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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beet And Which One

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beet And Which One

Beetroot refers to products that are easy to grow and have a high yield. Many razvodchikov think about whether it can be included in the diet of the rabbit. The problem is that the opinions of the breeders differ. Before giving the rabbit beets, you need to know some of the nuances and rules. In order not to harm the pet’s health, carefully read the information below.

Beet Varieties

Is it possible to feed rabbits with beets, and which one ?! There are several main species that are grown in our area:

  1. Feed – has a high yield, up to 100 tons per hectare of land. Very useful for rabbits, it is most often used as a feed. Due to its low cost, most rabbit breeders feed it.
  2. Sugar – the yield is lower, but it is more useful due to the greater amount of sugars and less fiber. Better absorbed by organisms. Since it is more expensive, most often it is given to fur and decorative rabbits. The composition of sugar beet includes a lot of iron, pectin, betaine, vitamins C and B. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Increases fertility, for which it is given to the rabbits performing reproductive function.
  3. Dining or red is detrimental to rabbits. The fact is that it contains too much fiber and organic acids that are poorly digested. In large quantities can be fatal.

To summarize, depending on your abilities, rabbits can be given fodder and sugar beets. Dining in large quantities can harm, therefore, veterinarians do not recommend including it in the diet.

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What is useful beets

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beet And Which One

When it comes to health, it is simply indispensable. Especially useful as prevention of coccidiosis. Improves metabolism, gives vitality and increases hemoglobin.

For the product to really benefit the rabbits, it must be properly prepared and served. Unripe and overripe fruit is better not to give. Wash thoroughly under running water and dry before feeding. To feed a small farm with sugar or fodder beet, it is enough to plant 2-3 acres of land.

Cooking and feeding

Feed the rabbits beets can be raw or cooked. Like any new product in the diet, you need to start with a minimum amount. In this case, it must first be boiled, when the body gets used to the boiled mind, you can begin to give fresh. Greens are given in the form of tops or silage along with other herbs. It serves as an excellent antiseptic for the body. It is important to wash and dry well. If the roots are only from the garden, they must be properly dried. To do this, leave in the basement or on the street, previously protected from water and sun.

Before adding sugar beets to the silo, it must be prepared:

  • Rinse all products.
  • Finely chop greens, root vegetables, vegetables or potato peel.
  • Immerse everything in a barrel.
  • Pour it with sawdust and cover it with clay.
  • Keep up to winter.

When to start feeding

Is It Possible To Feed The Rabbits Beet And Which One

It is better to start feeding rabbits with beets from the age of one month. Give no more than 25 grams per day boiled. If there is no negative reaction, gradually increase the portion to 40-50 grams. Of course, it should be mixed with other foods, vegetables and herbs. After two weeks of getting used to the new product, you can mix the beets in the silo or give it raw.

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When animals reach the age of 2-3 months, you can increase the portion to 100 grams per day. In each subsequent month of life, add 30-50 grams, up to 0.5 kg. This applies only to those individuals who are accustomed to beets from early childhood. If the rabbits began to eat the product in adulthood, you should not give more than 300 grams. Of course, this refers to the daily rate, while serving in a mixture with another meal.

Beet for pregnant women

Especially useful sugar beet for pregnant and lactating rabbits. Feeding is allowed only if she has eaten this food for a long time. It is not necessary to test the new feed for pregnant women, their body may be weakened, which will adversely affect the brood. If the beets for her familiar, add to the diet up to 400 grams per day. Considering that you need to feed the rabbit 3-5 times a day, respectively, and the daily rate is distributed between them. Such nutrition increases the amount of milk. Sometimes the female weakens after giving birth, then it is better to give products of animal origin.

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