Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits Only Feed

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits Only Feed

Breeding rabbits is considered a profitable business. The production is almost waste-free: dietary meat, fur. You can get a high result if you feed the pets correctly. Many novice breeders are interested in whether it is possible to feed the rabbits feed. We will talk about this today.

Feeding a crawl only feed

The basis of keeping rabbits is feeding. The success of the whole business will depend on how well you make the diet for your pets. With the wrong approach to nutrition you will not be able to get tasty meat, high-quality skin.

Remember! The diet of the livestock must be complete! It should include hay, greens and always a combined feed. So, feed the rabbit feed is not only possible but necessary.

Combined feed is very convenient to use. Their advantages are:

  • weight gain rate;
  • the presence of a balanced amount of nutrients;
  • easy storage;
  • easy transportation;
  • having an ideal energy-protein balance.

Grain is considered one of the main products used to feed these animals. Experts prefer oats, but each grain is good in its own way. Why do breeders choose oats? This grass contains a lot of nutrients. At the same time, it remains dietary. When applying it, do not worry about the obesity of the breeding stock.

At the time of fattening it is desirable to use corn. It promotes rapid weight gain. This approach significantly reduces the fattening period, and the meat becomes much tastier.

Combined feed is usually administered to the diet along with the grain. Composition balanced. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the diet of the farm, taking into account the need of the body in the daily portion of vitamins.

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Granulated feed includes:

  • all known varieties of concentrated feed;
  • mineral supplements;
  • vitamins.

Many people use only combined feed for feeding. To improve the composition, you can add medication, probiotic. This approach provides prevention of the main disease – coccidiosis.

Beneficial features

It is very convenient to use combined feeds in feeding rabbits. This is not only saving time for fattening, production, but also protection against diseases. The use of this product reduces the risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases in the economy, which may occur due to mushroom poisoning. Fungi start in many types of feed.

The basis of the combined feed is represented by ground cereals:

This component falls 30 – 45% of the total mass of feed. The second group of components contains a lot of protein. These components are:

  • soybean meal;
  • wheat bran;
  • sunflower cake, soybean;
  • meat and bone meal, nonfood fish;
  • vitamin-herbal flour;
  • yeast hydrolyzed.

The third component of the combined feed is vitamin-mineral complex. It is balanced and includes:

Rabbits can feed, designed specifically for this type of pets. Vitamins have a number of positive effects on the body:

  • And – helps to improve the function of reproduction;
  • B – has a good effect on the digestive tract;
  • C – strengthens the immune system;
  • D – promotes the absorption of minerals. Essential for bone tissue structuring;
  • K – necessary for rabbits at breeding time;
  • E – Affects the development of muscle fibers, the ability to okrolam, the functioning of the heart muscle.

Pork feed for rabbits

Is It Possible To Feed Rabbits Only Feed

Combined feed, which is used when feeding rabbits, are different. And here often the question is: is it possible to feed the rabbits with pork feed? Already in the question everything seems clear. If feed for rabbits, give it to rabbits, if for pigs – to pigs. But this is only a theory. What happens in our practice?

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Farmers can even use food for chickens, cows, pigs. Often evaluate the price category of products, the rate of fattening and other factors. Some prefer feed intended for piglets. The use of such food contributes to the rapid collection of fat. Meat animals do not have time to build up.

To the question, what kind of feed can be rabbits, we give this answer: feed your pets feed, made specifically for them. To avoid obesity, the development of disease, buy products intended for rabbits. So animals will gain mass correctly.

The correct input of compound feed in a diet of a crawl

Of course, it is preferable to give pets the food that their digestive system has become used to over the years of evolution. And these are young shoots of trees, fresh hay, meadow grasses. But stocking up with the necessary amount of fresh produce is almost impossible. Therefore, it is preferable to feed the rabbit. It is much more convenient.

Using a balanced feed is considered the best solution for most large farm owners. Such an approach significantly reduces the material and labor costs of food for the farm.

The rate of feed per day depends on age, period of life, sex (indicated in grams):

  • 170 – adult individual;
  • 100 – 140 – rabbits;
  • 210 – individuals for the period of mating;
  • 170 to females while waiting for offspring;
  • 400 – 600 – for the feeding period of the rabbit.

Transfer animals to combined feed should be carefully, gradually. So you can prevent problems with digestion.

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