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Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Alfalfa

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Alfalfa
Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Alfalfa

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Alfalfa
Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits With Alfalfa

Many farmers, starting such an animal as a rabbit, wonder whether it is possible to feed the rabbit with alfalfa and what is generally best to give them as food. The basic diet for the rabbit must necessarily consist of fresh greens, various root crops, as well as dry food, such as special feed and grain. In winter, dry food must be supplemented with hay.

Some breeds of rabbits quite often may have a variety of digestive problems, which is why, making up the daily diet for the rabbit, you need to be extremely careful and cautious, and also very carefully select the food that suits them best.

The rabbit’s diet, of course, must fully satisfy all the needs of its body, both in young and in adulthood, which is why the rabbit’s diet should be made up taking into account both its age and health, and food should contain all necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Be sure to feed the rabbit should contain dry food, because they are very nutritious and give a lot of energy to the animal. Dry feeds for small rabbits should be given starting from one month after their birth.

In addition, food can be given to rabbits and crackers, but in no case should they be fed fresh bread, as it is very poorly digested in the stomach in a rabbit and causes bloating. And this may entail a serious illness of the animal.

Until this age, baby rabbits should receive only mother’s milk. After the rabbits are sown from the rabbit, they should be given fresh root vegetables, greens, and of course dry food.

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However, it is worth remembering that all types of feed should not be given all at once, but gradually. In the morning, as a rule, rabbits should be given only dry food for food, but in the evening – fresh root vegetables and greens.

As greens, rabbits should be given nettle, dandelion, burdock, clover, alfalfa, carrot tops, and even wheat can be germinated. Therefore, if a novice farmer is concerned about the question of whether it is possible to feed the rabbits with alfalfa, the answer will be unequivocal, of course, you can only accustom the rabbits to this kind of greenery to be gradually, when they have a little stronger stomach. However, it is necessary to feed alfalfa in rabbits in very limited quantities, because it contains large amounts of calcium, which can cause the development of urolithiasis in an animal.

Apart from the fact that rabbits should be given fresh greens for food, they should also have various root vegetables in their daily ration, namely such as cabbage, best of all if it is Brussels or cauliflower, celery, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke and others. Rabbits do not need to give fresh cabbage leaves very often, because it contains a lot of calcium in its composition, which can cause kidney problems.

Naturally, bran is an excellent substitute for grain in the diet of rabbits, moreover, they are more useful, because they contain much more fiber than ordinary grain, but at the same time bran have a beneficial effect on the stomach of the animal.

Also, rabbits can be given and potato cleansing, or raw potatoes, but it must be ensured that the potatoes or cleansing are not green, because otherwise they are poisonous to rabbits.

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Rabbits love apples very much and their animals can be given absolutely at any age, however, you must first thoroughly clean the apple from mold or rot.

Composing a daily diet for rabbits, it should be remembered that it must be diverse and most importantly nutritious. However, this does not mean that for one feeding the animal should be given all together, on the contrary, for one feeding the rabbit should receive only one product, but during the day, these products should be changed.

Also, many owners of rabbits, who decide to engage in a serious breeding of this animal, are wondering whether it is possible to feed the rabbits with bran, and what nutrients are contained in this product.

In addition, on the basis of bran for rabbits prepare special mash, which add grated on a coarse grated sugar beet and chopped various herbs. Such mash bags are very useful for rabbits, it is especially recommended to give them in the first months of the animal’s life, because they contain a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements.

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