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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Give Barley To Rabbits At Home And At Industrial Fattening

Barley is a cereal widespread in different parts of the planet. Such well-known cereals as barley and barley are produced from barley. Brewing is not complete without barley malt. In Russia and other countries, most of the crop is used as fodder. Contains a complete set of beneficial nutrients. Is it possible to feed barley rabbits? With this question we have to figure it out.

Is It Possible To Give Barley To Rabbits At Home And At Industrial Fattening

A photo. Barley – grain feed for rabbits

Barley feed value

In the animal feed and for the production of the combined feed, spring barley varieties are used mainly (GOST R 53900-2010). Feeding barley is divided into three classes. The higher the class, the less weed and grain impurities in the composition of the sample of barley. Another quality criterion is the raw content (protein, fiber, ash). Ash is an important indicator of the amount of mineral residues in a grain. It is determined after burning the sample in a laboratory setup. For feeding rabbits they use all three classes of barley, only their price is different. This must be taken into account when purchasing forage. Requirements for barley harvesting are determined by GOST 28672-90. These two GOSTs are basic, one should not pay attention to minor ones, they are necessary for technicians to agronomists in the study of fodder weights.

Do rabbits eat barley?

Barley rabbits eat. Only it is rarely given as the only grain feed. Perhaps only at home breeding rabbits. In the production of barley is used as raw material feed, combined with wheat, corn. Less commonly added to oats and other crops. The combination of different types of grain allows you to combine the nutritional value of animal feed at different stages of fattening. For example, vegetable protein is abundant in barley and wheat and less in corn grain. Meanwhile, corn has more calories and richer amino acid composition. In domestic rabbit breeding, barley is much more widely used as the only feed for the rabbit, preferably in crushed or steamed form. Barley in the steamed form to rabbits is preferable to whole grains with films. Barley is recommended to be fed to rabbits during this period, since it does not allow them to fatten females and males. In a small amount to give young stock home-fed rabbits. The combination of different grains in any type of fattening greatly expands the possibilities of fattening breeders. Therefore, the question whether it is possible to give wheat and barley to rabbits, or barley and corn, is not entirely correct. You can feed all types of cereals, know only when more and when less.

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Steamed barley for rabbits

The steaming method is no different. The principle of steaming, softening and swelling of the grains before feeding to rabbits. Steaming enhances the digestion of feed in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Sometimes improves taste, by adding salt. In the steamed food some thermolabile nutrients (vitamins) can be inactivated.

Is it possible to barley dert give rabbits

Dirt is a grain that has been ground in a grinder as preparation for feeding to cattle. Barley grain is obtained after its crushing into large particles. Barley grits are a type of derti for feeding people. Therefore, grits grinded into large particles are not called dertyu. If a lot of money, then barley grain can be fed and rabbits. By the way, barley grits are more nutritious for rabbits, unlike polished barley.

Rolled barley for feeding rabbits

Derti substitute can be considered rolled grain. If the farm has a conditioner for grain and a lot of free time, you can feed the rabbits with this type of feed. Joke. Flattening, as well as crushing grain, increases the absorption of feed. In the rolled grain all nutrients remain, the grain does not lose volume. Rabbits sometimes like to eat food of a natural size. More often, rolled barley is a raw material for making strong alcoholic drinks.

See information about barley, grinded barley grits.

Yeast and germination barley

These methods are exotic and require some training and knowledge, rarely used in home productive rabbit breeding. Too expensive or unstable quality. It is not worth spending time and money on something that will bring losses or not bring absolutely nothing. Can be used in feeding decorative rabbit.

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