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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beets

Introduction to the diet of beet rabbits worries many razvodchiki these animals, because the vegetable is very unpretentious in growing and gives good yields. There are many opinions about feeding eared beets. Is the beet for rabbits a product whose presence is necessary in the diet? For the correct inclusion of this vegetable in the food of adult rabbits and rabbits you need to follow some rules, so as not to harm the health of your pets.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beets

Which beet pick

Is it possible to give rabbits red beets? This question is asked by many people who have decided to engage in breeding eared. In our region several types of beet are grown:

  • feed – is a high-yielding (900 – 1000 centners per hectare), it is very profitable for farmers to grow for feeding rabbits and other animals, it is the most popular among rabbit breeders, has a higher energy value than corn silage, but less than sugar beet;
  • sugar – this beet is very useful for rabbits, as it contains less fiber and more sugars, therefore it is easily absorbed by the body of animals, and breeders recommend feeding the rabbits with sugar beet (it also contains vitamins C and B, iron, betaine, pectin and other minerals , contributing to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system of rabbits, immunity, an increase in animal fertility);
  • The canteen is a red beet that we eat, its veterinarians do not recommend including rabbits in the diet, it contains a lot of fiber and organic acids that adversely affect the stomach and intestines of your pets, and in large quantities can lead to the death of animals.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beets


Rabbits are very demanding on the quality of food, so when harvesting it is necessary to consider that giving eared overripe root vegetables is not recommended. These contain a lot of fiber and are not absorbed by the body of rabbits. Rabbit growers, when growing fodder in their own area, should prefer sugar beet or fodder beet. For planting this plant will need about 2 acres of land (depending on the number of rabbits), and your pets will be provided with food for the entire autumn-winter period. It is useful for rabbits to give beets, as the immunity against coccytosis (an infectious disease affecting the liver and intestines of some animals) increases, the metabolism improves, the level of hemoglobin increases. Beet for rabbits is a valuable food and antiseptic.

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Cooking feeding

Sugar and fodder beets can be boiled or feed it rabbits raw. If animals are not accustomed to this food since childhood, then first boiled root vegetables should be given, gradually switching to fresh ones. Together with root vegetables, rabbits will gladly eat the tops of the plant, which has an antiseptic effect. Greens eared can be in the form of silage and fresh. Fresh beet tops should be included in the diet of rabbits together with other feeds (branches, herbs). Before you give the rabbits, it must be thoroughly washed, sorted and a little dry.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beets

Freshly harvested beet roots need to be dried in the fresh air by building a shelter from the weather and the sun. In very rainy weather, it is better to put them in the basement. Can rabbits eat spoiled beets? The spoiled vegetables cannot be given to rabbits, they must be processed (all rot cut out) and washed. These vegetables should be used in the diet of pets in the first place, so that they do not disappear.

If a rabbit breeder is interested not only in meat, but also in animal fur, sugar beet will be the best feeding. The composition of the minerals of the plant makes the rabbit fur coat more beautiful and strong, and also improves the taste and tenderness of meat.

Beets are also added to the silo. For its preparation, a barrel is used, where finely chopped leafy greens are placed, which are difficult to dry (legumes are very good), vegetable waste (potato cleansing is possible) and beet roots. The barrel is covered with sawdust from trees without resin and covered with clay. Silage can be prepared by fermentation. To do this, chopped finely greens and roots sprinkled with salt and cover with a lid, and put a press on top. Silage, prepared in any way, with the addition of beets, will be a good help for feeding animals in the winter.

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Diet update

Beetroot can be fed to rabbits from one month up to 25 g per day, gradually bringing the amount of beet top dressing up to 50 g. beet. After a week, you can begin to feed the rabbits with fresh and dried beets, or mix in silage. Usually it is added to silage from potatoes and greens of leguminous plants.

When the rabbits are 2 months old, you can feed them beets, giving 100 g per day, dividing them into several feeds. In 3-4 months, we add up to 150 g of this vegetable to the daily ration, and after four months of age, the eared daily ration of the root crop can be 250 g. Adults can consume without harm for health from 300 to 500 g of beets per day if they are accustomed from childhood. to beet diet.

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beets

Lure rabbit on demolitions

Pregnant bunnies require good juicy food. Beetroot will have to be there, provided that the female is accustomed to this food from an early age. Feeding a pregnant animal occurs with the addition of up to 450 g of beets per day. This root crop increases the amount of milk in the future nursing mom. When the beets are consumed by their parents, the little rabbits will also be able to safely eat this vegetable. If the rabbit before pregnancy did not eat beets, then the vegetable should not be given during the carrying of rabbits. Do not risk the health of the mother and her offspring. The tops should also be given dried, clean (without insect pests). It includes the same rules as for fruits.

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Feed the rabbits, bearing the offspring, you need 3 times a day, not forgetting to distribute 150 – 450 g of beet for 3 feeding. With pleasure they will eat sugar or fodder beet and males, if they are accustomed to it.

If after delivery the rabbit is weak or ill, then she is given salt (up to 1.5 g per day) and animal products — whole milk (up to 100 g per day), bone meal (up to 10 g per day).

The main factors guaranteeing the health of rabbits

The main indicators of animal nutrition are good reproduction, rapid growth and eared health. When a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract occurs, and the weak growth and development of young individuals, it is necessary to analyze the feeds that are given to animals, their maximum volume.

Feeding rabbits includes the necessary alternation of dry and succulent feed. So, in winter, juicy food is better to give for lunch, and hay – in the morning and evening. In the summer 3-4 times given juicy green food. It is necessary to water animals in the summer 2 times a day, and in the winter it is enough once, slightly warming up the water. This feeding will be optimal for the health and growth of eared ones.

To the question whether rabbits can be fed with red table beets, we will answer that each owner decides how to feed his pets. However, it is dangerous for the eared health to be introduced into the diet, and this factor must be taken into account when breeding animals. Even if you have a large crop of this root, do not rush the rabbits to give this product, it is better to use it for another purpose.

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