mind that lactating females need to be given plants that contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, since the bunny requires a large expenditure of energy.

How best to make the right choice

However, one should not think that all herbs are equally useful, when choosing, it is very important not to be mistaken, otherwise you can greatly harm the body of animals. So, seeded species, in particular alfalfa, lipin can be used as feed. However, this method of feeding can not be called economical, but in order to save you need to use wild plants, they grow in large quantities in the meadows, forests, fields, what can I say, even in most gardens. You must also know that green herbs perfectly compensate for grain feed and animal feed. This is very important when taking into account the cost of meat and fur.

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Now it is very important to understand (especially for beginner breeders) what kind of grass can be fed to eared pets. It is preferable to feed the grass, which is still young, as it contains a large amount of proteins, but there is little fiber. If you use plants for feed, which are already in the final stages of growth, then you need to take into account that most of the nutrients are already absent, but the fiber there on the contrary becomes an order of magnitude more, and this is the cause of poor digestion.

Is It Possible To Give Rabbits Fresh Meadow Grass Or Is It Better To Sow It Yourself

The animals, like people, need variety in their diet, so it’s not necessary to feed them with the same grass for a long time. Green variety of food animals consumed with great hunting. If the grass has just been mowed down and there are still traces of morning dew, then the animals should not be given it right away, it is better to slightly dry it, so it will be much better absorbed by the rabbit organism.

So, we still need specificity, which herbs can be given to eared pets in such a way that there is no fear for their health. It is also important to pay attention to some procurement aspects.

List of useful plants

  1. medicinal dandelion, a lot of protein in it, not a lot of fiber, perfectly stimulates the appetite. It is recommended to give such plants in a complex way, and so that the dandelions themselves are not more than a third, if there are too many of them, this will significantly delay the growth of the young;
  2. hogweed, perfectly contributes to lactation in females. It is easy to find it between shrubs, it blooms in summer, only leaves can be used as feed. If it is not nearby, then such plants are sown successfully, planting it is not difficult;
  3. nettle, in which many essential vitamins, perfectly fights gastric disorders and bleeding, effectively fights germ formation. Nettle can be given, both fresh and perfectly suited for winter harvesting. Before use, it must be scalded, chopped and added to dry food. Suckling females can be fed with nettle hay, nettle leaves, which were collected in June and July, are especially useful;
  4. coltsfoot perfectly helps with gastric disorders, also has a beneficial effect on the digestive process, such weed can be given as early as May, and can be harvested for the winter from June;
  5. Wheat grass is distinguished by its increased nutritional value, it is an excellent wetting agent, only roots are suitable for food, they should be well washed before use. Rhizomes can be dried and stored in banks for a couple of years, it is very convenient for feeding;
  6. plantain is distinguished by a large amount of protein and low fiber, a prophylactic agent against gastric disorders;
  7. wormwood promotes the growth of appetite, is used as a wonderful remedy for worms, however much wormwood can not be given, it causes nervous excitement.
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It should be noted that if you plan to mow the grass to produce hay, then this should be done before the first buds appear, that is, when it begins to bloom. Moreover, there is no need to dry the grass for a long time, the hay should be green and smell fresh, then it is better absorbed by the body. Useful properties, however, in larger quantities are contained in fresh grass.

What herbs are considered potentially dangerous

So, what plants to feed the animals are strongly discouraged? First of all, we are talking about rotted grass, as well as moldy grass, because it has the most negative effect on digestion. Do not give the animals the plants that were collected along the roads, there are a lot of dust and exhaust gases, which is extremely negative for the body. If there is simply no other grass, then it should be rinsed. In general, if the question arises as to which grass should not be given to rabbits, then it is better to be safe, problems will be less. There is a lot of grass for rabbits, so they definitely won’t be left without food.

A huge amount of grass grows in the wild, there are many species that are truly dangerous for pets. It is very important to ensure that such plants do not in any way get into the feed, otherwise the body’s response may be very negative, there are often fatalities. So, what do you need to fear:

  • marsh calla, it causes bloating, saliva flows very intensely;
  • hemlock causes convulsions, paralyzes the hind legs, lowers the temperature;
  • poisonous milestone, leads to paralysis, bloating;
  • ordinary Datura is extremely negative for cardiac activity;
  • horned cornflower leads to vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions;
  • meadow chamber leads to shortness of breath and diarrhea;
  • from euphorbia animals vomits;
  • Buttercup becomes the cause of acute pain.
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Final part

It should be noted that poisonous plants often grow in dark places where it is damp. It should be noted that if they are subjected to drying, then most of the toxic substances disappear. Therefore, if there is a preparation of food in places that have not yet been tested, it is strongly recommended that you first make food in the form of hay. If everything went well, then you can already give plants to animals and fresh. Is it possible to give unchecked plants to rabbits? Better not, fresh grass should be given one that has already been tested by time. And still need to give the rabbits vitamins, without this rabbit breeding is unthinkable. If we give them vitamins, then we can count on intensive growth.

Thus, it becomes clear that you can easily determine the dangerous types of herbs in order to organize a proper, complete and most important healthy food. Herbal diet is very loved by eared animals and provides them with good health. In order not to be crushed by rabbit problems, plant more plants with all the necessary taste and nutritional qualities.

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