Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

How To Give The Rabbits Salt Daily Need For Salt

Salt is the most abundant mineral on earth used in metabolism. Chemists call it sodium chloride (chemical formula NaCl), and in everyday life salt. In the old days, table salt was considered an incredibly expensive product. Salt gives the feed an attractive taste and participates in the sodium-calcium buffer of biological body fluids. Salt is used in the preparation and preservation of products. Whether the rabbit needs salt for salt lizunets or in placers is the topic of this article.

How To Give The Rabbits Salt Daily Need For Salt

A photo. Salt is necessary for all animals. Even pigs for which salt is sometimes poisonous and they need this mineral.

Does salt need rabbits?

The question is not idle. For example, table salt to pigs is extremely dangerous poison. Known such a disease of pigs as salt poisoning. Meanwhile, in small quantities, salt is still needed and pigs. If you use pig feed for feeding rabbits, which, by the way, can be done, pay attention to the amount of this valuable mineral in the composition. Be sure to adjust its quantity. So you will increase the palatability of the main feed.

When adding salt to the diet, do not forget about free access to drinking water to rabbits

A rational combination of salt in the feed allows you to achieve the best weight gain, with less expensive expensive grain feed. At the same time, rabbits are sufficient for weight gain of roughage. Remember about the feature of digestion (eating feces) rabbits for re-squeezing nutrients. Therefore, these animals and beneficial to the content. Their usual diet consists of roughage, and only a minor cereal.

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With a lack of salt in the diet, rabbits more often gnaw wooden cage designs

Table salt is an affordable and valuable mineral. Even if you are opposed to any mineral supplements, feed salt should always be on your farm.

Lack of salt in the diet creates problems in the body:

  • Water-salt balance is disturbed, and these are problems with blood formation;
  • Rabbits with poor salt are poorly covered, that is, they mate, but the process of fertilization (this merger of two germ cells) and the formation of zygotes (embryo) does not occur.
  • As mentioned above, the intensity of fattening decreases. Salt increases thirst, and water – the source of almost all biochemical processes in the body. Any animal and man is about 80% water.

If we talk about ready rations, then add salt is not necessary. Excess salt is no less dangerous than a disadvantage. If we keep in mind the homemade feed, the salt is provided in all the recipes for cooking food.

Salt lizunets for rabbits

Do rabbits need salt lizunets? Known briquettes lizuntsy for cows, sheep, horses. Such things rabbits, it is better not to give. First, they are big. Secondly, it is possible that there are components hazardous to rabbits. After all, no wonder rabbits should not be given different feed (cow, chicken, for fish). Make balls with salt by yourself. An old recipe for making koloboks from several minerals of salt and chalk for rabbits is widely known. I’ll just remind you how to do it right. These balls, after solidification and drying, turn into grinding briquettes that are pleasant for rabbits. They grind incisors and at the same time enrich their diets with salt and other essential minerals. In the wild, rabbits stand holes in arid coastal meadows, sun-scorched, full of salt marshes and chalk deposits. In cages, rabbits cannot bite. So let them help, we will make solid briquettes at home.

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Recipe for the preparation of mineral briquette for rabbits

  • 0.5 kg of feed chalk;
  • 0.5 kg of crushed red clay;
  • 0.3 kg of hardwood charcoal;
  • 5 tablespoons of salt;
  • 3 tablespoons of sulfur feed;

All components are thoroughly mixed with water to a pasty state. Sculpt buns the size of a chicken egg. All blanks pierced and strung on a wire. Dry first in the shade, then in the sun. To fix in the Russian furnace. Fossilized roundhouses to hang out in a cage, rabbits themselves learn how to use delicious rounds. Rabbits themselves regulate their daily rate of salt

  • Young animals and fattening rabbits require an average of 0.5 grams of salt per day;
  • Tribal and tested males and females 1.5 grams per day;
  • Females with young stock on suction require grams per day of salt.

How to give chalk and salt to rabbits

Recipes, how much salt and chalk to give to rabbits in a specific period can be found in the article on compound feed for rabbits or in the article on fattening rabbits for meat. Some feed additives (premixes) already have the necessary amount of these beneficial ingredients. You just need to add to the grain (oats, corn, barley, peas), see feed additives.

Steamed straw with rabbit salt

It is believed that the rabbit is not very willing to eat straw. Meanwhile, there are opposite opinions. Try it and you give the rabbits straw chop, steamed in a 1.0-1.5% solution of salt. Chiselled garden waste, tops, vegetable cleaning can be added to the steamer. Per 100 kg of straw 2-3 buckets of hot water with salt. You can add to the straw Insist warm night.

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The straw is fresh, mildew-free and not wet.

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