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Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits With Cabbage

The diet of the inhabitants of the rabbit farm should be varied and rich in vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. Of course, the lion’s share of feed for rabbits in the summer season is greens and vegetables. But do all vegetable products have a positive effect on the digestive system of eared animals? Can I give cabbage and other vegetables to rabbits?

Often, rabbit breeders notice that, including a new type of vegetable in the pet’s diet, individuals have problems that were not previously observed. Indigestion, bloating of the stomach, diarrhea – all this can appear even after including such a seemingly logical diet for rabbits as vegetables such as cabbage.

Fresh cabbage leaves do not always benefit organisms for pets, and there may be many reasons: the physiological characteristics of individual individuals, intolerance to one or another variety of cabbage, eating disorders, etc. Therefore, the diet of rabbits bred for meat and wool is necessary Take particular care, keeping it balanced and as useful as possible. In the case of decorative animals, the feeding of cabbage leaves is quite acceptable, you just need to ensure that it is carried out in reasonable quantities.

Benefit and harm

All rabbits love cabbage, because its crispy green leaves have a wonderful taste and perfectly satisfy hunger. We must not forget that long wild rabbits, the descendants of which today live on rabbit farms, have often looked into the kitchen gardens to feast on the fresh fruits of cabbage.

But not only the taste attracts the animals in this vegetable crop. Eating green leaves, animals replenish their stores of nutrients contained in fruits, which are so necessary for their organisms. Therefore, giving cabbage to pets is possible and even necessary.

By the amount of vitamin C and P elements present in the composition of the elements, cabbage lags only behind spinach. It also has a high content of calcium, which improves the condition of bones and teeth of animals, manganese, which is involved in metabolic processes.

This vegetable is also rich in protein, which is why it is perfect for a rabbit with a period of active muscle gain.

But no matter how much rabbits eat cabbage leaves, their content in the diet should be strictly controlled and, if necessary, limited.

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This rule applies to males, it is typical for nursing rabbits. Indeed, along with substances that have a positive effect on the organisms of animals, cabbage contains a number of aggressive elements.

Exceeding their content in the food of individuals, the rabbit breeder risks harming the health of the eared inhabitants of his farm. The fact is that rabbits during intestinal digestion break down coarse fibers – the basis of cabbage leaves. And this causes an increase in intestinal motility.

Active intestinal system may cause bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. That is why do not give this vegetable to pets on a regular basis. This also applies to cauliflower.

The described vegetable culture is different in that it contains a large amount of sulfur, which causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the digestive system, if it is often fed to animals. The consequence of this is increased gas formation, causing discomfort in individuals.

Therefore, cabbage should be introduced into the diet of rabbits very carefully, watching how individuals react to a certain amount of the product during the feeding process. There are many other types of food with high sulfur content.

Among them are apples and some cereals. These products should not be present in the diet of rabbits with cabbage, or their number should be strictly controlled.

Sauerkraut – a delicacy in cold winter

Pickled cabbage in many farms is one of the mandatory points of preparation for frost. But experienced breeders know that if you give a white-eyed look in a fermented state, it is not only able to diversify the table of pets during cold days, but it can also fit perfectly into the main food of eared pets.

They are very happy to eat this product, and their food has a positive effect on their bodies. In the process of fermentation, cabbage does not lose its beneficial properties, lactic acid bacteria are preserved, which makes it an indispensable tool for the prevention of rabbit vitamin deficiency in the winter season.

The consumption rate of sauerkraut, which decorative rabbits can eat, is similar to that of the fresh analog: one adult rabbit has from 100 to 200g of food, the exact amount should be chosen based on the weight of the individual.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits With Cabbage

But you should not too often spoil pets with this product, as this can also lead to negative consequences.

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It is best to add it to the diet as a delicacy, occasionally delighting animals with your favorite delicacy. This will not lead to violations in rabbits and the work of their body.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits With Cabbage

Italian guest

A type of cabbage, which is very similar to white cabbage, distinguished by its delicate taste and bright aroma, is Savoy cabbage. It contains less fiber, but it is more calorie and rich in nutrients.

Savoy variety of vegetable is well suited in order to diversify the usual diet of eared animals.

The rabbit will be happy to eat different leaves. However, feeding this culture should be carried out with caution: if you gave the Savoy cabbage in large quantities, it can cause bloating.

Feed your pets from time to time with these small treats, then they will not in the least harm their digestion, but, on the contrary, will be beneficial.

In the course goes the garden

Broccoli and cauliflower fruits are beloved by ornamental rabbits because of their taste, and the beneficial effects of these products on the animals’ organism have been proven by zoologists. These types of green vegetables are dietary and can in no way harm the digestion of the inhabitants of the rabbit farm and the ornamental rabbit.

The only thing you need to know about these types of cabbage feed, before introducing it into the diet of their pets, is cauliflower and broccoli, which have undergone the freezing process, they are not suitable for feeding the ornamental rabbit after defrosting.

Peking cabbage and kohlrabi

Kohlrabi, which is different in the glucose composition, will be a great addition to the diet and will appeal to both adult rabbits and baby rabbits.

After all, not a single animal will refuse to enjoy its core, which has a sweet taste. As a rule, kohlrabi stems with a diameter of less than 5–6 cm are eaten, as well as shoots harvested as silage.

Can a rabbit be pampered with Peking cabbage leaves? Of course, but the amount of this product should be controlled.

The permitted leaves are fed with ornamental and farmed for the sake of meat and animal skins. The fact is that the Peking variety of vegetables is rich in useful elements that will have a positive effect on the immune and digestive systems of animals, as well as contribute to the normal functioning of the heart.

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It is worth noting that when the breeders give their pets Peking cabbage, they first remove the veins from the sheets. Since the product will be easier to digest in the intestines, rabbits will not feel discomfort.

Cabbage view, which is better to refuse

Can rabbits be given red cabbage? This type of vegetable is not recommended for feeding rabbits, even when introduced into the diet in small quantities.

Despite the fact that its composition is similar to the white-like analogue, the content of aggressive substances in it is much higher. Therefore, if an animal is fed with this product, it can lead to a disruption of its gastrointestinal tract.

And also it should be noted that any cabbage leaves affected by the keel, fusarium and other diseases can never be allowed to feed the rabbits. Buying a vegetable to feed them rabbits, do not be fooled by the ideal view of the head of cabbage.

This may indicate the use of unacceptable doses of pesticides in cultivation. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to grow crops with your own hands in order to have an excellent opportunity to get fresh vegetables on your table and give high-quality food for rabbits. Otherwise, the introduction of this culture in the diet should be abandoned.

So, to summarize all of the above. Is it possible to feed cabbage with domestic rabbits? Yes, but only without the use of cabbage leaves as the basis of nutrition. The introduction of a new product in the diet requires care, so when adding cabbage to your pet’s feed, watch for their reaction to it.

It can be different, but in case animals normally assimilate the product, you will only have to make sure that they receive the maximum benefit from its use, avoiding possible negative influence. That is, you can feed the rabbits with cabbage, observing measure and caution.

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