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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Leaves To Rabbits

Many novice breeders ask if they can be given leaves for rabbits. The answer is yes, this feed is very useful for pets. Like branches, they contain large amounts of protein and fiber. Harvested for the winter, the leaves will compensate for the lack of green fodder. In the fall, you can collect fallen, but you should watch carefully so that they are not rotten.

Is it possible to give leaves to rabbits

What kind of tree leaves can be given to rabbits

Rabbits with pleasure eat almost any branch feed. And if there are leaves on the sprigs, they will be doubly tastier and healthier. One kilogram of green wood contains about twenty grams of proteins and 230 feed units. A kilogram of dried leaves has about 630 feed units and about 35-40 grams of pure proteins. Such food will be especially useful for lactating females. It is irreplaceable in the winter cold.

The most useful leaves are acacia. They contain vitamins, microelements, amino acids and, of course, protein. In the second place after acacia, its nutritional value is elm, slightly worse quality in branches and leaves of maple. Also, rabbits can be given poplar, ash. With birch you need to be careful, it has diuretic properties, which can adversely affect the work of the kidneys in rabbits. From the fruit trees, rabbits eat apple trees, pears, and grapes with a great hunt. You can give them leaves of mountain ash with twigs. Rabbits like raspberry leaves very much. You can also feed them sunflower tops, strawberries, lettuce.

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The leaves of many trees have healing properties. So oak and alder is a great remedy for diarrhea. Tannins that are contained in them, reduce intestinal motility, thereby removing the symptoms of diarrhea. But many of these leaves can not be given to rabbits, they can cause constipation. They are mainly used as food in the summer when rabbits suffer from diarrhea due to an excess of greenery and vegetables. Willow leaves have bactericidal properties, they can be used for the prevention of various infections. Similar acts and needles, in addition, it is an invaluable source of vitamins in the winter, when there is no other fresh greens. For therapeutic purposes, you can use the leaves of walnut, sea buckthorn. They have tonic properties. As a medicine, they often give yarrow, plantain, which can be dried and prepared for winter.

So, here is a list of trees whose leaves are best for feeding rabbits:

But the trees that have healing properties, but for feeding them are limited:

What kind of leaves for rabbits are contraindicated

Not all leaves can be given to rabbits. Many of them are poisonous and can cause serious poisoning in animals. In no case should rabbits be given an elder, bird cherry, buckthorn, wolf’s bark or wolf berries, lilac. They do not recommend feeding tomatoes and leaves to animals. Although potato tops, which belongs to the same nightshade as the tomato tops, are allowed in small quantities. If you do not want to risk, then you should not do this.

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Spores go around the stone trees, such as plum, apricot, peach, cherry, cherry. It is believed that in the bark and foliage of these trees contains prussic acid, poisonous to animals. But many livestock breeders claim that this is not true, prussic acid is only in the pits of fruit.

In any case, it is better to beware and confine leaves with really safe trees. Not very suitable rabbits radish. If the root can be given safely. That tops can cause them to indigestion.

Is It Possible To Give Leaves To Rabbits

How to prepare leaves

Sheet food is easy to stock. For eight hours in the forest, one person can collect from one and a half to two tons. Such a quantity of small livestock enough for the whole winter. The harvesting of the branches of deciduous trees is best done in June and July. The leaves at this time juicy, fully formed, contain the most proteins and fiber. Choose branches with leaves, up to one centimeter thick. They are tied up in brooms and left to dry in the attic or in a well-ventilated room. In winter, rabbits will be very happy with such a treat.

As a deciduous branch feed, you can use waste when pruning trees. For example, the grapes are pruned twice a year, in the spring and in the middle of autumn. Leaflets and twigs can be easily fed to rabbits. The same can be said about apples, pears, raspberries. Spring branches with fresh buds are especially useful, since they contain a lot of vitamins and biologically active substances.

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In autumn you can prepare fallen leaves. They must be fresh, without rot. They are collected in baskets, and then dried in rooms that are well ventilated. Freshly collected leaves are better not to give the animals, they have too much moisture. Some livestock breeders advise to carry out harvesting after the first frost, but during this period the leaves are often rotted. And such feed can not be given to rabbits.

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