Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Euphorbia For Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

The main food of rabbits, both in nature and in the household, is a variety of green grass and hay from it. However, as you know, not all plants are equally useful eared pets. Some can do harm, although they are considered quite useful. These include the variety of types of milkweed. Is it possible to give euphorbia to rabbits – let’s talk about this later in the article.

Is it possible to include in the diet of animals?

It is not recommended to give spurge to rabbits. All due to the fact that it contains a toxic substance euforbin. While it is impossible to fully describe the effect of this poison on the eared organism. This is due to the fact that no one has yet studied seriously the study of euphorbin. But we can confidently say that if you feed a rabbit with a plant containing this poison, then the eared one will not be much better.

Euphorbia is one of the largest genera of plants, which includes, according to the latest data, more than 2000 species. All of them contain euforbin, only in different doses.

Euphorbia For Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

However, it should be said that spurge belongs simultaneously to the group of medicinal and poisonous plants, it is successfully used in traditional medicine. There are many examples when breeders calmly feed them their pets. True, the grass is advised to give in very small quantities and an advantage in dried form. A logical question arises – why are some farmers not afraid to give a plant to their rabbits? There are many answers to this question, but among them there are some assumptions.

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Some breeders claim that the whole thing is in the variety. As we have said, there are many varieties of plants. However, some are more poisonous, while others are almost harmless. But no research has been carried out on which sort of poison contains. Therefore, if you want to try to feed your eared ears with this grass, remember that you act at your own peril and risk.

Other breeders are confident that with thorough drying, the content of toxic substances is greatly reduced. With confidence we can say that in reality it is. But at the same time, no one gives a guarantee that the remaining euforbin will not harm animals. Therefore, as it turned out, even here there are two sides of the coin – you can give, but only again at your own peril and risk.

Euphorbia For Rabbits Benefit Or Harm

Some other farmers are confident that this poisonous grass can only do much harm to the young. For adults, it will be harmful only in its raw form and in large quantities. In some farms this assumption is well confirmed in practice. But in most cases, feeding eared with this grass leads to their quick death. Therefore, looking at the situation comprehensively, it all comes down to not taking the risk and completely eliminating all its types from the eared diet.

Action on the body

As already written, potent poison, which is contained in the plant, is euforbin. After entering the body, it causes severe poisoning with a rapid fatal outcome. At first, the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract are strongly inflamed in an animal. Then there is diarrhea and vomiting. At the final stage, heart dysfunctions and convulsions are caused. Because of the rapid action of a poisonous substance, it is possible to save a poisoned animal only in rare cases.

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