Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Is It Possible To Eat Grape Leaves Rabbits

Obligatory part of the diet of rabbits are green feed. This is the most healthy, healthy and tasty food for them, and therefore should be a significant part of the menu of your pets. In addition, giving the rabbits greens, you can not take care of special supplements of vitamins and minerals.

Is It Possible To Eat Grape Leaves Rabbits

Is it possible to eat grape leaves rabbits

In the warm season green fodder is enough to organize a varied diet for rabbits, but which herbs and leaves to choose? In this article, let’s see if it is possible to give grapes leaves to rabbits and why.

Useful material

  • Let’s start with vitamins: the leaves of grapes contain a significant supply of vitamin A, which is necessary for the full functioning of the nervous system of the animal, as well as for the digestive and reproductive systems; vitamin C, which improves the immunity of rabbits, strengthens the gastrointestinal tract; vitamins of group B, necessary for normal functioning of the digestive, cardiovascular systems, as well as for good skin condition.
  • The leaves of grapes contain magnesium, which is necessary for the development of tissues and the normal growth of animals; calcium, which plays a significant role in the structure of the body; iron is an indispensable element of blood hemoglobin; manganese, which supports reproductive function and influences the formation of the skeleton of an animal.
  • And also: niacin, necessary in the work of the respiratory system and esophagus, ensuring good skin condition; cellulose, which promotes the absorption of feed, the normal functioning of the intestine, the synthesis of vital substances.
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Thus, eating several grape leaves, rabbits consume the daily rate of the mineral elements they need. Harmful to rabbits substances in the leaves do not contain, but they have a lot of sugar, and therefore you should not overfeed animals (excess sugar can lead to obesity, dysbiosis, flatulence).

Grape leaves can and should be given as a significant and supplement to the diet – fresh or slightly dried. Little by little they can be offered to females during lactation, when they especially need mineral substances. However, do not turn them into the main food.

In addition, the animals with pleasure nibble the vine of grapes. Can rabbits grapes berries? As an additive to the diet – it is even possible (only it is better to give berries without seeds). With no less pleasure the animals eat and raisins.

What grapes are not recommended for rabbits

The exception is wild grapes (it is also called girlish). This is just a vertically climbing plant, which often decorate the lower balconies, walls, small structures. The berries of the maiden grapes are inedible for people, and the leaves are not suitable for rabbits (as are the berries).

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