Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Corn To Rabbits

Rabbits are a fairly common animal in our area. Pets are bred for meat or valuable fur. Due to the calm nature of rabbits, many people give birth to them as pets. Rabbits are not picky and often eat various fruits and vegetables. First of all, breeders are concerned about whether it is possible to give corn to rabbits?

Is It Possible To Give Corn To Rabbits

Is it possible to give corn to rabbits

The most important thing is to provide animals with nutritious and healthy food. If you make the right diet, you can achieve good growth and excellent health in pets. You can feed corn from any age. When the rabbits in the diet gets some kind of product, it should be given in small quantities, each time increasing the dose.

Beneficial features

Corn contains a lot of useful vitamins and microelements. 100 grams of product contains a lot of carbohydrates. On the content of carotene in one cob, it can be equated to 5 carrots. Corn improves metabolism, quality of vision and has a positive effect on the nervous system, due to the high content of pyridoxine.

Main advantages:

  • the product is well absorbed and digested by the rabbit
  • in one cob contains many useful substances
  • inexpensive product price

What is the best way to produce corn?

Pet can be fed both fresh grains and ready. Corn leaves and cobs are also great for feed. Fresh corn for rabbits should be thoroughly washed and dried slightly in the sun, after that you can feed your pet. If the grains become dry over time, they should be soaked for several hours.

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It is recommended to first wash the corn cobs, and then pour boiling water to remove all possible bacteria.

Next, the leaves and tops need to be dried and finely chopped, so that the pet is comfortable to eat. If animals are fed in moderation, then the rabbits will be full of energy. The animals eat great mixed foods. For example, you can give the cob several times a week, and on other days replace them with any vegetables. It must be remembered that for rabbits this is the optimal diet. The main source of power for rabbits is special food and hay. All fruits and vegetables are given for variety, delicacy and in order to replenish the vitamin reserve.

Please note that it is not recommended to feed corn with adults, which are preparing for reproduction, since such feed has high-energy properties and the ability to further multiply decreases. If it is time to mate, then instead of corn you need to use another feed.

special instructions

When deciding whether it is possible to feed the rabbit with corn, one should not forget that it contains a lot of fat and if you give your pet an immense amount of food, this will lead to severe obesity.

Also, the raw material is not stored for a long time and it will not be possible to prepare in whole bags for the whole winter. Vegetable should be stored only on the cob and in a dry place. In general, animals are fed with such food before slaughter, so that they gain weight faster.

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