Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Grape Leaves Rabbits Benefit And Harm How To Give

Rabbits are herbivorous rodents, in the summer their diet is enriched with fresh greens. However, animals do not know how to independently distinguish healthy food from harmful ones. What the master offers them, they will eat them. It is important for the farmer to learn to understand which green food should be given to rodents, and which should not. The article will tell you whether grape leaves, vine and berries can be given to rabbits, which parts of the crop will benefit the animals and which parts will be harmful.

Grape leaf for rabbit

The composition of grape leaves and beneficial properties

The leaf plates of grapes contain tremendous benefits for rabbits. Vitamins found in their cells:

Grape Leaves Rabbits Benefit And Harm How To Give
  • group B, folic acid among them;
  • retinol and beta carotene;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin K;
  • tocopherol.

Eating grape leaves helps to increase the body’s resistance to viruses and speeds up metabolic processes. Vitamin E affects the ability of rabbits to multiply well.

In addition to vitamins, leaf plate cells also contain trace elements necessary for the health and normal functioning of all body systems of animals. List of micro and macro:

  • selenium;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • copper;
  • zinc.

Attention! Regular consumption of grape leaves favorably affects the condition of animal fur and the taste of meat.

Feeding rules

The most important rule – the diet of pets should be varied. It is unacceptable to feed animals with the same herbs, otherwise it will lead to excessive accumulation in the body of some substances and the lack of others.

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Important! An imbalance of vitamins and microelements often leads to the development of various diseases.

Leaves and grapes are suitable for eating rabbits. These parts of the plant are well absorbed. The maximum amount of nutrients in the leaves and shoots of grapes is concentrated in the period before the appearance of the ovaries of the hands. Young leaves are pleasant to the taste and juicy, rabbits eat them willingly.

Leaves and grapes are suitable for eating rabbits.

Like any other greens, grape leaves are dried before distribution. In this form, they are digested better. If the vineyard was treated from pests with chemicals, the green must first be washed and then dried up for 3-4 hours in shade air.

  • the proportion of vine leaves in the total mass of green food should not exceed 15%;
  • The green part of the plant can be mixed with other types of grass – burdock, plantain, nettle.

Leaves taken from the vineyard, include in the composition of hay. In winter, such food will become an additional source of vitamins. Drying of raw materials is carried out under a shed or in the attic, in a place protected from sunlight, because ultraviolet destroys ascorbic acid and other useful substances.

As a roughage used grape shoots. They also have a high nutritional value, and even by eating them, rabbits grind their teeth. Many farmers harvest shoots for the winter. To do this, they bind the branches in the brooms and dried in a shady place.

Can I give berries?

Fruits can be treated to pets no more than once a week, offering several berries – 4-5, no more. Rabbits willingly eat dried grapes, raisins, but they also give them a little. The fruits of the culture contain a large amount of glucose, which causes fermentation processes in the intestine and dysbacteriosis.

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Until the age of four months you should not treat rabbits with berries. The reaction of their digestive system to grapes can be unpredictable. Upon reaching this age, it is allowed to introduce a delicacy into the diet. For the first time, a pet is offered 1-2 pitted berries. If after such a meal, symptoms of indigestion appear, you should exclude the product from the menu.

Rabbits eat grapes

Attention! Wild grapes and berries with stones should not be given to rabbits. Inedible also leaves of the culture used for landscape design.

Feed the rabbits with grape leaves and sprouts can be, if after not detected problems with digestion. Useful greens include in the diet of rodents from three months. Twisted food is given for grinding teeth, but with berries you need to be careful. The fruits of grapes are a delicacy, which animals are introduced into the diet no more than once a week for 15-20 grams.

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