Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Mugs To Rabbits

Rabbits are very popular in Russia. Many livestock breeders bring them up as pets. In their natural environment, they feed on green fodder. These include tree branches, grass, grain. A rabbit breeder needs to know the better way to feed a pet. Whether the rabbits can be burdock raw or dried depends only on the desire of the rabbit.

Is It Possible To Give Mugs To Rabbits

Can rabbits eat burdock?

Burdock is considered a useful plant and contributes to the natural cleansing of the body. Giving burdock leaves is possible without restriction. Burdock leaves are given to little rabbits from 3 months. Dandelion, wheatgrass and quinoa should also be added to the diet. Rabbits are considered to be picky in food, because they have a sensitive and weak digestive system. It is recommended to carefully choose green fodder for them.

How much do you need to give burdock leaves?

Pets are not eating much. It is recommended to feed with burdock 2 times a week. For an adult animal, one sheet is required. Do not overfeed rabbits, as excessive use of any plants can harm the pet. If the rabbits willingly eat the leaves, you can gradually increase the dosage. Pets are well absorbed burdock in combination with fresh greens. Can be cut into small particles and mix. Serve a mixture of herbs must be fresh.

It is important to monitor the state and behavior of the animal. Rabbits do not always control themselves and do not know the measures in food. When you start to accustom to a new plant, it is recommended to do it gradually and in small doses. Any new product at the beginning can cause indigestion in pets.

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Beneficial features

In the burdock there is 45% of inulin, some essential oil, tar, protein, vitamin C and mineral salts. Fruits contain fats. The maximum concentration of beneficial substances will be present in young plants.

Please note that burdock roots have useful properties only for the first year, then they become solid and the healing effect no longer has a pronounced effect.

The root has a diuretic, choleretic and analgesic effect. If you periodically feed your pets with useful herbs and plants, then the animals will have strong immunity and good health. From the correct and healthy diet, it depends directly on how high-quality and healthy offspring will be.

Compatibility with other products

To animals receive a variety of food, you can experiment with useful plants and mix them. Is it possible to feed rabbits with burdock and nettles in one mash? Yes, different plants can be mixed with each other. Only with a systematic change of diet, the body is guaranteed to supply all the necessary minerals. Even super healthy herbs, in large quantities, can harm animals.

For example, if you feed the growing pets with only one dandelion, then the growth will slow down in a rabbit. Clover in excessive quantities can impair the reproductive function of females. Animals should be fed fresh or dried grass. After the plant is cut, you can put it in a ventilated room for a day. During this time, it will remain useful properties, and the bitterness and harmful substances will evaporate.

Burdock harvesting

Burdock collection should be carried out only in ecologically clean areas. The edge with plants and herbs should be located away from roads and plants. When you pick a grass, be sure to see poisonous plants for pets in one armful of useful herbs.

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Dangerous plants for rabbits:

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