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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Quinoa Rabbits

Rabbit breeding is becoming more and more popular in Russia. Pets are also purchased as pets. The main rule in keeping rabbits is balanced and proper feeding. Many rabbit owners are interested in the question, is it possible to give the rabbits a quinoa? The plant grows in many suburban areas and gardeners destroy it like a weed. In folk medicine, such a plant is used everywhere, as an excellent tool as a vitamin supplement. The quinoa for rabbits reminds wild spinach to the taste.

Is It Possible To Give Quinoa Rabbits

Is it possible to eat swan rabbits

The plant is rich in calcium, iron, salts, minerals and carbohydrates. It is possible to feed rabbits with such nutritious grass, but this should be done in moderation. If you feed a rabbit with only one type of grass, then in its body there will be an overabundance of some vitamins and a lack of others. To avoid this, you need to feed the pet only a proven and high-quality food. Can I eat swan rabbits? It is possible to feed rabbits with this plant, but in combination with other herbs.

Why give a rabbit quinoa?

The plant contains many trace elements that are necessary for the pet to function normally. The quinoa for rabbits in moderation can improve food digestion. The grass is famous for its low calorie, so if your pet loses weight, then it will be useful to feed it with such grass. The plant perfectly helps in the fight against constipation and struggles with avitaminosis. The composition includes amino acids and vitamins, which together help to improve the immune system.

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Is it possible to feed a rabbit with quinoa in combination with other herbs? It is possible, but pay attention to give only with other plants. If this is not done, then quinoa in its pure form is capable of delivering indigestion.

The benefits of feeding the rabbits swan

  • helps to digest food
  • the plant contains a lot of vitamins and useful elements
  • grass is easy to find in the garden

Proper feeding of rabbits with green grass

It is necessary to feed the pets with young and juicy shoots. Specimens that grow in the spring and autumn period are excellent for feeding. Feed pets recommended blooming swan. It is useful to give yarrow with burdock, wheatgrass, plantain, clover and dandelion. The content of quinoa in a green diet should not exceed 15% of the total number of plants.

Fresh leaves can be given to rabbits only after you have boiled water over them or dried them. It is possible to dry the plant outdoors, on a sunny day, 2-4 hours are enough to dry. It is necessary to give the grass in small portions and on the first day it is enough to give a rabbit a couple of leaves in order to observe its reaction. Many rabbit breeders claim that some of their pets did not appreciate the taste qualities of the quinoa.

If the pet did not like the grass, then you should not persuade him to eat it further. Each individual has its own priorities in food. If, after drinking quinoa, the pet does not have a digestive upset, you can give the grass along with other plants several times a week. If your pet asks for supplements and taste of wild spinach he likes, then you can slightly adjust its standard diet. For an adult individual 2-3 leaves of the plant will be enough. At one time you should not give more than the recommended dosage.

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Collection and storage of quinoa

Feed swans with rabbits is possible only if the raw materials are of high quality and rich in useful properties. Such grass is recommended to be collected away from factories and highways. If the plant is collected by the road, that is, it is impossible, because it does not contain vitamins and amino acids. Moreover, in the grass growing near roads and plants, the threshold of harmful substances can be exceeded.

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