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Rabbit Food

How To Feed The Rabbits With Apples

Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, so not every product is suitable for these animals as food. We offer to understand whether it is possible to feed the rabbits with apples, which fruits to choose for feeding and how to correctly introduce these fruits into the diet of animals.

How To Feed The Rabbits With Apples

The use of apples for rabbits

Rabbits are absolute vegetarians. Their menu consists exclusively of food of plant origin. Most of the fruits growing in central Russia, for these animals are nutritious and useful juicy food.

The beneficial properties of apples are that these fruits:

  • rich in vitamins and fiber;
  • enrich the body of the animal with essential trace elements;
  • serve as a source of moisture;
  • good clean plaque.

Green apples contain a lot of iron, necessary for the full growth and development of animals, ensuring the breeding of healthy offspring.

Introduction to the fruit menu allows you to vary the diet of rabbits. This is especially important in the autumn and winter season, when fresh greens are not available to animals, and the body especially needs vitamins.

What apples are suitable for the rabbit menu?

Rabbits love apples and enjoy them with pleasure. The variety and taste of these fruits do not matter much, the fruits are chosen according to the degree of maturity. Apples must be sufficiently juicy, without rot, damage or wormholes.

Feed the rabbits with apples begin as the fruit fully ripens. In central Russia, apples are grown, which ripen in late September. These fruits are perfectly preserved until spring and will be a good complement to the autumn-winter rabbit menu.

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Thus, pets can be spoiled with juicy vitamin fruits for almost year-round. It is best to feed the rabbits with fruit from your garden – in this case, you can be sure of the quality of the product.

In the manufacture of apple juice, the remaining cake can also be given to animals. It is well digested and is a source of fiber.

Pet diet should not consist of apples alone. It is also not recommended to mix several types of fruit on one day.

What apples are forbidden to give to rabbits?

Rabbit bosses categorically do not recommend feeding animals dry fruit. Such food is considered to be too coarse, besides almost does not contain moisture.

Not suitable for feeding animals and fruits that have undergone heat treatment (boiled, baked, pureed).

Purchased fruit pet is also better not to give for security reasons. For better preservation, they are treated with chemical compounds, and there is practically no benefit in such fruits. If you still have to give the rabbit imported apples, you need to peel them off.

It is also undesirable to offer unripe fruits to the animal, since their consumption can cause severe diarrhea.

Is it possible to give apples to bunnies of decorative breeds?

Some breeders claim that apples for ornamental rabbits are contraindicated categorically in any form. Others believe that juicy food is useful for pets, but it must be borne in mind that fruit is used as a treat, and not as a staple food.

How To Feed The Rabbits With Apples

If you turn to the special literature, you can find out that the diet of ordinary and ornamental rabbits is no different.

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What decorative rabbits eat and what diet they should have – this article will tell.

Diarrhea, manifested after eating the fruit, due to the individual characteristics, and not the sensitivity of the digestive system.

Owners of ornamental individuals can be advised to clarify this issue empirically, being careful and taking into account all the recommendations below. Immediately after buying a rabbit, it is not recommended to make adjustments to its menu. The first couple of weeks the animal is given the same feed that he received before.

How to add apples to the menu of animals?

Any new product should be introduced into the rabbit menu gradually, carefully monitoring the reaction of its digestive system.

If the pet first tries a treat, you need to start with a small piece, and then wait a couple of days. If the animal’s body responded normally, the portion is gradually increased.

An alarming signal is liquid stool in an animal after eating. If after eating apples the rabbit had diarrhea, then the idea to replenish the menu with this fruit delicacy should be abandoned for a while, replacing it with squash or pumpkin.

Rabbits do not know how to control the amount of food eaten, therefore, no matter how much fruit they receive, the fruits will be fully eaten. Make sure that the pet is not overeaten, it is necessary for the owners.

An adult animal can be fed one medium-sized apple throughout the day. You can feed the whole apple if the fruits are small. However, for convenience, it is better to pre-cut the fruit in half or in four.

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Krolchatam up to 3 months give only hay and water, other types of feeding are contraindicated. Older animals will only need a small apple slice for one meal. You can grate the apple on a coarse grater with the peel.

Bones from sliced ​​apples are not removed, because the rabbit’s stomach digests them well. In addition, the seeds contain potassium and iodine, which will only benefit the pet.

The total amount of fruit and vegetable feed should be one third of the total diet. Apples offer animals every other day, alternating them with other seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Between two different succulent feeds it is supposed to take a break, it is undesirable to mix them. If in the morning a rabbit tasted with apples, then cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini, banana or other vegetables and fruits are given only in the evening. The animal must have access to clean drinking water before and after eating.

The opinion of the experienced breeder about the need to feed the rabbits with apples and recommendations for the correct introduction of these fruits in the animal menu are presented in this video:

Rabbit food should be varied and include several types of fruits and vegetables, animal feed, hay. It is important that the menu is balanced and varied. Apples are given to rabbits as a delicacy and vitamin supplements in small quantities, and for ornamental breeds such a fruit is completely prohibited.

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