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Rabbit Food

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

How to feed rabbits with peas

The rabbit organism is designed in such a way that hunger is contraindicated. The new food consumed by the rabbit, simply pushes the previously accepted feed on the animal’s digestive system further. Without this, a deadly stagnation in the animal’s body can happen. Therefore, food must be constantly present in rabbit cages and cages. But this does not apply to legumes and, in particular, to peas. About why this is so will be discussed further.

Can I give peas to rabbits

Experienced breeders are confident that these animals just need to replenish the diet with legumes, the most accessible and popular of which is pea.

This type of food is saturated:

  • vegetable protein;
  • B vitamins;
  • mineral substances, which number above 20;
  • amino acids;
  • organic matter.

The use of this representative of legumes by rabbits saturates their body with proteins that promote muscle building, that is, the desired meat, provides it with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that stimulate the growth and strengthening of the immune system of these tender creatures.

All these pea nutrients are especially valuable for pregnant and lactating females. However, with all its valuable nutritional qualities, this type of food in no way can serve as the main, but can only serve as an addition to the rabbit diet.

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

Excessive use of it inevitably leads to disruption of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and is most often manifested in bloating due to the active production of gases. This is especially true for ornamental and dwarf rabbits, which is why they are recommended to give this legume culture no more than once a week.

Feeding rules

Most experts believe that rabbits can be given peas from a month of age, but some argue that they should not be done until animals reach seven months of age.

This product can be included in a rabbit diet in three forms:

  • fresh;
  • dried;
  • as tops and pods.

Depending on the type of pea product, the way they feed rabbits also varies. For example, fresh, fresh from the garden, the product can not be immediately given to animals.

It must first be in the air, then turned into a mush and added to the main feed. Plant and pods are also given not in fresh, but in dried or dried form.

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

Dry pea

This dried bean product should not be given to animals without prior treatment.

To do this, it should:

  1. Rinse well.
  2. Pour boiling water.
  3. Add to it table salt at the rate of half a tablespoon for every liter of water.
  4. Leave to swell for two hours.
  5. Swollen peas can be mixed with grated sugar beets, carrots, bran or silage.

Peas in steamed

Dried green peas are also recommended to steam.

  1. To a certain amount of product is added double the volume of boiling water.
  2. To every three liters of boiling water is added 20 grams of salt.
  3. Peas swell for two hours.
  4. The swollen product is turned into a puree and added to the feed or cereal products.

Video: feeding rabbits with peas

Contraindications and harm

As already mentioned, this product is absolutely contraindicated for baby rabbits younger than one month old.

Excessive consumption of this legume can also harm adults in the form of:

  • intestinal disorders;
  • active gas generation;
  • abdominal distention;
  • loss of appetite.

What else can be given to rabbits

In addition to peas, these animals are happy to eat other legumes in the form of:

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How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

Extremely nutritious product that contributes to the rapid and high-quality growth of rabbits, peas also have their opposite side, in which its excessive consumption can cause harm to animals, even incompatible with life.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with peas: how to give its pods, beans and tops from it?

Pea is a famous food and feed crop. It is widely used as a good protein feed for various types of domestic animals. Let’s consider whether it is possible to give peas and its tops to rabbits and how to do it correctly.

Can I give peas to rabbits

Legumes, which include peas, are considered valuable food for animals. They contain many nutrients, especially high-grade protein, and are easily absorbed by their body. However, only with reasonable use and preliminary preparation for feeding.

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

In the ration for rabbits, peas are present in the composition of mixed feeds, self-prepared feed mixtures and as separately consumed food. Livestock can safely feed the green mass, pods and mature grain.

Animals accustomed to such food quite willingly eat it at any age. However, it happens that adult rabbits that have not previously eaten it can remain quite indifferent to it. In this case, it should be gradually added to the usual feed until the animals taste it.

The benefits of peas for rabbits

Pea seed is primarily a high protein product. According to this indicator, it occupies one of the first places among concentrates in animal husbandry. Its introduction into the diet of pets allows you to increase the nutritional value of the feed without increasing the norm and satisfy the animals’ need for protein.

For rabbits, a high protein diet is necessary at different times in their lives. So, it will be useful for small rabbits and young animals, contributing to the growth and development of the muscle mass of animals. Rabbit breeders have long noticed that animals fed with peas always look bigger and heavier than their peers of the same breed.

The need for protein increases in females during gestation, and then feeding offspring. Inclusion in the diet of pregnant women and lactating rabbits of such top dressing contributes to successful okrolam, increase milkiness and good growth of young. Peas and males will not be harmful in the period of intensive mating.

Rabbits usually begin to give grain from only 1 month of age. However, as practice shows, kids try it much earlier if the mother gets it with her food. With proper preparation and dosing, no problems arise.

Green peas in the pods are also suitable for distribution to rabbits. In it, however, the protein is much less than in the grain, but a lot of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids are also necessary for animals. Pea tops are given to rabbits as a succulent feed, combining it with other herbs.

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

For ornamental breeds, feeding this crop should be considered only as a treat. Such a product is offered to a pet not constantly, but not more often 1 time per week and in very limited quantities.

Feeding rules

For ordinary rabbits, a portion of peas in the daily menu should not exceed 8% of the weight of the entire meal per day. This amount is enough to provide animals with protein, but not to overload their digestive tract.

When feeding rabbits with peas, the product must first be prepared for feeding, regardless of the form in which it is used. You can not cook such food for the future, the preparation is carried out shortly before feeding.

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For distribution to animals use fresh green mass without traces of dirt, rot. The product, as a rule, is dried a little beforehand (dried), fed in a mixture with other herbs or separately. It is impossible to give to rabbits wet tops of dew or rain, it causes an upset stomach in animals. Dry tops, harvested in the summer in advance, especially like the entire population in the winter months.

Green peas

To feed such a product, it is pre-dried (dried), removing excess moisture. To eliminate possible pathogens, you can pour grain or pods with boiling water. They offer rabbits such food separately with other vegetables, root crops, or mixed with other crops.

Dry pea

In crushed form, dry peas are used as part of self-batch feed mixtures. The whole grain is ground and slightly moistened before distribution to the rabbits. This allows you to remove the flour, which can get into the nose of animals.

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

When fed whole grains, it is given to rabbits when steamed. First, it is washed from dirt, then it is poured with boiling water in the ratio of 1 to 2, the container is covered with a lid and left to swell for at least 2 hours, then fed to rabbits mixed with other feeds. You can add a little salt in the water, which will also be useful for animals.

Possible contraindications and harm

Peas should not be given to animals of any age or gender if they have an allergic reaction to the product or its intolerance. It is quite rare, but, nevertheless, it can be observed, especially in ornamental rabbits. A lot of protein is contained in other products, you just need to pick up the menu of the animal more carefully.

If you feed the rabbits with peas without measure, it can cause great harm to their orgasm. Most often, such owner experiments cause animals, especially young animals, bloating, flatulence, and if they do not give timely help, they may even die. Adult krols, as a rule, are able to limit themselves to food when necessary. Eternally hungry and stupid bunnies – no.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with peas, its pods and tops?

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

People from cities that have furry pets at home usually take good care of them. They do this because they care for animals to live well in their families. But the peasants who have a lot of work around the house, take care of the rabbits so that they are well fed, and then you can get a lot of meat from them, or sell them profitably. In any case, you need to take care of your animals, and give them products that contain a lot of vitamins. Now we will try to figure out whether peas are beneficial for rabbits, and what vitamins can be found in this product. Indeed, in the countryside, peas are grown in almost every household.

Green pea pods – the benefits or harm

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

If we talk about peas, then it is recommended to feed them rabbits only in a green, fresh form. Without fanaticism, of course, it’s best to add some tops and pods a bit, and only then serve them to the animals. Peas contain a lot of proteins, so it is well absorbed and they quickly gain weight. The amount of lysine and other nutrients in the plant allows to call it one of the most nutritious products, and useful for large rodents.

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But feed the rabbits with peas must be very careful. Indeed, in large quantities, this plant can harm their health. Peas, like all other legumes, tend to contribute to a strong abdominal distension. Therefore, you need to properly assess the situation, and only in the allowed amounts to issue a pet.

Whether to give dry peas

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

Dry peas can be harvested for the winter. But before giving it to animals, it is necessary to soak it according to the recipe in water for an hour of the second, so that it collects moisture, absorbs itself better in the body and does not harm. But the main thing in any case is proper and balanced nutrition. After all, the peas themselves, if improperly served, in any form can harm. It is most correct to give it in combination with other useful plants.

It is important to note that when there are a large number of legumes in the diet, careful control is needed over the constant availability of fresh water in the drinkers. Be sure to fresh water to prevent the occurrence of intestinal infections. It is thanks to all its beneficial properties that peas are often included in specialized rabbit feeds.

Quantity, portions and additives

You can only give beans to grown-up rabbits that already live for more than a month. Dwarf species are allowed in a small amount of peas 1 time per week, and only large breeds are more likely, subject to the rules of cooking. The range of food should include bran and feed, hay, silage, chopped beets and carrots in equal portions with peas. Ideally, legumes should not exceed 8% of the total daily table.

Rules for preparing food with peas

How To Feed Rabbits With Peas

It is important for loving owners to know in what form peas can be given to pets. Experienced breeders recommend not to boil dry peas, but to steam them with boiling water.

Pour 1.5 liters of dried peas into a 3-liter container, add 0.5 tablespoon of salt, and pour boiling water for at least 1 hour. It is very important that the vessel be 2 times the volume of the peas, since when the steaming is done, the peas will swell considerably and increase in size.

It is especially useful to feed the nursing rabbits with peas, as it has a very beneficial effect not only on weight gain, but also on lactation. Thanks to all the nutrients that enter the body "mom" with peas, improves its health, and young. I would like to notice that peas can be given to decorative rabbits, but do not forget about the correct preparation of the product in each of the cases.

In conclusion, I would like to say that feeding rabbits is a very important matter. After all, if you mistreat your diet, it can be detrimental to health. But if done right, rabbits can have a wonderful life. The most important is to comply with the conditions of cooking, the rules of storage of the product and the size of servings. Provided that the owner will carefully follow the fulfillment of all the rules, the animal will be able to grow up healthy, big and bring a lot of joy.

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