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Do Rabbits Eat Zucchini, When Can Zucchini Bunnies

Squash from mid-summer is a cheap vegetable, a tasty cooked product. When it bothers to cook vegetable stew, squash impose neighbors, acquaintances, friends. Lovers of rabbits naturally feed them their pets. Is it possible to feed rabbits with zucchini – a common question in rabbit-breeding forums. Let’s come together objectively to the question of the value of zucchini in the diet of decorative and productive rabbits. what branches of trees can be given to rabbits. Do rabbits eat zucchini and when it should be given. After all, he is a dietary product for losing weight.

Do Rabbits Eat Zucchini, When Can Zucchini Bunnies

Squashes in the diet of rabbits

Zucchini, sometimes zucchini – a type of pumpkin. However, unlike their fellow fodder and table varieties of zucchini are not separated. Fodder zucchini is a type of juicy, seasonal feed. Vegetable is well kept in a dark, cool place. Rabbits can gnaw juicy feed. A succulent feed complements the basic ration based on hay and grain mixes. The main rule of rabbit fodder production – succulent feed in the diet should not be 15%, maximum 20%. Everything. No more. So do not expect to feed the crop the excess yield. Better plan the amount of planting in your garden.

The ratio of succulent feeds in the diet of the productive rabbit is not higher than 15%, ornamental not higher than 20%

Want to experiment with different proportions of feed? Good luck!

Since when can rabbits feed zucchini

On the Internet there is a different age of rabbits, which can be given zucchini (1.5 months, 2 months, 4 months). But no one bothers to justify the recommendations. Only approval. Rabbits, before a specified age, zucchini can not be given and the point. Why? Why? Let’s see.

When to enter into the diet zucchini productive rabbits

Zootechnicians, called animals are productive, from which they receive products (meat, milk, wool, etc.). Rural rabbits are bred to produce meat. On succulent feeds it is hardly possible to quickly fatten a rabbit. Fed feed rabbits juicy feed limit. In particular. Zucchini medical nutritionists recommend for weight loss. Zucchini can not be fattening can be adults, after fattening and breeding rabbits.

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Zucchini enrich and reduce the cost of diet only breeding rabbits

Breeding rabbits should not get fat and get a lot of vitamins and minerals. If the fattening is complete, but you do not have time to put all the rabbits on meat, dilute the diet with succulent feed, this is also a way out. The meat is subsequently obtained tender and pleasant to the taste.

In the case of industrial (intensive) fattening of rabbits, juicy feeds like zucchini (zucchini) should be given from 90-150 days of life.

This is the age of the young, selected for the tribe, breeding females, lactating females, males at rest, males in mating, rabbits in the overexposure before slaughter. In a word – the tribe. If you are not in a hurry with fattening, grow rabbits for yourself, introduce zucchini in the diet before.

At home (extensive) fattening of rabbits, zucchini is introduced into the diet when the bunnies begin to eat their own ration.

When to enter into the diet zucchini decorative rabbits

According to the zootechnical classification, decorative, it is considered to be animals from which they do not receive production. That is, if the house contains a giant rabbit, but only joy of communication is expected from it, this is a giant decorative rabbit. Dwarfs are also considered a type of ornamental rabbits. From decorative rabbits do not expect record weight gain.

It is possible to introduce zucchini into the diet of decorative rabbits from one month of age and older as they begin to eat independently.

Moreover, succulent feed is an indispensable component of the diet of ornamental rabbits. Naturally, within reasonable limits, not more than 1/5 of the total diet. If you do not want an unpleasant smell to emanate from the urine and / or feces of the rabbit, observe the proportions in the feeding of decorative pets:

  1. Grain feed – 20-30%;
  2. Hay, twigs, grass – 60%;
  3. Succulent feed 10-20%
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That in the sum 100% of all components turned out.

Physiological rationale

The digestion of wild lagomorphs (rabbits, hares, pikas) is adapted to low-nutritional feeds (dry grass, branches, grass). Much less everything else (grain, vegetables, fruits). The lack of useful substances, wild lagomorphic animals, is covered with cecotrophy (eating feces). Briefly, multiple passage through the intestines of semi-digested food in the form of a tsekotrofa. Ultimately, the true feces of the rabbit – dummy.

This is in the wild fauna, and at home everything is a little different, although cecotrophy persists. Do not be alarmed if the rabbit poops and immediately eats his feces. For rabbits this is the norm. At the same time at home it is impossible to support the vital activity of the rabbit only on hay, grass and branches, follow the above recommendation.

Nutritional value of zucchini

Young zucchini – one of the best seasonal products for weight loss in dietetics. Zucchini is not reasonable to enter into the diet of fattening rabbits. However, if you want to feed your pets longer, you can try. See the nutritional value of zucchini, compare the pumpkin and in the same text oats.

100 grams of zucchini contain 24-27 Kcal, vegetable proteins – 0.7 grams, carbohydrates – 5.3 grams, and fat traces.

The pulp and skin of zucchini contains macro and microelements of almost the entire periodic table. These substances are indispensable for adult animals that need to maintain weight. There is sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium – the substances of the main buffer fluids of the body. Minerals useful in reproduction are selenium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus. Enumeration of digital indicators will not give the reader anything.

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Is it possible to give the rabbits zucchini and pelts in raw form

Of course, it is possible and only raw. Steamed, boiled zucchini loses most of the vitamins, some trace elements. On the Internet there are recipes for steaming succulent feed. I will not repeat.

Can rabbits tops from zucchini

If the rabbits do not refuse, then the questions whether it is possible to give the rabbits zucchini leaves or whether it is possible to give the rabbits zucchini tops fall off by themselves. Let’s get recommended in the article groups of rabbits. You can not force feed, put the choice of the rabbit. Either zucchini with tops, or nothing. As a result, you get nothing. Follow the principle of a gradual change of diet for 10-15 days.

Can rabbits give zucchini and pumpkin

Two related crops (zucchini and pumpkin) are well combined. Can I give zucchini and cucumbers to rabbits? Decorative possible, productive as possible, but worth it. There is nothing more to add, on the merits of this question.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with zucchini and apples

There are no direct prohibitions, but because of the too wide variety of apple varieties, I would not advise feeding the rabbits at the same time with apples and zucchini. The combination can cause diarrhea. If you are forced to do this, at least enter into the diet in small portions. So protect the health of pets from imbalance.

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