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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

As you know, rabbits are exclusively herbivorous animals. It is widely believed that they can be fed in any quantities widely distributed vegetables, including cabbage. In fact, introducing this vegetable into the rabbit ration, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, otherwise pets can suffer. Let us consider these factors in more detail.

Is it possible to give cabbage to rabbits

There are several varieties of cabbage, significantly differing among themselves both externally and in terms of the set of organic substances, vitamins and microelements in their composition. All this needs to be taken into account, giving the rabbits a particular variety of this vegetable.

It is strictly not recommended to feed too much cabbage to animals, and even more so to transfer them completely to cabbage ration, this leads, at a minimum, to a serious disruption of their digestive system.


This most common type is especially rich in vitamins P and C, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates and proteins. It also contains many other nutrients, and in addition, rabbits eat it with pleasure because of its high taste qualities, at the same time replenishing the body with the elements necessary for its normal development.

However, white cabbage (as well as other varieties of this vegetable) contains a lot of coarse dietary fibers that cause indigestion in animals, the consequence of which are loose stools and dysbacteriosis.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

Thus, cabbage can be introduced into the daily rabbit diet, but it is necessary to limit its daily portion to 100–200 grams – the volume depends on the weight of the animal and its individual characteristics. It is recommended to feed only the upper cabbage leaves (they need to be washed), preferably these leaves should be dried or slightly welded.

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Externally, the Savoy cabbage is very similar to white cabbage, but its leaves are corrugated and thinner, and the head is loose, loose. Compared to white, it contains about a quarter less coarse fibers and mustard oil, so its content in the daily rabbit diet can be slightly increased.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage


This variety differs from the white in a lower content of vitamin C, but then it is about two times more vegetable protein. It is recommended to give it to rabbits in the same volumes as white one, and in the same way, using only the upper leaves, pre-washing them and infusing them. It is desirable to remove wide veinlets on leaves.


This variety is superior to albumen in the content of plant proteins by 1.5–2 times, and in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) by 2-3 times. In addition, it is particularly rich in glucurraphin – this organic compound prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria. Cauliflower can be introduced into the daily rabbit diet in the same volumes as white cabbage.

Red Knot

Rabbit bosses unequivocally oppose the use of red cabbage as food for rabbits. In general, its composition is very similar to that of the white one, but there is an increased concentration of some organic compounds harmful to rabbits.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

Such compounds cause disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Negative effects can occur even with the use of a small amount of this product.


In addition to external differences, this product differs from whitefish by its high content of glucose and vitamin C. Rabbits are recommended to eat dried shoots and stems with a diameter of not more than 5 cm. The product rate per adult individual is not more than 100-200 g per day.

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Cabbage in this form is used by rabbits with great pleasure. In addition to excellent taste, it does not lose value as a source of nutrients. You can give no more than 100 grams per day of this product to an adult animal.

It is recommended to feed the rabbits occasionally with this product, it is still better not to introduce it into the daily rabbit diet. Usually, a fermented product of animals fed exclusively in winter.


In this case, the recommendation of the experts is unambiguous – it is impossible to feed frozen cabbage of any animal species. Otherwise, they begin serious problems with the intestines.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

Why it is impossible to give a cabbage stalk

In the stalk, as well as in the cabbage leaves adjacent to it, the highest concentration of trace elements and organic compounds. With such a high concentration of substances, both beneficial and harmful, the rabbit’s body can not cope, so the reaction in the form of abdominal distention and upset stomach of the animal occurs very quickly.

Feeding rules

In order to avoid problems with the health of rabbits due to this vegetable, it is necessary to follow certain rules, in particular, to take into account the age of animals and the norms of product consumption for young and adult individuals.

From what age can

Experienced breeders recommend starting to give cabbage to rabbits not younger than 3.5-4 months of age. The use of this vegetable at a younger age usually ends for an animal with a severe upset stomach.

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

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How much can you give

At first, this vegetable is given to young animals in very small quantities, 30–50 g per individual. If the reaction to it is normal, its share in the feed is gradually increased and adjusted to the adult norm, which averages 100–200 g of product per day, but this value can be adjusted for the weight of the animal, as well as its individual characteristics.

What else you need to feed to diversify the diet of rabbits

In addition to cabbage leaves, there are a large number of vegetables and other products that help make the diet of rabbits balanced and varied.

We list only the main products:

  • vegetables are recommended to give carrots, beets and potatoes (boiled and in small quantities), zucchini, pumpkin;
  • grass hay, cereal straw and legumes;
  • dried branches of fruit trees (apple, plum), as well as shoots of willow, willow, maple, linden, aspen;
  • their grain oats (the best option), rye, wheat, barley, corn;
  • wheat bran, meal, cake;
  • legumes from peas, lentils, soybeans;
  • compound feeds;
  • various supplements (vitamins, herbal flour, fish oil).
Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Cabbage

So, rabbit can be fed with cabbage, but it is necessary to limit its share in the daily diet, since this vegetable can cause serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract of animals. All varieties of this product are suitable for food, with the exception of the red one.

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