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Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Dandelions?

The dandelion plant is the most favorite delicacy of the eared pet. But at the same time, most novice livestock breeders are wondering: can dandelions be given to rabbits and in what quantity can they be added to the diet? After all, there is a strong opinion that this herb is not very useful for animals.

Below we will consider in detail whether it is possible to feed the rabbits with dandelions, in what proportions they add it to the diet, and what benefits the animal receives from this plant.

The benefits of dandelions for a rabbit

Is it possible to feed dandelions with rabbits and how to feed correctly with this grass. This issue is concerned with most novice breeders. Therefore it is worth considering it in more detail.

Every experienced livestock breeder will say that dandelions not only can be given to eared animals, but also necessary. But at the same time feed the rabbits with this grass should be with caution. It is best to make mash with other herbs at the rate that dandelion will occupy 30% of the total green mass.

In general, this green product is very useful. It contains the following components:

  • if you feed the rabbits with succulent leaves, then their body contains a whole complex of vitamins A, B, C and D;
  • if rooted, then animals will receive substances such as glycosides, carotonoids and terpenoids. Such substances are essential for normal growth of baby rabbits;
  • Well, if you give flowers, the body of an eared pet will receive in large quantities potassium, choline and iron.
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Separately it is worth highlighting the fact that dandelion root is the best prophylactic against a defect such as coccidiosis.

In addition, the roots of this plant experienced breeders are used to normalize digestion and as a choleretic agent. And also it is worth noting that dandelion is very useful for lactating bunny. This plant increases the milk productivity of the female several times.

And, of course, calcium. This herb is a source of calcium, so necessary for the growing young and already adult individuals. The only thing that can frighten the beginning rabbit breeder is the color of urine.

The fact is that after eating dandelion for food, urine can turn red. Therefore, do not be afraid, this phenomenon is normal and does not signal the development of a defect in the animal.

At the same time, keep in mind that you can start feeding rabbits with such grass from the age of three weeks. Until this time, young plants do not give the plant. Begin to introduce lure with a small amount, it is best to immediately mix with other herbs, such as plantain, alfalfa or vegetable tops, or mixed with hay and give the animals.

As for dandelion feeding on ornamental rabbits, it will also be very useful for them to feed on such a plant. But provided that the breeder will comply with the percentage of green mass, which is described above.

Considering the fact that the dandelion is a therapeutic plant, it is necessary to feed it to the rabbits with the following proportions, namely:

  • with the onset of summer, the daily rate per adult should be no more than 150 grams with a total green mass of feed in 600 grams;
  • for rabbits, the daily rate of dandelions should be no more than 70 grams;
  • for nursing rabbits the rate of fresh dandelions is a little more, they are given up to 200 grams per day.
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In summer, feeding rabbits with this grass should be daily. Moreover, this plant is recommended to stock up for the winter.

Well, as for dandelion feeding in the summer, before giving such grass to animals, it is necessary to dry it slightly beforehand.

To do so, it is necessary that all the excess moisture could evaporate and not cause harm to the tender stomach of the animal. When the dandelion is slightly dried, it is mixed with hay or with other grass, for example, the plantain is perfect for this purpose, and then laid out on the feeders.

How to prepare a dandelion

Fresh dandelions are beginning to dry since the beginning of summer. Some experienced breeders recommend preparing raw materials since May, since it is believed that the May plant is the richest in vitamins and minerals. At the same time, note that the harvesting must be carried out correctly, otherwise mold will form on the raw materials, which can cause rabbit disease.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Dandelions?

So, how is the harvesting of green raw materials for the winter:

  • experienced breeders recommend choosing only those plants for harvesting that have just opened flower buds;
  • grass is harvested only in meadows away from busy trasses;
  • they try to pluck flowers without arrows, while ensuring that the basket is not damaged.

Collected raw materials are recommended to be dried in the shade, while it is desirable that fresh air is normally circulated. And do not forget to turn the grass twice a day so that it dries completely and evenly.

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Store the finished dry mass in a cool dry place. It is not recommended to pack a dry dandelion in polyethylene, because without the entry of air, the raw material harvested for the future will deteriorate very quickly. If you do not have the opportunity to expand it in the attic, you can use fabric bags in which dry grass is perfectly preserved.


Most novice breeders are interested in whether it is possible to give euphorbia to rabbits. First of all, this plant is very poisonous, and even after drying it contains poisonous components that can destroy the rabbit.

Of course, seasoned breeders say that it is possible to produce such grass, but only in a small amount after drying. Since it is considered to be a drug in small doses and provides benefits for the rabbit. But if you are a novice breeder, do not risk the health and life of your livestock. Let’s only those herbs that are allowed, exactly this is a dandelion.

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