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Is It Possible To Feed A Rabbit With Yarrow

Rabbit breeders know that the third part of the pet ration in summer is green fodder – various herbs and tops of vegetable crops. Yarrow is a medicinal plant, so many are wondering if it will harm the eared if they eat it. From this article, readers will learn whether it is possible to give a yarrow to a rabbit, and how to add this herb to the diet.

Useful properties of yarrow

Yarrow is pleasant to the taste, so the rabbits eat it with pleasure. This plant belongs to the medicinal, it is useful for fluffy pets. The grass contains:

  1. Bitterness.
  2. Resinous substances.
  3. Essential oil.
  4. Organic acids.
  5. Tannins.
  6. Flavonoids.
  7. Coumarins.
Is It Possible To Feed A Rabbit With Yarrow

The vitamins present in the green part of the plant are ascorbic acid, K (the so-called antihemorrhagic vitamin), carotene. All of them are extremely useful for rabbits – carotene is especially necessary for young animals for normal development and growth. Ascorbic acid strengthens the immune system of animals, and vitamin K helps to normalize the process of blood clotting.

Tannins in the composition of yarrow have astringent properties. They help fight intestinal upset. The introduction of this herb in the diet of rabbits has a beneficial effect on their appetite. In animals, the intestine works better, gases do not accumulate in it.

Yarrow prevents helminth infection

Yarrow prevents helminth infection, has anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the course of metabolic processes, removes harmful substances from the body of animals.

Attention! In order to prevent constipation in rabbits, it is advisable to give them yarrow in a mixture with herbs that have a laxative effect.

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How to feed the rabbits yarrow?

Herbal raw materials should not be given in pure form, it is recommended to mix it with other herbs – dandelion, sow thistle, nettle, plantain. In this case, the pets will receive different vitamins and trace elements. Yarrow, like other plants, does not offer fresh animals. Initially, the grass is slightly dried for 3-4 hours in fresh air.

In winter, the plant is harvested in the form of grass mash. Suitable for gathering grass, growing away from busy roads and industrial plants. It is well dried under canopies, spreading out a loose layer. Periodically, the raw material must be shifted to avoid rotting and the development of a fungal infection. Then the finished hay is placed in a dry place with good ventilation.

Attention! If the grass is collected in an area with poor environmental conditions, it is first washed in warm water, and then dried.

Yarrow can be given to rabbits in the collection

Yarrow can be given to rabbits, observing all the rules of feeding and harvesting raw materials. Since this plant contains tannins, which means it strengthens the intestines, it should be offered to pets in mixtures with herbs that have a laxative effect.

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