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Rabbit Food

How To Give Raw Rabbits Potatoes

A few words about the feed value

Potatoes are juicy food that rabbits will eat with great hunts. The animal body is able to assimilate and digest the root vegetable raw.

The vegetable contains the following ingredients:

  • starch (potato flour), providing high-quality weight gain;
  • vitamin b;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • a number of trace elements (from iron to phosphorus).

The first element, located in the potato, is capable of rapid absorption in the body. Then the starch begins to transform into fat. That is why the potato is included in the fattening diet before slaughter.

With care, the raw root crop is distributed to lactating females due to the possibility of blocking the milk ducts.

Raw root vegetables do not give the young up to 120 days from the moment of birth. When composing a feed ration, it is recommended to consider the following: an adult male may receive about 40 kg of potatoes per year, and a female – 36 kg. The daily rate is 0.25 kg per day or 1/3 of the total amount of juicy feed.

Raw potatoes in the diet of the animal

It is possible to feed the potatoes with potatoes, but it is necessary to do it correctly, so that it brings only good, not harm. It contains starch (up to 20%), which is a source of energy for animals, but it must be remembered that its excess in the rabbit body is converted into fat, so many potatoes in food often leads to obesity.

Tubers contain many vitamins and minerals, but little protein and organic acids. Therefore, they are introduced into the diet of animals only with roots, other vegetables, kitchen waste, herbs, and grass. All this is added to the wet mash to the grain and bran. In the year 1, a male individual can eat up to 4 buckets of potatoes, a female – up to 3.5 buckets.

There is no consensus about feeding rabbits with potato tubers, but still this method has more supporters than opponents. After all, in addition to starch, tubers contain vitamins C and group B. This vegetable is rich in trace elements: magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Starch is an integral part of the product; because of it, it is necessary to introduce potatoes into the diet of animals with known caution. Starch is easily converted to fat. With a sedentary lifestyle, the animal (in a cage you don’t run very much!), It quickly gains body weight. On the one hand, the fattening period is shortened, on the other hand, excessive consumption of potatoes is fraught with diseases associated with obesity.

The boiled potato is useful for nursing and suckling females. It improves the lactation process and milk quality.

Why is it necessary to be careful with the introduction of this useful vegetable in the feed? The restriction applies to animals that go not for meat, but for breeding. A fat rabbit mates less, and an overly fat male producer copes worse with its “marital responsibilities”.

For this reason, potatoes in the feed of rabbits may be present, but in moderation. Potato feed for rabbits is desirable to introduce from 4 months. The annual consumption rate is:

  • males – 39-40 kg;
  • females – 35-36 kg.

Vegetables should be given to rabbits gradually to diversify their diet and maintain their health. In the warm season, when a lot of useful crops appear in the garden, it is simply necessary to feed the pets with useful substances and vitamins. Boiled potatoes, sliced ​​tops or just slices of raw vegetables, which is most useful to add to rabbits in the feed?

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It is allowed to feed the animal with raw potatoes only in those cases when the furry animal does not get sick, and its eyes and nose do not water. Experiments will not benefit the sick animal. How to give potatoes to rabbits? An atypical eating vegetable can cause a different reaction in an animal. For starters, you should test the feed by adding a bit of chopped tops or raw product to regular pet feed (no more than 10%).

  • washed, well cleaned;
  • without green peel (causes an upset stomach in an animal);
  • a well-digested root crop is well absorbed; therefore, it is possible and necessary to give potatoes to rabbits, especially mature pets.

Boiled potatoes for cleaning can be given to rabbits from the first weeks of life, but only little by little, diluting the most simple and useful food. The quality of the root is very important – a more graphic example is visible in the photo (on the Internet resources and forums of breeders). Can rabbits be given raw potatoes and how long does it take to feed a pet with raw potatoes?

Prikorm continues until the pet tolerates a modified diet. If rabbits who eat raw potatoes have an upset stomach, a useful supplement should be completely excluded. Appoint potatoes to sick rabbits (boiled potatoes) by veterinarians only in cases when the animal has a metabolic disorder. Such therapy does not last long, and after recovery fluffy pet returns to its previous diet.

Thermal processing of the vegetable can save the rabbits from various bacteria and pathogens, besides, boiled potatoes retain beneficial substances that contain raw. Boiled sprouted tubers are suitable for daily feeding. Rabbit potatoes are rarely contraindicated, and only on the advice of a veterinarian.

Blender with food and mashed potatoes will be enjoyed, like little pets, there and adult rabbits. The daily rate of liquid feed is only 200 grams, so you should not get carried away with such supplements. As for the tops, it is added to the feeder in a different form. Dried, freshly chopped and whole stems, such a source of vitamins is only suitable as a rare supplement in small quantities.

Can rabbits be given potatoes / rabbits

How do we feed rabbits potatoes

Potatoes are one of the main types of food for rabbits.

Breeders say that you can feed small rabbits with raw potatoes and boiled pure potatoes to rabbits as well, if you treat the food system of fluffy animals responsibly and take real care of them. You can feed raw potatoes or not, the pets themselves will answer – well-being or a painful condition. The main thing is to carefully monitor how the animal reacts to one or another vegetable bait.

What are the reasons for limiting the cottage

The introduction of this type of food is recommended only when the entire diet is completely balanced. Such nutrition allows animals to overcome weakness and cleanse the body of harmful substances.

Starting luring potatoes up to 120 days is not recommended. The constant presence of root vegetables in the diet can be a serious danger for rabbits. Now we need to understand why this happens:

  1. Excess solanine, which is a toxic substance. It causes high mortality of young animals. Potatoes need to be peeled before handing out and given in small quantities.
  2. Animals are stressed during a sharp transition from one type of feed to another. Excess raw or boiled potatoes often leads to intolerance to certain substances that are in the tubers. It is recommended to introduce a root crop into the diet in stages and at the same time it is necessary to observe how rabbits react to a new type of feed.
  3. Potatoes must be immediately discarded if any side effects occur. For example, tops or boiled option may be the cause of diarrhea or general weakness, and therefore it is recommended to opt for other healthy juicy cultures.
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How To Give Raw Rabbits Potatoes

Owners of domestic rabbits are advised to pay attention not only to the quantity of potatoes in the diet, but also to its qualitative state. You should not feed waste to fastidious breeds, they simply can refuse such feed.

The best time for potato foods is autumn and winter. With the onset of summer, this supplement is removed from the diet. It will be successfully replaced by green mass and fresh branches.

How to enter into the diet of rabbits potatoes

Can rabbits have potato tops? Potato tuber fluffy animals love after any processing. Experienced rabbit growers add both the root crop and the leaves of the tops. Such a root vegetable is useful for strengthening the body of a rabbit, especially after winter and beriberi. Feeding, which not only provides energy, but also saturates with useful components:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamins that dissolve in water (such as vitamin B);
  • useful trace elements that strengthen the animal body (calcium, magnesium and iron).

A variety of rations will benefit the appearance of the rabbit. The only restriction for such a product – the number of consumed root. The animal can not consume only the same, even healthy food. Is it possible to give the rabbits raw potatoes? The second question that interests the owner of fluffy pets, because there is simply no extra time to prepare food for a person living in the countryside.

Starch, which contains a cheap and popular product for bait, only harming furry pets. For this reason, the weight of the consumed root vegetables, added to the daily nutrition of the animal, is strictly controlled. Rabbits who do not lead an active lifestyle, excessive use of potatoes, even for cleaning the body, leads to obesity and problems with the vascular system.

How to give potatoes

Before introducing potatoes into the diet, it is worth figuring out what form it should be fed to rabbits. Root vegetables must be clean, without rot and shoots. Coloring skins. Brown and light. Fruits with green spots should be discarded, since it contains solanine, which is a large amount of poison for rabbits.

The advantage over a raw root crop is that potato flour will be absorbed by the body of animals much better. In case potatoes are used with processes, it is necessary to cut them all before cooking.

How To Give Raw Rabbits Potatoes

The simplest puree will serve as an excellent additive for mash, however, it must be fed exclusively fresh, on the assumption that a single animal needs 0.2 kg at a time.

Wet mash can be prepared in the following ways:

  1. Boiled potatoes (50%) are mixed with steamed feed for rabbits or pigs (45%), the rest is cabbage (5%).
  2. Boiled potatoes in the same quantity as in the first version. Steamed oat grain (can be replaced with barley, corn, wheat) 35–40%, cabbage – 5%, boiled pea grain – up to 10%.
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To increase the amount of milk in suckle females, with parsley mash you can give parsley in chopped form. After jigging of young stock parsley is replaced by dill for faster burning of dairy products.

It is important to remember that if the animals are not currently intended for fattening, then they can be given no more than 70 grams of potatoes daily. Otherwise, the rabbits will begin to grow fat.

For rabbits for fattening, the number of potatoes, on the contrary, increases. Tribal and downy rodents this type of product is given with great care. Despite the fact that the potato is an inexpensive type of feed, you need to think carefully about how to safely enter it into the diet.

Raw root vegetables

It is necessary to proceed to how to give the potatoes raw. Such food is a valuable source of mineral compounds and vitamin groups. It should be noted that potato flour from raw potatoes will be absorbed by animals worse than boiled. In nature, rabbits do not eat tubers, and therefore they do not produce more than 10% of potatoes from the whole diet. Before handing out root vegetables, it is recommended to cut, observing some features:

  1. You can feed only peeled potatoes.
  2. Rabbits up to 120 days of age do not get such a root vegetable.
  3. It is forbidden to feed frozen, spoiled or green potatoes.
  4. The culture is introduced for a small amount of prikorma, for the first time a few pieces will be enough. The owner must keep track of the condition of animals trying a new type of feed.
  5. The presence of potato flour can cause a decrease in the amount of milk in lactating females due to the fact that the milk ducts are blocked, because raw vegetables are not given to such animals.
  6. Manufacturers also do not add this type of feed, which can adversely affect the health of the rabbit.

Feeding rabbits

As for the waste, they are given in a small amount, thoroughly washed and without green residue. The skin of the new potatoes can not be given to rabbits.

It is best to give boiled peel or dried and processed to a state of flour. Such an additive is an excellent component for the feed mixture. For better absorption it is recommended to pour boiling water before dispensing.

Root vegetables can be given to pets in the raw and processed form. But before distribution they must be properly prepared for feeding.

Ways to cook potatoes

Animals will eat well boiled cleaning, potatoes in uniform, as well as mashed potatoes. The main thing is that all these types of feed were proper freshness. Before you boil the roots, they must be thoroughly washed off the ground, cut off the green parts and get rid of shoots.

Rabbits better cope with the digestion of this root, if it is proposed for evening feeding. Before distribution, the fruit is cut into pieces or crushed, adding a small amount of water to make mash. Proceed to the distribution is possible only after cooling the mixture to room temperature.

In any case, it is worth feeding potatoes to rabbits in moderation.

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